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Psycho Shot and Devilman [Odin]

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Vance woke up that morning with a bonafide headache. He stretched, relieving himself of his spot next to Bianca. Who he'd been staying with lately. Vance didn't really know a lot about girls, but he knew he liked this one. He walked over to the bathroom and removed a bottle of medication. He swallowed two pills and poured a small cup full of faucet waters to drink it down with.

He quickly changed into some clothes, a brown button-up and some brown pants. His shoes were black boots and at his waist were two belts which were over lapping. A gun holster at each side. Two revolvers were planted within them, however these guns were more than just typical ones. The guns were large and lengthy. Six bullet chambers in each, and with metallic glimmer. The boy yawned before leaving a note for the girl. Which he had written down on a piece of paper and taped to the front door of the rented bedroom.

He was heading to town, nothing too big. He just felt like a walk, walks were nice. Though-- there was a chance of something happening today. There always was. But if nothing stepped in his way, he'd probably return to the Inn pretty soon. After all, he was a busy guy. There was jobs to be taken in Hargeon.

"What's in store... What's in store..." The boy muttered out loud, closing his eyes as he made off on the sidewalk.

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Odin †

Hargeon had, thus far, been a wellspring of adventures for Odin, who now found himself walking through the streets looking for something new to occur. It had also changed him, making him more approachable and sarcastic, as opposed to his usual emotionless self, although that was partly due to having to use his secondary persona: Lucifer the bartender, as opposed to his normal personality. It was starting to rub off on him, which had caused his spontaneous decision to leave his hotel room and venture into the town, dressed in a white shirt, black trousers and black dress shoes, with his shirt slightly unbuttoned at the top and untucked at the bottom, and the sleeves rolled up.

It was around midday and, as Odin walked through Hargeon, he received a lot of odd looks from the populace. He'd been used to this for a long time now due to his unusual colour of hair, but this was due to the blade strapped to his waist, something not many walked through town with. In fact, it seemed like there was only one other person that was also walking through the town packing weaponry, a man in a brown shirt with two guns holstered at his side. Now that was something you didn't see every day. Odin had seen many people with swords and axes during his time, but guns were a new thing, one that instantly piqued Odin's interest, as he walked over to the man, holding his hands up, palms facing forward by way of meaning no harm as he spoke.

"Nice guns friend, mind letting me try one out?"


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The walk was a breath of fresh air that Van was happy to have taken. The temperature was a nice autumn mild, accompanied by a chilly breeze. Brown, yellow, and orange leaves blue through the port city and one could only hope for Halloween to begin as fast as possible. With most of the plants around town beginning to shed their greens, Vance bent over to pluck a dandelion off the ground. The flower was his favorite, despite being one of the more common species of plant. Shortly after he raised up to look at it, another guy had made it to his side.

Vance looked the guy up, top to bottom. A ship/shape kinda fella. It seemed he liked Vance's unique weapon preferece and honestly, it was justified. Very few in this world had taken up this kind of weapon. The nicer guns were something of a one in a million. A weapon of the future. Vance had no qualms with letting the guy examine. But you can't just trust people with your items, especially ones like this. Worth a million jewels a piece.

Nonetheless, if he was eyeballing... Then why not let him get a better look.

"I can show you sure."

The lycan brought both hands to his waist, he didn't appear to be alarmed or in a combat ready position. However, ever since that deal with Carnage. He found himself a master at the bearings of guncraft. Even moreso, he was something of a prestige at putting them to use in a moment's notice.

The guns weren't handed over, simply removed from their scabbards.

"Pretty snazzy huh?"

The boy laughed at the jest. He then awaited Odin to speak again. The distance between them was a solid twenty feet. A picket fence on their right separated another three feet, and a road on their left two feet from where each was standing.

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Odin †

It seemed that the man did not want to hand over his weapon, which was to be expected considering Odin was a complete stranger to the gunslinger. He did, however, draw the weapons from their holsters and hold them out for Odin to have a look at, without being able to touch them. It was completely understandable for the man to be wary of strangers but, for now at least, the man didn't give any indication that he was wishing any kind of conflict, and Odin returned the feeling. "Not going to lie, they are very nice. The two of them look like twins, part of a set I imagine?"

As he questioned this, Odin walked forward, making the distance between them a mere two metres as he studied the guns, intrigued as to how they worked. Despite having obviously heard of guns before, this was Odin's first time ever actually seeing one in person, let alone two, and in such good condition. They looked extremely valuable, and so the dark mage didn't want to risk angering the man in any way, but he did draw his own sword, holding it with his right hand on the hilt and his left hand on the blade as he held it out for the man to examine if he wished to. "Not quite as fancy but this is my weapon of choice. Served me relatively well so far. What do you think?"


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The guns were twins. They came from two brothers. Souls now resting, likely in hell. Hence where the guns came from, when Carnage took his signature for such things. The boy spun the guns around his middle fingers before re-holstering. Odin pulled forth a sword, showing off the item's golden luster. For some such reason, the sword was familiar in a way. Though Van had no memory to place with seeing the thing.

Swords weren't much his trade anymore but he would admit that he liked it. It seemed like a good weapon for someone of higher than just novice tier. A respectable defense; but a stylish defense. A necessary instrument of war. Just like his own revolvers.

"She's a sexy one."

The boy commented on the refined golden short-sword. He then offered the mage a thumbs up. Vance lacked magic and so the guns were a big part of his style. The gunslinger assumed based on the interest in weaponry, that Odin hoped to make items a part of his as well. Which was understandable. Magical items and collecting them was a passion. Even PL liked it, hence why he took Bianca up on her offer for him to join Phantom Lord.

"The name's Vance. You got a name my man?"

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Odin †

Odin knew full well that his blade had nothing on this man's two guns. The dark mage's sword wasn't of the same quality, and wasn't even in the same league as the black and white twins that this new stranger held in his hands, before showing off a bit and putting them back into their holster, by spinning them both on one finger, in a very cowboy-esque move, before commenting on the Dawn blade that Odin himself produced, calling it sexy. Odin just smiled, but knew that both he and the man knew the truth about Odin's sword: it was old, and getting a bit worn, also it had yet to aid the olive haired mage in successful battle, although that was of course mostly his own lack of training that caused that.

As Odin sheathed his blade at his hip, the man introduced himself as Vance, a simple enough name but still the first Vance he had ever met. Reaching out with his right hand by way of greeting, Lucifer smiled, becoming the person that was becoming far more common that the cold, calculating Odin was. "Name's Lucifer, pleasure to meet you Vance. So tell me, how the hell did you come by those beauties? If there's a shop nearby selling them, I'm heading straight there."


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Vance offered an awkward chuckle to his company. He didn't really know where to begin about the guns he now possessed. They were sort of a gift, and for such a gift as these. Vance paid with his soul. Because of that he kept the finer details a secret, but he decided what harm was there in pretending to joke a bit.

"I got friends on the other side."

Of course Odin wouldn't understand such a comment unless he were especially adapt at knowledge of the many worlds and the bargaining of one's afterlife. Siding the thought of being Malum's dog, and a slave to Yumi while she lived and breathed. Vance decided to switch the subject onto his friends name and upbringing. Firstly starting by shaking Odin's hand and not being rude with leaving it there in the air.

"Im afraid no shop around here sells these. They're unique, only one of each in existence. But enough a that. Lucifer huh? Odd name in this generation, are you from Fiore?"

Vance tilted his head as if to pull Odin's attention into following him, pointing off towards a breakfast diner he stepped backwards to rotate in line of the destination. Truth is, the two could probably enjoy themselves a lot easier should they get some grub in their stomachs. Not to mention the today's Special was half off. Missing out a deal like that just wouldn't do.

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Odin †

"I got friends on the other side."

What a strange remark the man named Vance had made, as he spoke about how he had acquired his guns. He said it in a joking manner, but Odin couldn't catch onto his meaning, no doubt because he knew so little about the guns compared to their owner, but the man accepted Odin's outstretched hand, smiling as he commented on both his guns, and Odin's pseudonym. The guns were the only ones in existence, a truly unique weapon that no one else could ever bear, which was an incredible concept to Odin. He was meeting the only person in existence that owned these particular weapons, and this may be the only time they ever met one another, although Odin hoped one day he could test his speed against that of Vance's guns. That day would not be today, however.

The man also asked if, due to Odin's name, he wasn't from Fiore. An interesting question, and one which had never been posed to him before. In all honesty, the name Lucifer belonged to someone who most certainly was not from Fiore, but the body of Odin had been born in the land. "Parents weren't from around here, but this is where they raised me, so I imagine my name comes from wherever they came from." It was very likely his parents were now in hell which meant that, in a very twisted way, Odin wasn't lying to the man. Vance then gestured for Odin to follow him towards a diner to get something to eat, which sounded like a fantastic idea to the dark mage, who hadn't yet eaten that day.

"Sounds like a great idea. Let's go."

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Odin †

The two men walked over to the diner, sitting down and grabbing a bite to eat, with Odin opting for pancakes, bacon and syrup, with a big drink of water to help get it all down. As he hadn't eaten all day, he devoured his meal with ease and in good time, enjoying a nice chat with Vance. They didn't discuss anything of great importance, more just exchanging words and making 'small talk' as it was known throughout the world.

In another life, that conversation could've been between two good friends, and rival guild mates. It could've have ended with Odin solidifying a friendship with a powerful ally from within Grimoire Heart itself, and even a friend to go on quests with. But alas, that time had passed, and was never to be. As Odin had never really gotten to know Erebus while he was in the guild, having only briefly met him on a few occasions, and usually hearing about his exploits through other people, and Erebus, now Vance, having no recollection of who he had once been, having lost all of his memories after deciding to leave the guild.

The small talk came to a close shortly after they finished their respective meals, and the two men went about their business, Odin having no idea who he had just met, other than a guy with two very pretty guns.



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Lucifer was a pretty decent fellow; the way he talked mixed with the chemistry they had. It was good. Vance decided he'd like this guy here out. Luci said something about his parents not being natives of this country, which made him like a second generation Fioran. Neat.

"Oh for real? That's pretty awesome, I wonder what it's like in other places. Probably about the same though."

Vance ordered a platter of scrambled eggs and french toast, with a side of bacon himself. Similar to Odin's meal choice. It was a great talk, and waking up that morning Vance had never known he'd enjoy such a wonderful morning, which connected into a great evening after they departed.

It was true that Odin and Erbus could've been close. However, nothing was set in stone. There was still the possibility of friendship between Vance and Lucifer. Should the two ever cross paths and open windows again. Oh well, the gunslinger headed home first, and then back out again to collect any missions he could take that evening. He wasn't a fan of broking jobs from good guy connections, and so... Almost as if he were the same person as Erebus-- he was-- took his 'first' new evil job. Officially entering the criminal world a second time.  


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