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Accidental Demise [Manji]

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

Accidental Demise [Manji] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:40 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


She had finished her task less than a few hours ago. Her pay was enough to buy a meal and a sash for her case to be tied to her back. Her dress was still tattered and ripped. She cared nothing about her looks and only about what this world had to offer. Things didn't seem right. Everything had two sides to it.

The thought of that stupid pirate smuggling man was fresh in her mind. He must have been tied to crime in the city and would only make it worse for herself.

But then she saw that fat man again. He was walking so calmly down the street. She was ready to take him down, but stopped when she saw a Rune Knight close behind him. He seemed off. She wasn't sure what was wrong about him, but something didn't seem right.

She changed her attention from that man for the moment. She would watch the Rune Knight instead. She would begin to be close behind, trying not to make a scene. But of course, her dirtied appearance made people naturally look away from her as if she was a beggar.

She would watch them both closely, but she had to find the answers to the puzzle.

" Kill the man." she could hear the voice, but didn't know where it came from. was it her own thoughts? No. It was her own god. She was being spoken to. It was the god's will, and such she would achieve. But with her own standing, she had to keep her profile low. As before, she had to play both sides.

She had to make it look accidental.

But as she explored ideas, and with her own patience, she settled on unconventional means.

She found a man playing a flute with his own cobra. She took out her own bag of jewels and offered him a grand sum for his snake. He agreed and she took the snake with her, putting it into her case. As she continued to tail the man, she quickly made her way to some children. She offered them a handful of money if they could all get the man to stop and distract him for a few minutes. Of which, the children would agree.

Chi had to made time. She would walk by them in a few moments. The Rune Knight would be bombarded with questions of his rank and stature. Of which he seemed to be pleased to answer, almost forgetting his purpose. Chi would drop the snake onto the ground under his feet. She would walk away and let fat finish her job.

It would be no more than a few seconds that the man would step on the end of the cobra's tail. The snake would bite the man's leg. With the kids around him, crowding him, his small window of hope to be cured would be lost and he would die of a venomous snake bite.

She would make her way towards the man she had chased down earlier that day, locking eyes with him. She would near Reagan only to speak within whispering proximity.

"This is the second time I've found you. I hope the next time I get to spill blood."

The man would nervously laugh. "Who's side you even on, girly?" He'd look into her face, "What do you even want?"

"Me?" she'd ask, "I want answers."

In the distance, screams would be heard as women would discover the man laying dead and lifeless on the ground. Chi had felt something change in her.

She needed more.


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