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Basic Duties {Quest: Sylvia}

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Basic Duties {Quest: Sylvia} Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:43 pm

Sylvia Fuyatsuki
As Sylvia walked down the cobblestone road advoiding the over grown tree roots, her white coat that she had stolen from her father flowing behind her, she was lost in her thoughts about her first job. She was hoping for a battle but it turned out to be just keeping kids from vandalizing everything. Sylvia was torn out of her deep thinking by accidentally tripping over a large tree root. With a slight yelp she shoved her hands out to break the fall while bracing for impact. Before she fell to the ground, she felt a sharp tug on her coat. She looked up to have her light blue and gray eyes meet maroon ones. “Thank you for breaking my fall officer.” She said, gaining her balance again. “It’s no problem! You must be the mage who accepted the request, right?” He replied, giving her a smile. “Yes, I’m supposed to stop kids from putting their graffiti around Hargeon without hurting them?” She said, frowning a bit when she mentioned that she wasn’t able to beat people up. “Exactly!” He said tipping his hat slightly. “Come back to me once you got some spray paint cans or something. I’ll be in my office down the street.” He said pointing down the road towards a building with a police car parked by the side. “Just ask for Kenji Maki and I’ll be right on down, good luck m’lady!” He tipped his hat once again and started walking off towards the building he pointed out earlier to some paperwork or something. Sylvia didn’t really care, she just needed a bit of cash to get her through at least a few days to a week.

As Sylvia continued on the hard road, she looked up to see three teenage boys vandalizing a nearby building. She immediately hid behind a tree out of habit, watching them from afar. Sylvia looked around the streets for anything useful, her eyes landed on a joke store. She looked back at the delinquents. Grinning to herself, she walked out from behind the tree and stepped into the store. Sylvia walked through the isles searching for anything useful. As she scanned through the shelves of gag gifts she noticed a bag of sneezing powder and a small pocket blade. She explained her situation to the store clerk who surprisingly let her use the items, she walked back outside to see the group still vandalizing the walls. Sylvia crouched down and hid behind a nearby bush while running her hands over the rough surface in attempt at finding a rock. Her fingers grazed over an empty glass bottle that she grasped and held to her face. With a small grunt, she tossed the bottle far out into a tree that stood quite a ways away from her.

She watched as the delinquents shot up and ran over to the tree in search of an officer or anybody who could report them to the Hargeon officials. Sylvia ran over to the spray paint cans laying on the ground where they had been dropped. She picked one of the cans up and took out her pocket knife that she had received from the gag gift shop she had visited earlier. She then carefully cut a a part of the can that was hidden by the nozzle. Turning the can upside down in her hands, she emptied out the remaining paint into her other hand. Placing the can back down she quickly did the same to the remaining cans, by then the delinquents were beginning to turn around to continue their graffiti. Thinking fast, Sylvia grabbed another nearby rock and through it into a bush a ways away from the delinquents. They all ran over to the bush to see if the “spy” had escaped or hid. Sylvia grabbed the sneezing powder from her coat pocket and poured a somewhat equal amount into each of the emptied spray paint cans. She looked oer to see the delinquents getting restless and start to head back. Sylvia quickly made sure they would still, grabbed her pocket knife and went to hide behind the tree again.

“Ugh, I told you that there was nobody there. We just wasted five minutes looking for somebobdy!” Sylvia heard one of the boys whining to the assumed leader. “You would look better with tape over your mouth.” The boy standing in the middle replied with the dullest monotone voice ever. The boy who had been complaining kept his mouth shut but sent the leader constant glares. The delinquents all picked up the sneezing powder filled paint cans and began to spray the wall. They were immediately shrouded with the powder and began their sneezing. Smirking to herself, Sylvia walked out from behind the tree she was hiding behind. “The cans.” Sylvia sternly told the three boys, holding her hand out for the now empty spray paint canisters. Glaring daggers at Sylvia, the leader dropped the three cans in her hand while still in a fit a sneezes. She watched as the three boys ran off and rounded a corner. With a flick of her coat, Sylvia walked back to the office that Kenji Maki directed her towards. When she walked in, a lady at the front desk looked up. “Is Kenji Maki avalible?” Sylvia questioned the office worker, who nodded and pointed towards the steep stairs next to her desk. After replying with a thank you, Sylvia walked up the stairs to see multiple glass doors each with a wavy design and a label. Assuming the officer would be in the room that was labeled, Kenji Maki clearly on the patterned door she lifted her hand and swiftly rapped on the door. After hearing a muffled “Come on in!” She walked into the room and closed the door behind her. Holding the cans out, she said “I doubt they will return, also, don’t smell the cans. They may or may not have power in them.” There was a silent moment of the two staring at each other for a moment. Realizing her mistake, “Sneezing powder.” She corrected herself. He chuckled and replied, “Thank you for your help, it was a quite clever method.” grinning, he handed her a small pouch full of jewels. She gladly accepted, thanked him, and left. Walking home she started thinking again, I’t was certainly fun but it felt lonely. Perhaps a new team could be created.

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