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Welcome To the Rosco Family Diner [Genjiro]

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Salem seemed to move through the streets of the town flawlessly, making sure to maneuver himself through the crowd of people as he proceeded to make his way to find something to eat. Having just recently managed to finish a quest in the docks with a quite older fellow that he had seemed to come quite found of. Since the old man Genjiro seemed to have some quite interesting story that seemed to keep the young Rune Knight Salem quite entertained. Both of them having worked together for a noble in the docks helping doing reconstruction, a task that seemed to fit the old man quite well as he was massively ripped for one of his age.

Appearing through a small crowd that seemed to flock the streets, Salem would manage to spot a small dinner out the corner of his eye that seemed to be quite nice. Thus the young Rune Knight figured that he might as well give the place a shot, being that he was still a little new to the town of Hargeon and didn’t know much about it and its locations. Entering the dinner Salem would come to see that It seemed to be more of a family establishment, something that Salem could easily feel the moment he stepped in the doors. Instantly be greeted by a host Salem would proceed to be seated in a nice booth that had a great view of the ocean that surrounded Hargeon.

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Genjiro Yamada
The light sound of wood tapping away on cobblestone road made its way through the streets as a tall but old figure could be seen making their way to a small diner. The man was Genjiro, he was eighty-five years old and he was looking for a place to get something to eat. The old man was following behind the young lad named Salem who he had met on a quest. Genjiro was a few steps behind walking at his own pace. He had told the boy to go on ahead and find somewhere to eat, the old man would be a little slow.

The long bearded old man stroked his beard with his left hand as he walked into the Rosco Diner only a few minutes after Salem had. The old man walked on in and his tired eyes began to examine the insides, "hoooo just as I remembered." exclaimed the old man, he had said it rather loud that it echoed through the entire diner. The old man walked over to the host smiling at them. The host was a young woman with green hair and blue eyes. The old man blinked as he examined her, "MY if my eyes don't deceive me, are you Dorothy, Dorothy Rosco's granddaughter?" asked the old man getting a look of surprise from the girl.

"Why I am how did you know?" asked the girl making the old man releasing a boom laughter that echoed through the diner. His laugh was unique and hearty, anyone that heard it once before would know it was him. "You look just like your grandmother. I met her many years ago when I stationed in Hargeon in my youth." The old man began sparking up a conversation with the young woman. The two weren't quiet, but loud in the small diner as their voices carried all the way to the back. "AH I must apologise I am keeping someone waiting. Please give me regards to Dorothy" Genjiro bid the young woman farewell and made his way into the dinner.

The old man spotted Salem by a booth and walked over, taking a seat opposite him, "Apologies for the delay. I was catching up with the granddaughter of an old friend."


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Salem casually set in his booth gazing out the window, as it was something about the view of the docks of Hargeon and the water that seemed to interest the young Rune Knight. Being one who grew up in the Fiora capital as well as northern Fiora, Salem wasn’t one who was accustomed to being this close to water. Something that he was starting to see as quite beautiful in appearance as well as the way it worked. Salem loving the way the water was able to flow and move and construct itself in ways it saw fit. While also being able to be clam and wild all at the same time, things all seeming to interest the young Magical Scholar that was Salem.

Though while completely lost in thought, Salem would be brought back to reality by the sounds of a loud voice, one that he recognized quite well as being the old man Genjioro that he had just finished doing a request with. Having agreed to eat out with the old man, feeling that he was sure to have many more interesting stories to tell. Something that Salem would be good to hear while he at a nice meal, especially since from the looks of it had had managed to pick a good place with Genjiro knowing about the family it seemed from what Salam heard of the conversation.

Soon Genjiro, would seem to make his way to the booth accompanying Salem and apologizing for his delay. “ Your fine Genjiro, would it seem I picked a good place for us to eat ? This Is my first time in Hargeon, and I haven’t had time to learn much about it so I just took a random guess at places to eat honestly.”

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro gave a long stroke of his magnificent beard, if he kept growing it out he would no doubt end up tripping over the thing. The old man stroked the beard with his left hand as he released a hearty chuckle from those dry lips of his. "This old fool is quite traveled. Back in the days of my youth my old platoon and I traveled to many vast and wondrous towns. Why I believe it was sixty three years ago when I first visited Hargeon. A naive farm boy in the army. Memory serves me right, I had just finished up three years training and had been stationed here with my Platoon. I met an interesting young lady named Dorothy Roscoe my first week here. She was kind to us soldiers, welcomed us with a warm meal in a little diner she had just started. I'm pleased to see the place is still here." The old man released a barking laughter that made his long eyebrows and mustache sway back and forth.

Genjiro's eyes were shut but he was wide awake and able to see. The rays of light from the bulb above outlined every wrinkle on the old man's face and highlighted the massive scar that shined on his bald head. His bald headed shimmered like a diamond in the light almost like he had polished the flesh. One would think if he angled it right he could reflect a beam of his light off his head and blind someone. "Enough about me, tell me young Salem what made you join the Rune Knights?" asked the old man as he rested his walking stick beside him and folded his hands on the table. He spoke a young male waiter walked over, he was in is teens, and laid down two menus on the table before pouring two cups of coffee and lying a tray with milk, sugar and cream down. Even if they didn't ask for coffee it seemed to be complimentary as from the register an old woman who looked to be as old as Genjiro waved to them. From the actions and Genjiro's story the woman he had met was not only still alive, but still working and clearly remembered him.


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As Salem spoke to Genjiro, he could only hope that the old man was happy to eat at this restaurant, as well as he, Salem mainly hoping that the food would be on pair and not suck. Considering the fact that the young Rune Knight tended to find himself very picky of his food having very precise taste buds. But luckily to Salem’s liking Genjiro would be pleased with the restaurant as well as having a nice little story to go along with it. Something that made Salem want to eat at the place even more as Genjiro spoke of the old lady who ran it back in his day in the army and fed him. Something that Salem felt showed a lot of character about the old lady as well as Genjiro having served in his younger days and seeming to have done a lot in his time of service.

Plus the kind words that Genjiro spoke of the warm, warmed the young Rune Knights hearts as he being one was never showed much kindness like that when he was growing up. Salem receiving the complete opposite and being teased for his bloody red eyes and interest in magic, something that he had to manage to come over. Though the old Man Genjiro would soon switch the conversation around to that of Salem, asking him his reason of joining the Magic Council Rune Knights.

“Well lets see for starters, both my parents were Rune Knights, but they are now deceased, so after some time in the orphanage I was adopted by my adoptive father who is also in the Rune Knights, so I guess you could just say it is in my bloodline. Plus the fact is I intend to learn everything that I can about magic and join the Magic Council and I feel that the Rune Knights is the perfect stepping stone for that with the access it gives me.”

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro nodded his head as he listened to the words young salem spoke. With each nod of his head he would stroke his beard in a sagely manner appearing like some wise old man as he sat their. Genjiro would never consider himself such, he was just experienced. "It is good for someone as young as yourself to have goals. We need goals in life to push us to strive us for what we desire. This world is filled with many wonders just waiting to be experienced and studied. I'm eighty-five and I will want to learn." Said the old man in a soft yet wise tone.

"Your young you have plenty of time ahead of you to master your magical studies. It's good that you discovered your talents while you are young. I only managed to learn magic five years ago through self study." Genjiro as he spoke used his right hand to grab one of two spoons and dumped two spoon fulls of sugar into his coffee before adding a little milk and cream. Genjiro then stirred the bitter beverage. He laid the spoon down and coiled his fingers around the handle of the cup and raised the hot beverage to his lips taking a sip, "Ah just how I remember it. Just like ma used to make" Exclaimed the old man as he sipped at the warm drink in his hands.

He sat the cup down and looked back at Salem, "I'm sure if you stick with the Rune Knight's they will impart you with a worth wild knowledge that will follow you for years to come. Knowledge is valuable, especially when used in hands that are capable of using that knowledge. Study hard young Salem and there will be no limit to how high you can soar." added the old man as he gave the young man a few comfort words to inspire him.


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As Salem spoke of his goals and ambishons he made sure to speak with all of his emotions making sure that one could feel how important his goals were to him. As Salem was one who was a firm believer in Knowledge and could easily see by the facial expressions of the old man Genjiro that he really felt the story of the young Rune Knight and felt where he was coming from, something that was making this conversing between the two quite nice, as it was something about talking to your elders that Salem just seemed to value. Salem knowing that his elders tended to have more knowledge and wisdom then themselves.

Genjiro would even manage to throw in some words of incouragemnt to Salem, as he also proceeded to tell the young Rune Knight that his journey with magic only actually started five years ago through self study, something completely shocking to Salem, as he figured the old man had been doing mage since his youth like himself. Something that the young Rune Knight would seem to come to find out was completely false. Making the story of Genjiro even more interesting to Salem, as he could only wonder what led the old man to learn magic so late in life.

The Old man would then proceed to speak more incoraging words to the young Rune Knight Salem as they both patiently waited for the waiter to return with some menus. “I thank you for the kind words of encouragement Genjiro, but might I ask what lead for you to learn magic so late in life, as well as the number one question, what type of magic do you possess. As I tend to find ones magic tells a lot about themselves”

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Genjiro Yamada
The boy had a curious young mind and who was Genjiro to object to his questions. To old man didn't particularly mind, it was not as if the boy could offend him, Genjiro was a eighty-five year old man with who knows how long to live what was the point of getting offend. "You could say it was the circumstances of life that led me to begin my studies so late. I was born in a simple farming community, one where magic was rarely seen. So it's only to be expected we were quite naive about it and toiled at the land through sheer effort. I don't believe I even knew about mages until I had joined the army. It popped my little naive bubble and expanded my mind. But by then I was already caught up in my military training. And wasn't until recently I began to get curious." Began the old man as he recalled on his memories about his past.

Genjiro paused taking a sip of his drink before continuing again, "As you know I'm old, and this body of mine can't toil away like it use to. Before I started my journey and after my time as a soldier I became a farmer taking over the family farm working away for forty long years. But I began to slow and eventually I could know longer work the land like I use to. To pass the time I began visiting the local library. In the time I had been away the little farming community i lived in had blossomed into a small town. My daily visits to the library eventually ensured I stumbled upon a book of basic magic. My curiosity peeked I began reading it. I became intrigued at the prospect. While it is incredibly difficult for someone my age to learn magic, it is not impossible. It took me five long years of harsh study before I could manage a spell and discovered my naturally aligned element. But eventually I did and here I am." Regaled the old man as he raised his left hand and clicked his fingers. As he did a spark formed and a ball of fire no bigger than a golf ball formed. This would reveal he was a fire elemental mage.


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Sitting at the table Salem would proceed to finally take notice of the coffee that he had been brought a while back, still warm the young Rune Knight would proceed to drop a few spoons a sugar into the coffee before pouring some of the milk that set in the pitcher on the table into his cup. All the while doing this Salem would make sure he paid great detail into what it was that old man Genjiro was speaking. Salem seeming to come found of the old man and seeing him kind of like an older version of Oda. Was completely interested in everything that was seeming to come out of the old man’s mouth, as Genjiro just seemed to do more than just tell a story to Salem, as the old man had a way of making his words come to life and let Salem see what it really was like for the old man in his stories.

Genjiro informing Salem, that his upbringing was more in the farm lands, thus being his lack of magical knowledge for the most part doing his younger age. Though the fact that he old man managed to go to a library and teach himself magic was completely impressive to the young Rune Knight that was Salem. He having had a hard time himself learning magic on his own needing the help of his adoptive father to help him learn to control his own magic just made Genjiro’s accomplishment seem so much better to the young Rune Knight.

Sipping his coffee, Salem would almost seem to spit it out in joy as he watched Old Man Genjiro hold up his hand and produce fire, though a basic spell Salem was still impressed off all the hard work the old man had pulled off.” Fire Magic, quite interesting in deed, and I see growing up In the farmlands does make it a little harder to learn of magic. Having grown up in the capital I had access to lots of books. But your accomplishment is still no small one no doubt Genjiro.”

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro downed the last of his coffee and laid it down on the table. As he did the waiter appeared handing them each a menu to pick from. The old man thanked the young waiter and watched him walk off. The fire mage opened up his menu listening to young salems own kind set of words. "I lived out in whoop whoop as we called it, the middle of nowhere so certain things was hard to come by, but he made do. We were a hearty people. It was summer eleven months a year with one month of winter. We worked at the land for eleven months out of a year without rest. It was a hard working life but a good life, a simple life. I'm just an old dog whose learning a few new tricks." Said the old man with a waffle wave of his left hand as if being nonchalant about being able to learn magic at his age. He didn't see it as some great accomplishment. Having been raised as a farm boy he was quite humble.

"But Crocus, the Capital of Fiore I remember my first visit, many, many years ago.  I believe I first visited crocus when I was twenty-five my third year into the army. My Platoon and I had been hired to deal with rioters in the lower areas. What were the people up in arms about? Was it about the famine that had struck the land and the nobles keeping the food to themselves? No that was later years. Ah I believe it was the death of a young boy by local officers. A tragic incident." The old man shook his head at the memory of his past. Every time he spoke he would look up from his menu at Salem.

"Your lucky to live in the now. While things are a little chaotic, they are certainly better than they were years ago." As he finished he folded the menu, having decided what he wanted in the middle of his tale and rested the menu on the table. "If your ready shall we call our young waiter back?"


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Moments briefly after Salem finished speaking to Genjiro, their waiter would proceed to show up to their table. She would be rather simple girl, though the simplicity being what sort of made here cute to the young Rune Knight. As the waiter did slightly resemble the girl that was the host, probably being a younger sister or cousin. But it was just something completely different about the waitress to Salem, and it wasn’t just the fact that she didn’t have green hair like here cousin, but red hire that burned like fire. Something that seemed to complement the crystal blue eyes that she had gazing at the young rune Knight that was Salem. The girl would quickly proceed to give Salem and Old man Genjiro menus before proceeding to leave the two to their conversation at hand.

Genjiro, leading to tell Salem of the farm land he grew up that he and his friends like to refer to as the whoop whoop, a place Salem was seeming to come to know as he himself had actually grown up their just threw the vivid stories that old man Genjiro was being able to paint for him every time he spoke one his old tails growing up. And even how the strange town he grew up in was almost always summer thus leading to its farmer population. This all giving the young Rune Knight a better insight into the life and ways of the old man Genjiro. The old man would even go to tell Salem of his first time visiting the capital, one of Genjiro’s stories that would seem to have more of a sad ending.

Upon informing Salem of how lucky he was to grow up in today’s age that was less dangerous as the old days, Old Man Genjiro would proceed to ask the young Rune Knight was he ready to order. “Hm well honestly its so many options and I have no idea what I am in the mood for honestly. Do you have any idea what their specialty might be Genjiro ?”

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro stroked his beard as he reflected on his long past memory. It had been almost thirty years since he had last dined here. He had been here not long after it first open and again thirty years when he was in between jobs and towns. It was hard to say just what was their specialty as it could have changed. But from the look of the menu many of their original dishes were still in place. "This place was known for its burgers back in my day. From comrades used to praise their pies and soups as well. If you fell like something hearty perhaps a meat pie, I saw they still make a cheese, bacon, onion, tomato and chunky beef pie, large enough to serve one. Or perhaps the burgers are more your taste. Last time I was here I had the Big Belly Burger, double layer of juicy beef, bacon, pineapple, tomato, beetroot, lettuce, three layers of different cheeses cheddar, swiss and old english topped with a tangy barbeque sauce. From the menu it appears they still sell it. If burgers aren't to your taste perhaps the pumpkin or even tomato soup? If not they do serve a delicious lasagna. But this was many years ago, whether they've kept their standards is another question entirely." Retorted the old man as he answered his eating partner's query with a rather lengthy reply.


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Glancing over the menu of the item as he asked Genjiro what he recommended, Salem could only wonder what it was he was in the mood for, having no idea what he currently wanted to eat right now. Even as the young Rune Knight managed to glance at the menu he could just not seemed to put his mind on to what he was interested in eating at this moment. Salem only knowing on thing currently, and that was that he was hungry, especially after working rebuilding those houses with Genjiro, Salem was barely able to keep up with the old man.

Genjiro would seem to inform Salem, that he was not exactly sure as to what the specialty of the diner was today, letting Salem know that it had been some years he had actually visited the diner. Though he would let Salem know that back in the day the place was known for its good burgers, something that was starting to intise Salem, as Genjiro spoke of the burger he ate so long ago at this same place. The old man seeming to taste the burger from so long ago still to this day as he proceeded to inform Salem of everything that he had place on the burger.

“A bacon burger surley does sound good right now to be honest. Though I’d just prefer meet and cheese they can keep all that other rabbit food stuff.” Salem would speak of his current idea hoping Genjiro would share some good insight on to it as the young Rune Knight was still not sure as to what to eat. And was one who tended to be indecisive.

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Genjiro Yamada
The old man released a barking laugh of amusement at young salems words. The old man continued stroking his beard, his laughter making his fu manchu mustache shake. The bald man raised his right hand waiving their waitress over. The young woman who looked almost their like host skipped over with a beaming smile on her young features. The old man handed her the two menus as he requested their order, "Two Big Belly Burgers please. One with the complete works double layer of beef, bacon, pineapple, tomato, beetroot, lettuce, three layers of different cheeses cheddar, swiss and old english and sauce. The other with only the bacon, three types of cheese and double layer of beef." Recited the old man as the young girl took the menu's and jotted down on a notepad the order.

"Oh yes on the one with the works extra bacon, pineapple, an extra layer of beef and plenty of sauce. Oh and plenty of napkins, we will need them" added the old man showing he was the type that wasn't one to watch what he ate. The old man didn't bother with his health, he was physically fit from working out and eating right, but knew how to enjoy himself. The young girl jotted the two orders down before looking up, "Anything else sweeties?" asked the young waitress as she flashed a kind smile.

The old man stroked his beard in thought before speaking up, "Ah yes an extra large chocolate caramel thick shake, with a little vanilla essence and cream." requested the old man before looking up to Salem, "Anything to drink?"


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As the words of each thing of the burger sung out the mouth of Salem, the young Rune Knight would seem to almost be able to taste the burger in his mouth, causing it water as he lusted for the taste of the burger. A sensation that could easily be seen by that of Old Man Genjiro as he set completely across from the young Rune Knight. And plus the fact that Salem was completely showing his hunger no doubt, with his stomach also managing to growl loudly the moment he finished speaking. This most likely being the reason that as soon as Salem would finish speaking to old man Genjiro, the old man would manage to let out a barking laugh, Salem hoping this being good enough to not let others around hear his loud stomach. Immediately upon the old man finishing his laugh he would proceed to wave over to the waiter signaling for her to come and take the orders of the two.

Genjiro would proceed to take over the whole situation when it came down to talking to the waitress and giver her their orders. Something Salem would be more then gracious of , due to the fact of his rather shy nature and preferring to not talk to most he did not know. The girl that approached the two would to resemble the host of the restaurant, showing Salem a little bit more of its family owned and operated feel. Old Man Genjiro would proceed to inform the girl that both he and Salem were ordering burgers as well as telling her what they both wanted different on their burgers. Getting Salem’s burger perfect down to the t, knowing that the magical scholar didn’t care much for vegetables from his earlier statement , the old man would order Salem a burger of nothing with meat, cheese , and bacon on I, making sure to tell them to put double beef and three types of cheese on the burger. Something Salem figured would be more then tasty. Finishing the main order, Genjiro would proceed to ordering dessert before asking Salem if he wanted ah drink.

“Sweet tea will be fine’ Salem would proceed to order a simple drink feeling that it was too early to start drinking, especially considering the fact that he was also with old man Genjrio and felt that he remained sober. Upon Salem finishing his statement, he would start to stare at the young waitress starting to notice her better qualities, as well as the fact that she probably wasn’t far from Salem himself in age, the girl probably looking around the age’s of twenty to seventeen. While she proceed to stand around waiting for the drink order of old man Genjiro.

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Genjiro Yamada
The old man folded his hands over top of one another, left on top of the right, and rested them on the diner table. He was waiting patiently for the girl to take down both orders, jotting the burgers down on a notepad with a freshly sharpened pencil. Once she had scribbled it down she turned to take Salem's drink order for sweet tea, before looking back at the wise old man with the insanely long beard. Genjiro would look up at her, of course he would naturally notice the gazes cast from Salem over the waitress who didn't notice as she was looking Genjiro's way. "Ohohohoh." laughed the old man in his head, if he wasn't keeping himself in tact a large mischievous smile may have formed on those wrinkled lips.

Genjiro would wiggle a finger beckoning the young woman over and asked her to bend down so he could tell her something. He then began to whisper in her ear so only she could hear. Salem would have no clue what was being said. The waitress would blink as a small blush formed on her lips while sneaking glances at the young boy across the table. Genjiro pulled away with a mischievous smile, "If you'd be so kind, i'd like a extra large chocolate caramel thick shake, with a little vanilla essence and cream." added the old man as he finished the order off.

The young waitress nodded and jotted something down on the notepad before tearing a little strip off the bottom. She would blush as a shy smile formed on her lips before she placed something down in front of Salem and scurried off, her hands to her cheeks to hide her expression. The paper in front of Salem had her name, 'Cathryn' and also a number with little love hearts around it. Genjiro had gotten her to give the boy her number through whatever he had said.


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Looking the girl up and down, Salem wasn’t more or less looking over the girl in the fact that she fancied him, it was more due to the fact that the magical scholar was a scholar none the less, and that meant the young Rune Knight loved knowledge, learning, and everything that came with it. Especially learning people, as just getting a good look at a person could usually tell them about a person even though most said don’t judge a book by its cover most still seemed to let some out their history and other information out in the ways that they act among other things. As Salem had come to learn that different towns tended to have different styles of slang as well as dressing and many other things that could usually help you identity things like where a person might be from. Something that could be really useful when one was trying to notice if one was from north or south Fiora amongst more specific things like their actual location.

Finishing looking the girl up and down, Salem would come to notice that the Old Man Genjiro was motioning for the young girl to come closer to him. A task that she would accomplish as the old man proceeded to whisper into her ear something that Salem was completely unable to hear, though he could guess as to what the old man was up to. But none the less that Salem paid it no mind as the old man proceeded to add his drink to his order, this being a shack that sounded quite good and appealing to the young Rune Knight as he figured he might order one at the end of his meal. Though he was starting to see that the Old Man Genjiro did seem to have somewhat of a sweet tooth. Upon finishing writing down genjiro’s order the waitress would proceed to hand Salem a paper with her name and number on it something Salem was sure was due completely cause of the actions of his new friend of some sort .

“ I guess I have you to thank for this Genjiro” Salem would state in a joking manner with a nice smile on his face as he proceed to hold the piece of paper up as though he had just gotten himself a trophy. He himself not caring too much for the piece of paper actually, knowing that he would most likely never call the girl, Salem would proceed to place the paper in his pocket as he and Genjiro waited for their meal.

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro waved to the waitress as she walked away, having handed her name and number off to Salem. The young lad thanked him with a joking tone a smile plastered on his facial features as he took the piece of paper with the phone number and folded it over before sticking it in his clothes. Genjiro had no idea if the boy would even ring the young woman who went by the name of Cathryn, but Genjiro had done all he could. It wasn't as if he was trying to set the young lad up with her, but he thought he would lend a hand and get the girls number for him. The young boy might decide later on to give her a ring and hook up, or they may even become friends. IT was all up to Salem and what he did now that he had the number.

The old man stroked his long mustache, the right side and twisted the long hair with his index finger and middle finger before letting it go where it fell back into place, not a single hair was out of alignment. It was clear from the length of his beard, mustache and eyebrows along with the clear white appearance that he kept them immaculately groomed, considering he had no hair on his head and only on his face he would take to keeping it groomed. "When you are as old as I am, people tend to listen to you. One of the few perks of growing old." Said the old man finally answering Salem's thanks. "That and senior citizen discounts." Joked the old man with hearty laugh as he made fun of his own senior status.

Genjiro was the type that didn't care about his age. He was old and would happily joke about it. He was even the type to mock the insane length of his beard and didn't feel offended when kids would point or stare. It was even happening right now, across the room from Salem and Genjiro was a table with a young family. The husband and wife sat opposite each other with two small children on the other side one daughter around eight and a son who looked five. Both young children were pointing over to Genjiro whispering and giggling only to be reprimanded by the parents, but Genjiro didn't mind as he gave the children a small smile while stroking his long beard.


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A small orange creature could be spotted walking through the streets of Hargeon, the creature astounding and beautiful to some, as its fur reminded most that gazed at it as that of flames. Or wild fire as its fur was just the color of that, beautiful fire. The creature moved through the streets in search of its master, as it hand been sent unto him in order to deliver him a note from his adoptive father. Looking lost beyond belief the strange creature would soon come to find the scent of its master as it wandered around near the docks, following the smell the strange creature would soon find itself outside of a strange dinner. Waiting till the opportunity was perfect and a two legged creature managed to open the door for the strange creature, it would dart threw the doors in search of its master. Hearing the voice of a stranger older man, the creature would soon find its masters and be welcomed with open arms.

Genjiro would be stating to Salem that when you got to his age people tended to listen to you, making the young magical scholar wonder just how old the old man actually was. Though this would instantly be cut short as Salem looked and noticed the bright orange creature that sort of reminded the young Rune Knight of a flaming magic squirrel was making it way right towards him and old man Genjiro. The strange creature being one that Salem recognized as his Flareon, Apollo. A gift Salem had not too long ago received from his adoptive father Oda when he reached the rank of Apprentice Rune Knight. Apollo walking up to receive a pet from his master as he passed off the letter that he had been sent to deleiver, and one that Salem would instantly know was from Oda.

Looking over the note Salem would see what he adoptive father was sending Apollo to inform him of, though It wasn’t a matter of importance now, so the young magical scholar brought his attention back to the old man Genjiro. “Well it seems my adoptive father has sent me a letter, ouh where are my manners, this here is my Flareon companion Apollo he was a gift I received not too long ago, he is a quite interesting creature indeed.” Apollo would seem to make himself comfortable near his master as he waited what for what was to come.


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Looking at the letter that he had just received from his adoptive father Oda, Salem would come to see that he had sent mention of a strange amusement park making way that he wanted the young Apprentice Rune Knight to go check out while he journeyed the world, as Oda felt it would be a nice thing for him to check out, especially if the rumors of it came out to be true. And it was something that was seeming to intruge the young magical scholar since if the rumors did come to be true, he was going to love to get to experience the strange games and events it had to offer. Looking at Genjiro, Salem would see that their food was now making it way to the table, though sadly it would be time for the young Rune Knight to make his exit from the dinner and try and see if he could find his way to this mysteries amusement park

“Well it seems my father has also sent word that it is a strange carnival rumored to be going on that he wants me to check out, so it seems that I am going to be need my food to go sadly, but it was wonderful to get to spend some time with you Genjrio, hopefully are paths may cross again soon enough.”
The waitress would instantly go to put Salem’s food into a to go plate as his paid for his and Genjiro’s meal and tipping the waiters before he and Apollo made their exit.


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