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Deface Property [Quest: Index]

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Deface Property [Quest: Index] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:21 pm

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or perhaps warm since you're too damn busy to actually serve out the revenge yourself and end up hiring a 15-year-old girl.

Sounds oddly specific? Well, it was the exact thought going through Index's head as she approached the hideout of her client: Maxwell Buscon. She hadn’t met the guy before today nor had any reason to, or at least that was the case until he posted up a job. Now, Index being a girl of bored, she decided to take a stab at whatever this guy had wanted her to do. Which brings us to now, as she knocked on the man’s door.To his surprise and what Index had expected, he had greeted her with a firm “What the hell?” Can you really blame him? It’s not every day a cute teenage girl knocked on your door with a grin ear to ear. And with that same grin, she stuck out her hand to the man and gave him her introduction.

“Hello, there sir! Rumor around town is that you’re in need of some help.” The guy’s face started to slowly morph from confused to understanding within a few seconds as he started to get a grasp of what was going on. Slowly his hand had moved up to her, but Index was impatient and she decided to meet his hand halfway. “The name’s Nero! Nice to meet ya!” She furiously shook his hand up and down, possibly turning the guy off from any future interactions. That’s something she tries to aim for with every client.

“Yeah, yeah…. Alright!” He yanks his hand from hers before closing the door in her face. Well, that wasn’t a very nice thing to do, especially after she had offered to take up his job. Though the door didn’t stay closed for long as Maxwell opened the door and chucked a can of spray paint into her arms. “Alright, seeing as how you’ve read the job, you should know what I need from you, but I’m going to go over it anyway.” In the middle of his explanation, she starts to play with the can, shaking it up and down and occasionally pressing the top briefly, causing some paint and the fumes started to trickle out. “I need you to break into this guy’s house. Not gonna say what he did exactly but I need you to sneak into his place and tag it. Break it. Do whatever you gotta do, but make sure he gets the message. Don’t. Mess. With. Maxwell. His apartment number is 109.” Index nodded back to the man before spinning on her heel and walked away, towards her destination.

By the time she rounded the corner into the general neighborhood of where she was supposed to be, she knew it was going to be a pretty easy job. First off, the place was pretty shady, really shady if you were to compare it with the rest of Hargeon. Index knows how the people in this kind of town are too: the kind of people who don't really stick their nose in other people's business, they like to watch from afar as someone gets beat to death or robbed at gunpoint. Index has been one of those people, on all three ends. Anyways, the target's house, or the target itself, was an apartment in a really rundown apartment building. She could tell that it was rundown from way down the street since the building was tagged with a bunch of graffiti already. As he neared she couldn't really tell what the graffiti was meant to be, a few of them being words others some really cool pictures but still abstract nonetheless.

She entered the shady looking building which, surprisingly, looked pretty normal. The hallway was cleaner than she had expected and the doors were pretty neat. Luckily for her, the room she was looking for was on the first floor, all the way back at the end of the hall. Index slowly made her way down the hall, all in all taking her about 2 minutes as it was a relatively short hallway. She stopped to look at the door. The door read 109, the same number that Maxwell gave her.

Alright, her task was to now get inside. With a minute of close inspection, Index could see that the handle of the door was pretty rusty so that must mean the lock should be brittle. The buildings in this part of town were too old to have deadbolts in the doors, and it didn't seem like anyone was going to go through the trouble of getting one. "And....." Index took a step back before kicking the door as hard as she could. Like predicted, the door swung open, but not as she predicted, the room apartment was already pretty trashed. There were clothes and half eaten food all over the place, making the place reek of garbage.

There wasn't much to break so Index didn't stay there long, ending up only breaking most of his plates, his TV, table, and bed. It was times like these that she wished she could just burn the guys house down but alas, she could not. Before she left, she remembered to tag his house, so she did. All of it. Anywhere you would go in the house would lead to a wall covered in paint. Now Index doesn't really consider herself an artist, but she was pretty damn proud of what she did back there. Arriving one last time at Maxwell's house and knocked on his door, but nobody answered. So instead, she left the can on his doorstep, noticing an envelope labeled "For Nero". She expected it to be the payment so she picked it up and left.


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