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Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ]

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#1Nora Deston 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:53 pm

Nora Deston

The faded afternoon sky hung low above the town of Hargeon as people went about their daily lives, spending their time idly walking around and chatting with a nonchalant aura surrounding them. The evident tranquility appeared to be wonderful as underneath the facade of peace, within the swallowing darkness that awaited in the alleyways, was a sinister ambiance. The scent of the sea water that was carried by the breeze to all parts of the town now faded into the stench of sweat mingling with the distant whispers of bypassers who occasionally glanced within the piercing road where even the rays of the sun became too frightened to peek through.

She, or rather, he stood there in her body, clad in a pair of black jeans that matched with the long ebony strands of hair as covering the torso was a wine red shirt, hung loosely around her physique. The black boots that adorned her feet were placed on top of the hand of the poor soul that threatened to challenge the female's side persona, Zeke. Indeed he was someone who would show these pathetic humans their place as he watched the unknown young man squirm underneath the sole of his foot, begging to be set free. The crimson eyes could see the pain seep through his opponent's body as a small smirk crawled onto her lips. "Not so tough now, huh?"

Someone as pathetic as that did not deserve to live. Zeke wasted no time raising Nora's other leg and slamming it into the man's face until blood seeped out and he begged for help. He glanced over his shoulder, glaring at anyone who witnessed the scene, causing them to scurry away as their words and whispers no longer evaded his ears. Indeed the man was an unlucky one, for having to deal with the female while the wild beast was conscious. If only he could be saved, but his safety was in fact, far from guaranteed.


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#2Odin † 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:23 pm

Odin †

Ah, a mugging. There was something so refreshing, in such a weird and magical world as Fiore, to witness an act so boring that Odin could fall asleep hearing the screams of pain escaping the man's lips through panted breath. He couldn't put his finger, but it was just fun to watch it occur, as the olive haired mage now did, occasionally smiling as the man begged for help or forgiveness. He was clearly not sure on what was going on, he was being tormented by the little girl, an amusing sight to begin with: a small girl overpowering and standing over a rather physically impressive man, and yet it was now the man that whimpered like a beaten dog. How sad for him, and how naive, thinking that anything he said could make a difference. No matter who heard him, no matter who tried to help him, he was completely at the mercy, or lack thereof, of the one who's foot was firmly planted on the man, with the other foot kicking him to allow blood to spread out into the alleyway. Odin stood on the precipice in this story, standing just where the light stopped, on the line where no one dared tread it seemed. Because of one simple fact: despite how boring a mugging was, this girl seemed rather interesting.

"So what did he do to warrant this?"

Ignoring the man's pathetic whimpers, those words were the only sounds that echoed throughout the streets. There was no way the girl wouldn't hear, as well as the people on the main street, who looked over, confused and wary that someone had just spoken to the girl that had broken a man. A silent night was always good for stealth pursuits, but Odin wasn't attempting to be quiet at all, he wanted her to hear him, and he wanted her to see where he was. At the present moment, he meant her no harm, whether it stayed that way entirely depended on her.

#3Nora Deston 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:00 pm

Nora Deston

The sounds were ignored by the individual as the only words that evaded her ears were that of a masculine voice. Frowning, he diverted his attention away from his pathetic prey as he craned her neck to glance at the side, allowing his gaze to fall on an unfamiliar olive haired man. Letting out a scoff, Zeke was rather surprised to see that anyone bothered asking such a question, "Why? Because he pissed me off." A smirk crawled onto her face as he scrutinized the man from head to go, "You should get going before you do too."

The squirming underneath her feet became more frequent as the man attempted time and again to free himself, which only resulted in the raven haired individual increasing the force exerted from her foot. Her face morphed into one of annoyance as he glared down at the unnamed young man, "Stay still." It was at that moment that the sudden, familiar agony shot through his head. Raising her hand, he pushed it against her temple as the throbbing pain seeped through, jabbing her mind from all corners. He murmured a string of colorful words, scarcely audible, as he faded into a state of unconsciousness.

Her eyes which were previously closed, reopened. However, they held a different gaze as her expression relaxed and her lips lifted to form a deceivingly innocent smile. Her eyes no longer held the need for violence; instead, they held the look of a predator. The force of her foot did not reduce as she looked down, letting a small gasp escape her lips, "Oh my, you poor thing."

Chuckling, she let out a sigh, "What could you possibly have done to deserve this?" She found it amusing to see that, Zeke, who she assumed was the persona that had taken over, found yet another victim to terrorize. Of course, his whimpering made no difference to her as she was quite enjoying the sight before her. Glancing to the side, she saw the young man standing before flashing him a beautiful smile, "Are you perhaps a friend?" She asked in a demeaning tone, nodding her head lightly towards her victim. Could it be that the wild beast within her had more than one victim this time around?


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#4Odin † 

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Odin †

Well now, this was an interesting individual indeed. How lucky for Odin to get to play with such a being, who was beating a poor man half to death simply because he had 'pissed her off', but that wasn't nearly as amusing as her next statement: a warning, sent towards Odin, to leave before he made the same mistake, suggesting that this girl thought she could put Odin in the same boat as the whimpering dog she was currently attacking. The olive haired mage couldn't help himself, he burst out laughing, the demon of Lucifer partly taking over as his pride took hold, and he opened his mouth to speak, but was unable to as something strange then occurred.

Having refocused her attention back to the man to tell him to stop moving, the girl then placed a finger to her temple, and started muttering something Odin couldn't work out, before something seemed to come over her. In a brief moment, it almost seemed like a new person, as her violent eyes changed, and a smile formed on her mouth, even as she commented on how frail the man she had beaten up looked, almost as if only having seen him now for the first time, as well as asking what he could have done to deserve what she had done to him, as if she didn't herself know. Her eyes then looked upon Odin once more, as if for the first time, before asking if he was a friend of the beaten man, to which Odin simply raised an eyebrow before speaking.

"I avoid coming into contact with lesser beings such as he. And you did to him because he pissed you off, a state of mind you are very close to causing for me, so be careful little girl."

#5Nora Deston 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:08 pm

Nora Deston

"Oh My" The words escaped her lips as her smile broadened into a grin. An interesting individual he was indeed, she thought as her arms folded in front of her chest and her attention was completely and solely on the man who was simply, what she assumed, a bypasser. A chuckle escaped her mouth, "An interesting fellow, aren't you?"

Lifting her foot off the hand of the man which was now an delightful hue of purple with crimson scratches on it, she placed it back onto the ground. Leaning into the man, she whispered "I'm sorry, sweety, but you're pretty boring now." It would've been quite foolish of her to spend her time playing with an ordinary, tedious prey when she had someone much more riveting standing before her.

Nora turned her gaze, giving her undivided attention to the man who had captivated it, "Not going to lie, your threats are a tad bit frightening." Contrary to her words, her smile remained as she slowly strolled over to the man. With another chuckle, yet again, she threw one more question at the man, "Did I also threaten you like this?" It was a genuine question to which she believed, the answer was likely yes. Zeke was quite known in her books for sending out threats to others without knowing the difference in power. Nora, however, was different.

"Uh," She paused, letting her smile stay latched onto her face. The man didn't need to know the truth, "I have the tendency to be very ........forgetful and overestimate myself at times." Her steps halted as she reached the end of the alleyway, closer to the crowded part of the street. The man behind her, whose misery previously amused her was now, the least of her concerns.

"My apologies, won't you forgive me this once?" Her honey sweet voice melted into words which she assumed the man wouldn't be smitten by but that made it all the more fun for her. Batting her long ebony lashes, she put forth her bare hand and held it for a shake, "Let's settle this with a truce."

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#6Odin † 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:44 am

Odin †

It seemed that Odin had gotten her attention at least, as she commented on how interesting a person he was, to which the dark mage simply smirked, something she'd maybe be out of range to see, but likely not. You have no idea, but you might be dangerously close to finding out, little girl, the dark mage thought, as he waited for the girl to continue with what she was saying, not that there was very much to it. She bent down to whisper something into the man's ear, who was slowly losing consciousness, if it hadn't left him altogether. What she said Odin couldn't know, but the moment she was finished she turned to face the olive haired mage. This is where it would get interesting.

She stated that she found Odin's threats to be 'frightening' yet her body, smile, and the fact she was moving closer towards the mage suggested otherwise. She laughed lightly as she approached him, before asking if she had threatened Odin in a similar way, a remark that caused the dark mage to laugh himself, as if someone had told a terrible joke and he had to pretend it was funny, "Similar idea, but much less frightening as you would put it."

It was then that the girl told Odin why she had forgotten what she had done, and it was simply that: she was forgetful and tended to make others think she was better than she was. How quaint, and how likely false. Despite Odin having heard of short term memory loss, and knowing it was a thing, it did not explain the way she spoke changing or the look in her eyes. It was possible she was simply bipolar however, prone to mood swings, and perhaps she didn't remember what happened during said swings, which could be understood. But, regardless of whether or not it was a mistake, she had insulted Odin's pride, something he would not stand for.

As she apologised, hoping to sweet talk him, she held out her left hand, now being within range to do so, and asked for a truce. Odin smiled and extended his own, locking their hands together with his grip for but a moment, before he acted. The dark mage pulled the girl towards him with his left hand: the one gripping her own. As he did this, and the girl fell towards him, he would bring his right fist to come to her jaw, no doubt dislocating it at the very least, at which point Odin released his left hand, allowing the momentum of his punch to send the girl flying, before he spoke.

"No apologies, no forgiveness, no truce. You will discover that you are nothing more than that man over there: an ant to be stepped on by a much greater being."

#7Nora Deston 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:58 am

Nora Deston

His hand roughly gripped hers as she let out a small scoff but what she hadn't anticipated was the following action. Her eyes widened slightly while her smile fell as she was pulled towards the man. Her gaze glanced towards the side as she saw the motion of his hand, immediately figuring out what was to happen. However, it was rather unfortunate that she wasn't quick enough to make her move.

All she could do was tighten her jaw, which mere seconds later, collided against the man's fist. A gush of pain seeped through her face as she stumbled back quite a bit, using her free hand to clasp her area which was attacked. Her ebony hair covered the sight of her face as shut her eyes momentarily. Indeed she was angry, but also very intrigued. The unpredictable turn this event had taken was quite awe-striking.

Moments passed as she did not move, letting herself calm down in order to rid herself of any triggering emotions that may become the key to the lock she had currently put on the other personas. Agony was indeed evidently jabbing her lower jaw as the taste of blood dominated her taste buds. Letting out a short laugh, she finally flicked her hair away as the blood rolled over the bruise on the corner of her lip. However, she couldn't possibly be crying over a hit like that. Having Zeke taken over her body too many times, she had felt pain much more severe before.

Her eyes hardened, holding a hint of annoyance clouded within amusement as her mouth returned to it's original position; a smile. She winced slightly at the pain caused her facial contractions but that didn't stop her. Using her finger to wipe off the blood, she looked at the man, "I see, you're a violent one. That hurt quite a bit." Straightening her back, she let out another small chuckle. "A greater being, you say? Where is it? I'd like to meet it once."

It probably wasn't the best idea provoking him but she just couldn't help it. It was simply too entertaining for her. She did like provoking people quite a lot. The joy she received when she sees the way their expressions change, the way their actions define who they truly are, is unimaginably majestic. Since the stranger had already surprised her once, she anticipated what he would soon do. "You see, I've taken quite a liking to you. I'd love to know your name."


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#8Odin † 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:45 am

Odin †

Odin's punch sent the girl backwards, as she hit the ground and sat there, motionless and speechless, for a time, the pain no doubt being felt by her entire body after the initial shock of it actually happening. In this time, Odin himself simply brought his hand back to his side, ready to use it again should the girl provoke such an action. He wasn't necessarily violent as a person, more so that he was consumed by pride, and anyone that insulted his pride required teaching, a lesson Odin was more than happy to provide, and this girl was no different, as Odin had said, an ant to be squashed by a prince such as he.

Eventually, she did move, and she did speak, moving some of the blood from her lip before commenting on how 'violent' Odin was as a person, as well as stating the obvious: that a punch to her jaw hurt, but then she made another mistake, one she must've known she was making as she spoke, but still she asked where a greater being could be found, stating she'd love to meet one.

Under normal circumstances, that would've resulted in another attack by Odin, but this time it wasn't necessary. As sarcastic as her comment was, it wasn't false, there currently was no higher being in Hargeon, but there was about to be.


The change was instantaneous, and the olive haired dark mage became the golden haired demon, growing three inches, two horns and a pair of wings as his face became more pointed, and his posture more elegant. And when this new being spoke, it was the voice of an angel, for Lucifer had once been such.

"I am Lucifer Morningstar, not that a dog need know the name of its master."

Lucifer Appearance:

#9Nora Deston 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:26 pm

Nora Deston

The murmuring of a word that escaped his lips attracted her attention as she gazed up at him with those crimson irises that awaited a sort of surprise. However, what occurred next hadn't even entered her vision of anticipation. It was as if the man transformed, into someone completely different and indeed, that appeared to be the case.

The olive hair changed into golden locks as he seemed to have gotten bigger, growing a pair of horns as his posture and physique now radiated more elegance. Her smile slowly fell off as she attempted to understand what was going on. Within mere moments, the completely unfamiliar man spoke, introducing himself and referring to her as a dog.

Shock was truly the word used to describe how she felt but that didn't last for long. Nora didn't bother hauling herself off the ground as she let out a small scoff before bursting out into a fit of laughter. Moments past but she couldn't stop. Who could blame her though? It reached a point where she had to place her hands on her stomach as the contractions of her muscles brought forth pain.

Her eyes teared up but she wiped it away before inhaling a deep breath, "I had a feeling something interesting would happen but this is way beyond my expectations." She looked at the man, who introduced himself as Lucifer, a name eerily familiar to that of the infamous fallen angel.

"Lucifer, was it? A dog, huh?" She raised her finger to place it on her chin, feigning wonder, "I'd much rather prefer to called something more suitable, like a bitch maybe?" Her smile broadened. Nora truly had such a twisted mind. Relaxing her body as she leaned back, resting her weight on the palms of her hands that leisurely sat on the ground, she spoke, "Tell me, how do you manage to be so intriguing?"


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#10Odin † 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:43 pm

Odin †

Lucifer, during the time he had inhabited Odin's body, had seen a great many reactions to his transformation. Some fainted, or ran in fear, terrified by the mere presence of the demon and his fiery rage, this was easily the majority of people, as horns, wings, and mastery over the element of fire had a way of causing people to lose their wits and run in terror. Others tried to act brave, pretending the demon's arrival meant nothing and that it wouldn't deter them from anything. Most of them met their ends shortly afterwards, with only a few having been able to properly best the dark mage.

What he had never experienced was something laughing at the transformation, which was exactly what this girl did. Lucifer waited for her to finish, giving her one last chance to save herself before he broke her. Her laughing eventually subsided, and she spoke, stating that Lucifer was definitely interesting and something she hadn't expected, before requesting that he chose a more appropriate name for her, like a bitch instead of a dog, adding to her mockery of the demon. Still sitting on the ground, she asked how he could be so interesting, but by this point her question fell on deaf ears. Forming a ball of fire in his hand, Lucifer sent the spell at the girl, which would deal a fair amount of pain to her, singing her clothes and causing some serious burns. And this was just the beginning. She would soon know true pain.

"I am a demon, a prince of hell. That's all you need to know, bitch."

MP Remaining: 1355/1405

Spell Used:

#11Nora Deston 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:25 am

Nora Deston

A sudden headache seized her as her smile collapsed. It appeared that the man was in no mood to give her a breather as Nora found herself fading into unconsciousness. It was truly an unfavorable situation as she knew not if she would even remain alive to allow her mind to return back to her body. Before she knew it, she had faded away into darkness and her eyes once again showed a change in emotion. Reopening, they held a much more calmer and slightly seductive look but that barely took a few seconds to morph into shock and a bit of fear.

Perhaps she just woke up in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, that could not save her from the unfortunate situation she had been thrown into. Her reflexes kicked in as she attempted to move aside as soon as the attack was fired her way but as sad as it was, she didn't manage to get out of the way completely. Smoke clouded her vision as she let out a loud groan of pain, murmuring a string of colorful words. She had never asked for this. Why is it that she was the one to suffer because of the stupidity of the others who just so happened to share a body with her? Whatever the reason, the only thing she knew was that she wanted to get out of there, and fast.

Freya had no idea what messy situation, either Zeke or Nora, she assumed, had gotten her into but the only thing she could feel was the lingering sense of blood lust. All she wanted to do was have fun, and this by far, was not her definition of fun. The right area of her arm had completely shed off the burnt cloth, leaving a bruised and bleeding arm on display. She didn't have time. Indeed she wasn't someone who preferred fighting but by now, she had learnt a few tricks of her own. Taking advantage of the smoke surrounding her, she quickly shoved her uninjured hand into the pocket of her jeans, desperately hoping that luck sided for her this once and indeed, that seemed to be the case. Grabbing the small ball, she threw it into the smoke, towards the silhouette of the man she hadn't yet seen, allowing it to burst to become even cloudier to avoid any vision passing through.

Luckily, fate had survival planned for her as the sounds of people grew louder and closer as they closed in on the alleyway. Taking her chance, she, as quietly as possible, rushed through the smoke, sticking herself to the wall before escaping into the crowd. Ducking her head, she slipped past the crowd, occasionally letting out a small groan as her eyes got droopier. She dragged her feet through the crowd, looking back once or twice to ensure that the man wasn't following. She was finally safe as she was neck deep in the hoard of sweaty people but she felt sleepy. Her consciousness threatened to give out at any moment, "There's no way in hell I'm going back without a drink at least, not because of those idiots."  


 Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] AODcS62
#12Odin † 

Unfamiliar Faces All Around [ Private | Odin ] Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:03 pm

Odin †

Lucifer's attack connected, despite the girl's attempts at avoiding it. The demon never noticed, or if he did, didn't care, about the girl's expression changing once more, signifying a third personality taking hold. But, it was within the smoke that the girl avoided the remaining onslaught that Lucifer had planned for her. You see, the demon wasn't just going to let her off with a few burns. Oh no, he was going to make her feel exactly what the poor, helpless man she'd beaten up had felt. Not out of any sense of avenging the man, but more out of amusement. This girl had felt power in breaking another man, and making him feel terror, now it was simply her turn to be afraid.

This would never come to pass, or if it would, it wasn't to be today, as the girl threw a smoke screen into the already dense smoke, making it impossible to see her, and there was no way to hear her steps, as many others were starting to encroach onto Lucifer's location, no doubt having heard the cries of the man, and the fighting thereafter. There was no way to pursue her without making a scene, and it was a tenant of Grimoire Heart never to make your presence known to the public. You were to always be a shadow, never an explosion. It seemed that, today at least, the girl had escaped with her life.

As the smoke covered his body, meaning none could truly see him, Lucifer deactivated his form, returning to the olive hair of Odin: a much more normal appearance that the public could see. When the smoke cleared, the population of Hargeon would see a young man with strange hair kneeling down at a broken man, trying to make sure he was okay. After some hysteric shouting of "She went that way!" and "Someone fetch a doctor!", Odin was free to disperse into the crowd, keeping up the facade until long after he had disappeared once more. Whoever that girl was, this was not going to be their last encounter.


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