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Deface Property[Caius]

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Deface Property[Caius] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:56 am

In order to take his mind off things, Caius decided that he would go and he would do a mission and get some money. That would help the guild and it would make it so they would get more rep in the underworld in Hargeon Town so they could move more freely with all the connections they had. This time it was a mission for Maxwell Buscon who was a person that did a quest previously with when he would go to the pirates and he would help them out with a mission where they had to smuggle goods into the ocean and trasnport it and Maxwell Buscon was a man that had smoke bombs to cover up the tracks of the boat so the guards didn't see. Caius was glad to see Maxwell Buscon was a reliable man and that he escapted the rune knights and that he was back at giving out the reuqests for dark mages like Caius so they could get the work done and slowly take over Hargeon with there influence. Caius was meeting Maxwell Buscon in a bar outside in the patio area and then he would see what request he had this time but it wasn't a big request as Maxwell Buscon told him that it was going to only be of D rank so it wasn't too bad but the pay was good so there was the incentive for him taking it. After walking on the hot day he would finally arrive at the bar patio where he would se Maxwell Buscon in his normal atire of a red shirt and black jacket covering himself which he kept his waeons hidden in cause he was a thug and that was what the thugs did to keep people in line. Beat up people with weapons. He also had his stupid blond top haircut that made him stick out like a sore thumb. He was drinking some type of whisky but Caius didn't want any right now. Maxwell Buscon greeted him and he would take a seat that was on the bar patio and it was right across from him. He told him about the request and would thank him for coming as he would explain the situation. Apparently there was a dickhead that wronged Maxwell Buscon and he wouldn't say what but it really rubbed him the wrong way and pissed him off. He was busy going to a meeting but he wanted to trash the mans apartment and make sure he knew it was Maxwell Buscon that did it. Caius would roll his eyes at the stupid ass request but for the pay it was worth it completly. Caius would agree and he would then take off and head to the apartment that Maxwell Buscon gave him directions too.

The apartment was only 3 stories high and he would walk in and would go to the stairs and then would climb the stairs to make sure he got to the top cause the man that wronged Maxwell Buscon was at the top of the stairs and that way he would be able to go to the apartment. The door was locked but Caius would lean back and he would get his size 13 boot ready and he smashed the door down off the hinges. He would have to be fast cause that could have attracted attention cause it was loud as fuck. Caius decided he coudl use this mission as a way to vent his anger so he would just pick up all the stuff in the kitchen and he would just smash it against the wall by wipping the dishes, and the cups and the pots and pans and fuck it he even grabbed the food too and started to smear it everywhere. That was only one room. Caius would then go to the living room and tear up the nice leather couch the man had and then he would move over to this big ass tv and sparta kick it to the ground and shatter it like into a bunch of pieces. Caius then would move to the outdoor balonty and would toss the chairs off and break the windows to the balcony. last but not least he went into the bedroom and Then Caius would go into the bedroom and he would tear up the pillows and bed sheets and then he would rip his clothes up in the closet and would flip the dresser over and smash it with a dropkick. Maxwell Buscon gave him a can of paint so he would spray a bunch of vulgar phrases all over the room and in the living room and in the kitchen and in the bathroom. He left a note that Maxwell Buscon was here and then gto the fuck out of dodge. He sprinted out of the room and would go down all the staris in a flash because he was a fast mage and then he would meet back up at the patio bar with Maxwell Buscon and then he would tell him about what happened. Maxwell Buscon would be pleased at all the things Caius did to sabatoge the man's stuff so he would give him the reward of the jewels and the quest would be completed. It was an easy task but Caius had completed it and would be able to help Maxwell Buscon if he ever needed another job done.


Hi I'm Caius

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