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Deface Property [Quest: Seira]

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Seira woke up to the sounds of birds tweeting and people laughing outside her window. She sighed, a little annoyed at the fact that she had forgotten to close her window the night earlier and was therefore disturbed by the noise from outside, which woke her up. She was still tired and it was still fairly early in the morning, but she figured that if she was awake already, she might as way stay up and be productive for the day. At some points the vampire had seriously considered buying a coffin that isolated her from not only sunlight but also unnecessary voice, but something like that was difficult to hide and even more difficult to explain in case somebody ever found out about it. She sighed and got out of bed, entering the bathroom shortly after where she would clean herself and get dressed. Seira wasn’t exactly craving any human food, so she walked over to the small fridge, which stood next to a larger one in the kitchen, and opened it. That was where she kept the blood bags and she pulled out one that was B+ and poured the red liquid into a large cup. She took a few sips and walked across the house, looking around for things to do. She picked up the newspaper from outside (not bringing her cup of human blood along, of course) and began reading. She had no plans for the day, but was most likely going to look for a job to do.

Seira usually spent her time doing jobs for money and lately she hadn’t been able to get much, which was frustrating and most likely a sign that she had to move on from Hargeon and go to other cities. Oak was a decent place to be at she figured and even though most of the jobs there weren’t exactly legal or good, that was just how the city where Phantom Lord resided was. Besides, Seira would be lying if she claimed that she cared about those things, she never really had. As long as a good amount of money was involved, she didn’t care much about breaking the law. There would always be good and evil, but it was difficult to say which one was right and which one was wrong. Seira didn’t believe in the church or even less the magic council, so she decided not to succumb to their rules either. After a while Seira got ready and put her coat and some boots on before leaving the house. She wandered the streets for a while and eventually noticed a familiar figure in the far distance. Maxwell Buscon, who was a simple thug who harasses people and steals their money. He wasn’t exactly smart, which is why he often hired other people to do dirty work for him, work that was often simple and in return he paid them rather well, which made him a somewhat decent client Seira could work for. Seira approached him quickly.


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“Maxwell, what are you doing here? The last time we met under these circumstances, you were looking for someone to do the work you are too afraid to do,” she said with a smirk on her lips and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Even though he was a thug and pretended to be oh so scary and badass, he couldn’t touch her and he wouldn’t even think about being rude to her. The vampire was, of course, significantly stronger which made a huge difference, even though she looked nothing like it. “Ah, it’s nothing like that,” he murmured and looked rather annoyed. “I have work for you to do and I’m too busy to do it myself, so if I pay you 25000 Jewels, will you do it? It’s something similar to what you did the last time.. but like I said, I don’t really have the time for it. Someone pissed me off and now they have to pay anyways. If you won’t do it I will find somebody else,” he seemed to be avoiding her gaze and she laughed at him. She knew he was lying about not having time, but it didn’t matter now. “Of course, what exactly is it?” He seemed contend now that she had agreed on doing his work and stepped closer to him, beginning to explain what he needed. First, he pointed out an address and gave her the name of a person who was living there.

It was still during the middle of the day, but this wouldn’t be the first time that Seira had done something like that during broad daylight. “I need you to make a huge mess in his place, ruin his stuff, destroy everything, I don’t care - but make it good. Oh, and use this!” He handed her a can of graffiti and with that, Seira went on her merry way to that poor man’s apartment. She didn’t break the door down, nothing like that. She closed it quietly behind herself before she began trashing the apartment, all the meanwhile wondering why exactly she was doing what she was doing. But then again, this was an hour’s worth of work for a good sum, and she couldn’t exactly complain. Besides, this was also a way of letting off steam so it was a welcomed change. Once the apartment was decently trashed, she made sure to use the graffiti on the walls and leave some messages that would indicate who had been her and what the purpose of this attack was. Certainly the person who lived here would know that it had been Maxwell who had sent someone else to attack them. She wrote “take it to the max” in big letters across the living room wall and then left the apartment, returning to Maxwell and telling him about everything in detail - he seemed satisfied, to say the least, and paid her the promised amount of money. Seira took the money quickly and left the scene, going into the city to do some shopping.


Deface Property [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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