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Accidental Demins[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari † 

Accidental Demins[Fiora] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:01 pm

Fiora Sylvari †
Another day, another dollar so they say. That was bascially Fiora's time in Hargeon so far. Reagan Hullston was a man that needed a lot of fucking work done. The mustache man was indeed powerful so it made sense. A lazy man could never hustle as hard as he was so it was the reason that there was so much work to do in this town. Well it was fine for her as she could always use more money to buy things like weapons and armor for herself but also she would be able to help out other guild mates. She was meeting Reagan Hullston in Hargeon Park today so she was glad that it wasn't by the damn docks this time. This way she wouldn't be by that ocean which she was afraid of. She would see that he was walking in the park by himself with his normal hat and suit that was brown and buttoned down. There also was a boy that was following him it looked like as he walked around the park. He kept on circling the park which a lot of people did to lose weight but never was a man to waste his time like that. He must have been being tailed. Reagan Hullston would then see Fiora and then she would see him make am move where he would raise his hand and then he would twirls his mustahce and lift his hat. This was a sign that they practiced when they first met that meant Reagan Hullston wanted that person would be disposed up. Fiora understood and would eliminate that page boy that was tailing him.

Fiora couldn't outright kill a kid so most likely she would have to make it look like an accident. In Grimoire Heart it was pretty common to teach that since they were supposed to be all super duper secret. There were a bunch of things that could happen like pushing him into the streets and having him trampled or maybe a cart would hit him and it would run him over and he would be toast. Another thing he would be able to try would be if he was climbing stair at all she could push him and that would be all she wrote. Reagan Hullston saw that she understood so he headed out to the streets in Hargeon Town and would start to walk towrads the dangerous areas that were in the town so she could go to work. The first place would be the Hargeon Market street which had a lot of things that could caused the death of this page boy if you were creative enough. Fiora would then go and she would follow the page that was following Reagan Hullston and the dance with death was about to begin. The only question would be how would Fiora do it. She was always playful with her methods so she couldn't wait to try them out on this stupid page boy and get him killed


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Accidental Demins[Fiora] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:43 pm

Fiora Sylvari †
Fiora would first go through the streets of the marketing area and once she was through there then she would be able to follow Reagn Hullston and the page boy and make sure that he would be eliminated. Reagn Hullston was in the market and he was looking at some stuff that was at the stalls and buying time as the page boy was following him. He looked at the fruit stand and hew ould go to the fruit stand aand he would then buy an apple and then he would take that apple and then he would munch on that as he was strolling and he was going along the mareketing path. He then would see a shop that sold stuff across the street and was all up and interested in that so he looked both ways and would then cross the street and make sure that there was no carriges so he wouldn't get hit. Fiora would then see that the page was about to cross the street so she would make her move cause there was a carriage coming and it was a big one as it was one that was carrying a bunch of goods cause you know it was the market district and those carrigaes carried a lot of them and then if he got hit there was no doubt that the little kid would get completly ran over and crushed and he would be toast. Fiora woudl go over to the gruit stand and ther was other people so she would keep on walking and she would make sure that she would not be seen as she used her elf hand and she would take a banana and then she would steal it from the stand and nobody was looking so after that Fiora would take the banana and she would quickly peel it with precision and then she would take that and she would throw the banana and then she would toss it in front of the boy and the peel would make him slip. If he slipped then he would fall and if he fell he woudl be in the middle of the street and then the carriage that was coming that was carrying all the goods would run him over and it would be done. However, her throw was a bit off to the right and the boy ran past it withotu slipping so the plan was failed and it would be toast. She would have to look for a new oppurtunity.

AFter a few minutes, she would cross the street and see Reagn Hullston was still walking and he would go to the part of hargeon where there was a big stair case that went down and it had a bunch of lfights of steps outside so if you fell you would tumble a lot of distance and get hurt or maybe die so that would be cool if the page boy stalker fell and he would be dead himself. Reagn Hullston would start to stroll down the long staircase and the page would be right up on his butt and would start to follow him too. Fiora would start to inch closer and closer and closer while the page boy would stay and then she would be right behind him. Once there was an opening she would then move past him and would then use her shoulder to bump into him and he would lose his balanced. He did start to fall and she would smile was that kid was sure to fall off now and he would die adn the mission would be done with and over but it seemed he fell down a couples steps and stumbled and then he was able to get his balanced back. The three of them then would go and continue on folllowing Reagn Hullston because he had another spot to go.

The last place they went was the light house of Hargeon and there was a tour so they would all go on that tour cause it was free and then they would be able to go to the very top of the light house and then they could see the beatiful view of the ocean and the view of the city from a super high spot. That way she would be able to push him off and he would fall into the rocks and he would be dead as fuck. Reagn Hullston was looking at the ocean once they were at the top of the light house and the page boy was there too. Fiora would walk around to the page boy and so the same thing she did before. She would accidently bump into him and the boy was leaning on the rail so he would lose his balanced but this time he would tumble over and fall and he would pop like a cheery once he hit the rocks and he was dead. Fiora then would walk over and would then see Reagn Hullston looking pleased as he would sneak a bag of jewels to her while everyoen esle was freaking out the kid was just dead straight up but the two of them would just go to teh evelator and would leave the lighthouse. It wasn't smart to stay at the scene of the crime as they would get in a shit ton of trouble so it was time to go.


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