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Fishing Contents [Quest | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Fishing Contents [Quest | Genjiro] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:30 pm

Genjiro Yamada
The old man who went by the name of Genjiro leaned back in a light grey recliner, legs propped up as he kicked back and relaxed. He had a pipe between the fingers of his right hand. The pipe was long and made of oak wood with engraving along the sides. The old bald old man stroked his magnificently long beard with his left hand as he took a long puff of the pipe and blew out a cloud of smoke. The eighty-five year old man who had experienced and witnessed much in his time was kicking back and relaxing for the moment, enjoying his me time. Genjiro puffed away drawing in a deep breath as he sucked in the tobacco before exhaling. A long stream of smoke expelled itself from his cracked and wrinkled lips. The smoke flowed out into the air wriggling about as it floated up to the ceiling before escaping out a nearby window. Genjiro patted the pipe against an ash trash next to him, dubbing out the ash that had collected within the end of the pipe before taking another refreshing drag.

The old man shut his eyes as he began to think about his youth. How he missed his younger years, toiling away in the hard soil besides his parents, working the land and tending to the farm. However it was not to say his youth had been glorious, he still remembered the shattering break up of his first love. How his heart still ached to this day remembering her. THe old fool pondered wondering whatever happened to his first love after she moved away to the city of Era. In all his years of travels he had never bothered to look her up to find out what she had done with her life. He supposed it was to late to bother doing now. There was no point in looking her up now, after-all he didn't know if she was even still alive. It was a miracle he was as old as he was at eighty-five. He didn't know when he would croak and take his last breath.

The old man sighed out as he kicked the chair back into its default position and slowly stood up. He crossed the room in the inn he was staying at and walked over to the front door where his walking stick was. He supposed he should get a move on as he was suppose to meet some kid name Jacob down by the docks for some quest the kid needed done. The old man put his pipe up and placed it on the kitchen bench before grabbing his walking stick. Genjiro adjusted his haori and cloths before opening the door, making sure he had his keeps, and shut the door behind him. The old man then headed over to the lift taking it down to the bottom floor and entered the streets of Hargeon. The eighty-five year old man with an insanely long beard looked around with tired red hues before walking towards the Hargeon docks.

WC: 510

#2Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
Making his way through Hargeon, Genjiro stopped to see the sights on his travels to the dock. It was a beautiful day, the sky was a cyan blue that stretched on for miles and there was not a cloud in the sky. The sun could be seen at an angle hovering high on the sky as its warm rays shot down onto the crowds belows illuminating them and providing them with a tender warmth on this summer day. The heat wasn't unpleasant as it was a pleasant temperature, not to hot, it was a perfect day. And on this perfect day the streets were beginning to crowd as the people of Hargeon walked out of their homes to enjoy this illustrious day that rarely came during this time of year. The fresh sea breeze air blew on by filling everyones senses as they smelt it. it was a pleasant smell that matched the town.

Genjiro hummed to himself as he headed towards the destination of the docks to get this 'bad' quest out of the way. It wasn't really that bad it was just helping some kid win a contest by helping him cheat. Genjiro had no objections, sure he believed in hard work and wasn't a big fan of people who cut corners, but he was being paid and the old man needed money. Arriving at the docks after taking his time, with ten minutes until the competition Genjiro met up with young jacob. At first the boy was disappointed by Genjiro persuaded him not to look a gift horse in the mouth. After he did the boy had a new light and began to explain everything. ALl Genjiro had to do was sabotage the others by sinking boats, cutting lines or scaring the fish away. Easy enough.

Genjiro rented a boat and signed up for the competition, pretending to act like a senile old man. Once the competition began Genjiro began rowing out to join the others. He rowed a bit to hard and 'accidentally' crashed into another boat knocking it over. The old man made up an excuse acting senile and old and they didn't kick up a fuss. After that he made sure his line got tangled up with another's and expanded the tangling by grabbing three other lines. He would cast his line and 'accidentally' hook the shirt of another competitor dragging them into the waters depths. His boat would go off course constantly hitting other boats, all the while avoiding Jacobs. He did knock Jacob's boat once to keep up appearance. By the end thanks to the acts of the senile old man only one person had caught anything and that was jacob.

Waiting around, Genjiro met up with Jacob at the docks at an abandoned warehouse for his reward. Once he had his money the old man walked off after thanking his client. The old man stashed the cash in his left sleeve as he headed back home for this evening. He would kick back in his recliner and smoke his pipe tonight.

WC: 510
TWC: 1020


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