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Mermaid Picture [Quest: Seira]

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When Seira woke up, it was early in the morning still — she had slept through the night and although her sleep pattern was rather unusual, the vampire had somehow managed to fix it for now. She got out of bed and was, for once, not in a bad mood. The weather was decent and although autumn was approaching, there was no rain and it wasn’t really windy yet either. She didn’t plan on staying in Hargeon Town for much longer, but while she did there was certainly some more work for her to do. She planned on using the time she still had wisely to make up for all those weeks she had spent being leisurely in Magnolia Town. Seira had actually thought about purchasing a weapon before, but truth be told the woman wasn’t exactly an expert when it came to swords, axes, bows and such. She had shown interest in weapons before and while there were plenty of shops throughout Fiore that offered unique items, she still hadn’t found the right one for herself yet. Besides, they were often very expensive and if she were to spend money on them, she wanted it to be worth it. Michiko was now traveling with Seira as well and while the small creature didn’t require much attention or money, she still wanted her companion to live a good life, so she bought her all sorts of toys and fluffy cat beds to sleep in. Of course none of that was necessary, but Seira enjoyed taking care of her pet.

She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, where she would get ready for the day. Seira wasn’t really hungry and decided to stop by a bakery for a small snack anyways, so she would have some energy for potential jobs. Hargeon was, fortunately, rather simple when it came to earning money and most jobs were located around the docks and harbour area — this was a city by the sea after all. Seira was already familiar with many clients, and although not all of them did legal work, she didn’t care for as long as she earned proper money and didn’t get into trouble. The vampire walked along the beach and decided that she was going to head for the docks to look for work. Most of the people there had stuff to do for wanderers and mages and she usually found something to keep her busy for the day. When Seira walked closer to the docks, she noticed a young man with blue ish hair standing there, surrounded by a handful of people, desperately trying to explain something. He was yelling and his voice indicated frustration about something, and curious as she was, Seira stepped closer to hear what this was all about. “Mermaids, I’m telling you! I’ve seen them, they are here again, if you would just believe me and come with me I could actually show you!” Seira frowned, but as ridiculous as this seemed, she wasn’t going to judge him.


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All things taken into consideration, she was a vampire after all and if it wasn’t for that, she probably wouldn’t have believed him either. Vampires were absolutely ridiculous, yet they existed and this was a world of magic after all. Seira shrugged it off and stayed while the others left. “What makes you so sure you’ve seen them?” She would eventually ask him when they were alone and Jacob was quick to respond, “I was out fishing and noticed a tail that was different than a fish tail, it was all sparkly and pretty and the shape was off was well! It had to be a mermaid! I will take you with me! I will even pay you for it! I’m going to sail and you are going to take a picture, that way everyone will finally believe me.” He seemed erratic and although Seira wasn’t exactly sure how she was supposed to take a picture of a freaking mermaid, she accepted it the second he mentioned the money. Besides, going out for a boat ride was a nice change and if mermaids actually existed, that would turn out to be very interesting as well. They were heading for Jacob’s boat and together they were sailing out and onto the sea. Seira was a decent swimmer, but she was still a little suspicious of the ocean — there was something off about it and the fact that humans had never been able to explore all of it only added to her concern.

Seira had the camera in her hand and they were outside for nearly two hours. Jacob was moving the boat around, constantly looking for his precious mermaids but of course there were none to be found. He was almost acting a little obsessed at this point, but Seira remained calm and friendly. Even if they existed, it probably wouldn’t be easy to catch a glimpse of them anyways. “I have seen it right here, in this spot! I know that because this is where I am usually fishing,” he explained to Seira and the woman nodded. “I understand, but for all we know it might be gone already. There is no way for us to see something like that again, considering how rare it is. Taking a picture of an actual mermaid, if they really exist, seems to be impossible. I don’t think you should break your head over it and just live with the experience. You never know when you will see something like that again,” she said to the man and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She didn’t want to spend more time than necessary out here, so she tried to convince him to return soon. Jacob sighed and started sailing back to the harbor. “I suppose you are right about that, but I have to thank you for your time and effort anyways. If I ever see a mermaid again, I’ll make sure to tell you,” he said and once they arrived at the harbour, he handed Seira a bag of money for her efforts.


Mermaid Picture [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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