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Ex's Closet [Quest | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Ex's Closet [Quest | Genjiro] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:27 am

Genjiro Yamada
A circle made of smoke sailed through the air above the streets in Hargeon, with a dozen more folllowing behind. A thin stream of smoke was flying up into the air as an old ma in his early eighties walked through the hargeon streets while smoking on a long cigar. The cigar was imported from outside of Fiore from a foreign country with some funny name. Genjiro didn't particularly care, he only knew they made a strong cigar that releaved Genjiro of all his nightmares of the past. The old man smoked the cigar taking a long drag and blew out a larger puff of smoke. He used his right hand to smoke the cigar while using his left hand to hold his walking stick. One might ask exactly what the old man was doing, well it was very simple he was attempting to relax. He had nightmare's during the night of his past actions that truly horrified him. He could still hear the screams from the lives he took. The old man took a long drag of the cigar enjoying the burning tar taste as it washed away the horrifying memories.

Genjiro made his way to the center of town, perhap a quest would take his mind off things. "Even to this day I still can't shake the memories. Ma, Pa how ashamed of me you would be if you had known what I had done before you departed from this earth. I can't make up for what I did back then but I can live in this moment. However this world isn't just black and white. I will do what I must to survive and continue living. Why must life be so complicated. I miss the days of working the farm, but I've grown to old. I couldn't keep it alive and was forced to sell." Genjiro mulled over his thoughts as he took a puff of his cigar. He shook himself as his thoughts took a dark turn, coming a halt in front of the quest board. The board was split in two, one side had the good quests and the other half had the bad quests. Genjiro's gaze turn to the left, the bad quests as he spotted a quest that stood out.

Genjiro grabbed the quest and began to read over it. It was quite light compared to some of the tasks Genjiro had done. All he had to do was break into some guys ex girlfriends apartment and retrieve a box for him. The box was apparently yellow, the client would have gone himself but apparently there was a dog in the apartment. The quest labelled the dog as vicious. Genjiro stroked his long beard and began making his way towards the location of the apartment. On the way he began to think about what he would do. He would stub out the cigar and toss it in the bin as he visited a butchers shop on the way. Genjiro ordered a thick fresh steak and a line of pork sausages. After paying for them Genjiro continued on to his destination.

WC: 517

#2Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro, with his bag of meat, arrived at the ex's apartment, now he just needed away in. Luckily the code for the front door was included in the quest. Punching the code into the electronic lock, Genjiro heard it click and walked on in as if he belonged in the building, like he rented an apartment. The old man ignored the stairs and went straight for the lift pressing the button he waited for it to descend. The lift arrived with a ding and the doors opened, a young couple walked out who Genjiro greeted with a warm smile. Entering the lift, Genjiro pressed the button for the third floor. The old man rose to the floor arriving with another ding. Genjiro walked out and began looking for the ex girlfriends apartment, down the hall in room one hundred and two.

It didn;t take long for Genjiro to find the apartment which was all on its own around a corner so he wouldn't be seen breaking and entering. Fiddling with the lock Genjiro broke the door down and walked in shutting the door behind him. As he walked in a yapping was heard as a tiny furry little dog came running over, growling at the intruder. Genjiro eyed the so called vicious dog and had to refrain from laughing. The old man pulled out the meats he bought and tossed them to the dog. The dog jumped about and grabbed the steak first chewing on it completing ignoring the bearded man.

Genjiro headed into the bedroom and over to the closet. Opening the doors the old man searched around in the back for the so called yellow box. he shoved other boxes and even cloths aside before he finally found it. The box was medium in size and was yellow like the client said. Picking the box up Genjiro left leaving the dog to its new found. Genjiro shut the door quietly behind him and checked to make sure the coast was clear before departing using the lift again. The old man walked out the front door and made his way towards the meeting point. Genjiro was to meet up with the client Maxwell Buscon down by the docks where he was working. Making his way through town Genjiro stopped to say hello to everyone he met.

The walk was slow but eventually he arrived, meeting up with Maxwell as pier eight. Genjiro handed the box over where the client a brutish young man examined the contents to make sure it was the right box. Genjiro waited patiently and was soon rewarded with a small stack of jewels. Accepting the jewels Genjiro tucked them into his lift sleeve before removing a large cigar. He bit the end off and spat it into a nearby bin before placing the cigar between his lips. The old man clicked his right fingers creating a flame on his index finger and lit the cigar up. Genjiro took a long drag and walked off heading home to rest. It had been a long day and he was feeling tired.

WC: 515
TWC; 1032


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