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Test The Waters [Quest|Tsubaki]

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#1Tsubaki Blossom 

Test The Waters [Quest|Tsubaki] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:34 am

Tsubaki Blossom

"Just how confident are you?"

Tsubaki was helping a marine biologist today named Raina and she was supposed to help her test some water samples. She was basically doing the work that involved going to the water and gathering the samples. All she was told was that she needed help because her assistant had called a sick day and she needed someone to take his place. SO all she had to do was get some samples of water and put them in small tubes and bring that back, wasn't really that hard. The only thing that was going to take a bit was walking down to the water and then walking to the lab, which were a pretty good distance away. She had already been walking down to the place where she was supposed to be obtaining the test specimen, but she couldn't help but feel lonely. She needed friends, and so far she had talked to absolutely no one other than the people she has been doing quest for. All she wanted was a good friend who would always be with her, even through things like this, and they would always love her, no matter what she did or how she acted towards anyone. She just needed someone to hang out with, and soon because she felt like she was losing her mind with how many thoughts she had to keep concealed inside, unable to share her feeling with anyone. Then again, she didn't really like sharing her feelings, as she was a very concealed person and didn't like to say much about herself but she did need that one person who she could trust and love with all of her heart. Maybe that time would come soon but she couldn't really think too much about that, as she had a quest to do and she couldn't let anything stop her from doing so. She approached the water, pulled out the tubes, filled them, put the lids back on, and started walking to the lab.

On the way there she saw a group of girls that were laughing and eating together at a nearby cafe and she couldn't help but feel jealous. That's about all she wanted in life. All she wants is to have is someone to love and to hang out with and if she doesn't ever attempt to talk to anybody than she isn't going to get anywhere in life. She had to keep going and clear her mind, so to do so she just pulled out the one book that she brought and started reading as she walked, ignoring the rest of the world around her as she did so, but still while being aware of her surroundings.

She had arrived at the lab not too long after and Raina was already waiting outside for her. She led Tsubaki inside swiftly and silently, and they went straight to the testing area. She handed her the water samples and she helped her test the waters for salt concentration, pollution levels, and some other important things that she couldn't remember. All she remembered about them was that they weren't really too important to the study but she still needed them for some small factors in the equation that she was going to do with all of her gathered information. She ran a few different tests on the water samples, each taking about five minutes. So for one test it took about fifteen minutes due to the fact that she had brought three sample tubes and she had to test each one of them.

It was about another hour or two before all of the tests were finished, and it was assigned to Tsubaki that she had to do all of the math to decide the accurate conclusion for this experiment, but really, she had no idea what she was doing. She only sat there and stared at the clipboard for a long while before she had realized that all she needed to do was find the mean of all of the results for each test. So she added all of the numbers together to get her total number, then divided it by three. The results turned out pretty well, considering how dirty that place she got water from was. She was happy that her home wasn't all that dirty and that she could go home knowing that she had been some sort of assistance to Raina and her studies and that she could go home with some food in her stomach and a place to sleep, as just as she was about to leave Raina had stopped her to hand her the jewels owed for helping today. She thanked her for helping and they said their goodbyes, and Tsubaki walked home happily, proud of her hard work today. She knew there would be more that she would need help with later, and she figured that she was going to be the one that would be going back there, judging from the way she was acting her assistant takes more sick days than normal people take vacations. She had forgotten about most everything from earlier, and had absolutely nothing important that she needed to worry about on her mind at that time. All she wanted was to eat, get back to the hotel, and take a long nap and when she awoke, she would be ready for another day of adventure and wonder.

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