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Mermaid Picture [Quest|Tsubaki]

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#1Tsubaki Blossom 

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Tsubaki Blossom

"Just how confident are you?"

Hargoen, the small port town, ocean filled breeze carried the hair of Tsubaki, and her feet hopped along the cobblestone streets without a care. Today she felt as if she were walking on a cloud, and had no doubt whatsoever that today was going to be a good day. Today was going to be another day where she decided to help another person out with whatever kind of troubles they had. She had turned a corner and ended up at the docks, and seeing some kid trying to get people's attention and it seemed he was talking about him seeing a mermaid. Tsubaki was very intrigued with this topic, but as of others... not so much. She felt bad for the kid and he was saying he needed help. He wanted someone to go with him back in the area that he had spotted the peculiar creature and try to take a picture of it to prove he wasn't lying. She was surprised that people didn't want to help him, as the concept of being able to witness a creature of that sort would be a life changing experience, yet all the other humans that inhabited the town just walked right past him as if he were a dog begging for attention but didn't deserve it. She walked up to the small boy and they introduced each other while exchanging looks of wonder and excitement. He gave her an enchanted camera, but he didn't tell her what it was enchanted with. She was guessing that it didn't really matter and she stepped into the minuscule boat that this fragile little boy owned, already amazed by how a boat could hold itself and them up on top of the water. There was a gust of wind that flew by, and just as Tsubaki was about to sit down, it blew her hair, her skirt, and almost the rest of her as well. She was unbalanced, and almost fell off the boat and she would have plunged right into the deep, dark, cold waters of the ocean.
Luckily the boy was there to grab her hand right before she fell and pull her back up, otherwise her day would have been ruined by such a simple thing like ocean water.

They ventured out into the wide spread ocean and she watched closely, looking for the slightest bit of evidence for a mermaid, camera in hand. They eventually reached the place where this boy had first spotted the creature and he stopped the boat, and they leaned over the boat on either side and watched the water, waiting for something interesting to happen. They were actually really having fun, as while they were watching they would have a few short conversations about their past and what they found fun and things like that. Of course she didn't say much about her past, but the kid's past was pretty damn nice. SHe couldn't understand why he was being ignored b everyone by the things he says, at least ask before not being interested, because if you just walk past without even acknowledging that the person is even there, do you even have a heart? She felt empathy for the boy, as she had a similar thing happen to her but instead of a few years, it's been about one and a half decades. She could understand what this boy was going through, and even though she wanted to say something about it, she didn't because she didn't want to get too much into his personal life, as this was only a quest and she had only just met him so they couldn't really be friends or anything like that. And even if they knew each other for a while, technically they wouldn't really be able to be friends due to the fact that she was an adult and he was a kid so it would be a weird relationship to most people. She would just have to stick with acquaintance and leave it at that.

The two of them had sat out there for a few hours and had still seen nothing, and Tsubaki had nearly fallen asleep. She had to convince him to go back to the docks and give up, which she really didn't want to do because she wanted to help the boy but this just wasn't working. He really didn't want to go back but it had to be done, and eventually, he agreed and they started going back to the docks. She told him that she was sorry almost a thousand times before they got about halfway through the trip, about every twenty seconds at least. She put the camera down and hugged him, as she felt that's what was needed to ease his pain a bit, and she could feel his tense muscles collapse and he thanked her for everything that she had done for him today. Once she had let go, she looked into the water one last time, only to see a sparkling tail go back into the water. She rubbed her eyes for a second to make sure she didn't fall asleep on the boat but no, she was wide awake and seeing that was unreal. She wasn't going to tell the boy about it though, as she didn't have a chance to get a picture of it. They arrived at the dock and he handed her some jewels just as she got out, and she thanked him and they said their goodbyes. Today was an interesting day for Tsubaki and she would never forget it.

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