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Rum Diary[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari † 

Rum Diary[Fiora] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:50 am

Fiora Sylvari †
The docks. Fiora hated going there and seeing that damned creepy ass ocean. It was one of her biggest fears but she had a job to do for a client Reagan Hullston for who she worked with before as he was a man that supported dark guilds as he was a smuggler that smuggled illegal goods and also he would smuggle illegal weapons and also he would smuggle potions. This was a valuable resoursce to the guild so it was a good idea for her to do the mission and that way he could make him happy an dthey would be able to do business together and exchange the services for each other. It was a fall day in hargeon and it was very hot out but it also had a nice breeze which made it a good day to be out. Fiora would be in her normal black battle dress with her sword on her side and she also had her ranger helmet out becasue it would keep the sun out of her eyes and make it so she could hide her face a little as well. It also hid her ears so she wouldn't get any annoying questions about her heritage. There were a lot of workers at the dock that seemed more than usual so she wondered if there was a big shipment coming through as it usually was pretty calm this time of day. Her mission was to get some explosive rum but it was ileegal. The only thing that Reagan Hullston told her was that it was in a crate of bannans. The shipment seemed that it was a lot of food that was being moved as she saw crates that had bread, and also some crates that had cheese, and also some crates that had some good and health veggies. She waited looking like a normal citizen until she would look and she would see a crate being moved that had bananas overflowing from it so she would follow the man that was carrying it.

Fiora would trail the man and see that he would struggle to carry the giant ass crate by himself that was overflowing with the bananas. He would lay the crate off the side of the warehouse where it was supposed to go into and took a deep breath. He said he was going to take a break and that he would have to come back later becasue carrying that heavy ass crate took a lot of energy. Fiora saw that this was her chance so she would go to the crate and then she would bend over in a squat and then she woudl lift up the crate and then she would lift it up. It wasn't that heavy at all and she was a small elf girl. That guy must have been a total bitch that should have eaten the bananas to get some strong mucles. Anyways she would then take the crate and she would go to the meeting point where Reagan Hullston was waiting for her and then she would see he was disguised so hew ouldn't get caught. However he walready told her what he would be wearing so that was pretty cool. She would lay the crate down and he would then look down and then eh would open the crate and then he would move the bananas over and then ehw oudl see that the crate would be open and then would see that the explosive bottles were there and then he smiled and then he would be pleased at the reults. He would reach in his side coat pocket and then he would pull out a bag of jewels and then he would give it to the elf lass and then he would tell her about the job well done. Reagan Hullston also would mention that he had more jobs as he pretty much ran the town behind the scenes and would call on her again when he needed her. Reagan Hullston would then walk off with the crate and go back to his places to sort the rum while Fiora would finally be able to go back home after another mission done.


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