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Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:57 pm

Genjiro Yamada
The sound of wood tapping on cobblestone roads echoed over the seaside town of Hargeon, running down the deserted streets on what appeared to be a gloomy Friday evening. The sun was hidden by Grey clouds, but there was not a single sign of rain to fall. The air was thick and muggy with moisture as the thick smell of sea salt remained to fill ones senses. It was not pleasant but nor could it be described as unbearable, it was a simple change in atmosphere, that was harmless in nature. The sound continued through the lonely streets, the source was an old man whom appeared to be in his late eighties with a bald head not a sign of hair was present. His bald head showed off a long X shaped scar that moved down towards his eyes. His eyelashes were long coming down to his cheek bones and were white as chalk. A long white mustache added to the look, running down to his chest. Accompanying this was a long white beard that reached his waist, bound in purple ribbon to keep it neatly together. He was dressed in eastern clothing and walked with the aid of a walking stick that matched his height of six foot two.

The old man walked through the quiet streets at his own pace, the sound of his walking sticking taping away at the cobblestone streets accompanying him. His left hand held the walking stick, while his right stroked his long beard as if the old man was deep in thought. His eyes appeared closed, many would perhaps wondered how he saw with them closed. The old man suddenly came to a halt and his head lowered, soon after the soft sounds of snoring followed, he had fallen asleep in the middle of the streets while standing upright, using the walking stick for support.

#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:35 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
A bell ringing sound echoed through the streets of Hargeon as a man half naked and with a hakama around his legs. His tousled white hair was falling around his chest as it got super long in the time he spent out hunting. He just had sold his catch of the week. A couple of deers that were too much for the forest. They had been breeding a lot and lately the hunting animals were with a smaller population so they couldn’t keep them in check. That’s why Chelvaric had gone out to thin them out. Half of the catch he had smoked and cured the meat to stock for during the winter but the other half he had sold for a hefty amount of jewels. He was happy and he should treat himself with a nice meal in town he thought to himself.

“Let’s go Elisa”, he said to his pet Leafeon. They walked off over the coble road towards the center of town. The streets seemed to be calm and not a lot of sounds were going through the city here and there you could hear a cart run. He suddenly saw a rather old man standing still in the middle of the road and it looked like he was sleeping. Maybe he got lsot or needed help. Chelvaric came closer to him and gave him a slight pat on the shoulder. “Sorry mister are you okay?”, he would ask of the old man.

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#3Genjiro Yamada 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:44 am

Genjiro Yamada
The old man's snoring as grown louder as he stood in the middle of the streets. A small snot bubble had even formed out of his right nostril as he snored away blissfully unware to everything that was happening. If a less than savoury individual had approached the old man they probably could have robbed him and he would not even be the wiser, but luckily for Genjiro it seemed lady luck was shining on his side as this did not happen. As he was sleeping a young man accompanied by a preculiar creature approached and tapped him on the shoulder calling out to see if anything was wrong with the old man who possessed as amazingly long beard.

The snot bubbled popped and Genjiro stood upright his head lifting up and eye beginning to open, only by a fraction, revealing the dulled red light beneath those eyelids. His eyes were dulled from time and contained no youthful energy within them. The old man turned around to find out who had patted him on the shoulder. He leaned on his walking stick as his quarter opened eyes spotted the culprit, "Ah I apologise it seems I fell asleep in the middle of the road, hohohoho." said the old man ending with a soft hearty laughter. He raised his right hand and began stroking his astonishingly amazingly long beard. The beard reached his waist and even his moustache reached his chest. His eyesbrows were long to. He had not a shred of hair on his head showing off a large 'X' shaped scar.

The old man paused in his beard stroking as he seemed to be contemplating something, "Now what was I doing. I seem to have forgotten." The old man looked about, taking in the surroundings attempting to remember what he was up to by looking at where he was. He stopped his lamenting and turned back to the young man. "How rude of me. Rambling on without even introducing myself. Yamada, Genjiro. Genjiro being my first name." It was then he took notice of the preculiar set of ears atop the boy's head, making Genjiro's eyes widen as a twinkle of curoisty appeared, "Hoooo what's this, it seems this old dog still has much to learn."

#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:05 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric jumped back a little bit when the man suddenly turned around and peeked close to him. It seemed the old man had been in a lot of fights as he had a big Scar on his head. He should ask him about that he noted in his head. Elisa hid behind Chelvaric when the old man leaned more foreward. It also seemed he was quite confused as he was saying stuffs to himself before he turned his attention to Chelvaric to introduce himself. He wondered if old people always fell asleep in the middle of the street it seemed to be a dangerous habbit. The man’s name was Yamada Genjiro. That seemed to be a common fiore name. “Nice to meet you Genjiro. It seems a bit dangerous to fall asleep on the street. I am Chelvaric Walderkat by the way.”, Chelvaric would say why taking the old mans appearance in.

It seemed his eyes had lost any energy they once had and they were red on top of that. His hair was more grey than white so it was quite funny to see that next to his pure white hair. He wondered what the old man was even doing out here shouldn’t he be smoking a pipe in a rocking chair somewhere at his house. Then the man noticed his cat ears and seemed surprised by them. “Oh I am a Neko sir. Is this the first your time meeting one?”, he would ask him while his tail would swagger behind him.

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

#5Genjiro Yamada 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:16 am

Genjiro Yamada
The old man stroked his beard with his right hand, appearing like a sagely old man who was deep in thought as the man revealed his status as a neko. Genjiro had heard myths about Neko's during his time as a soldier then again as a mercenary, but this was the first time he had met one. The old man reached into his left sleeve and pulled out a pipe of all things and stuck it in his lips. With a click of his fingers a flame appeared on his right index finger and he lit the smoking pipe up taking a long drag as he mulled over his thoughts. He removed the pipe as he blew smoke upwards, as the boy showed off his tail.

"Fascinating. I heard legend's of Neko's in my youth and many other wondrous races. My Platoon and I had once attempted to track down a Neko when we heard there was one stalking the plains were we had camped, but we never managed to find him. But here before me I see one for the first time. Oh how glorious!" explained the old man as a spark appeared in this aging eyes. The old man was speaking with an excited tone as he eyed the boy with a curious gaze.

Genjiro gave a hearty laugh as smoked on this pipe, "While you didn't intend to, my boy you've made this old man's day!" exclaimed the old man as he continued laughing. He seemed really excited that he had finally met a Neko after all thes eyears.

#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:39 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the old man stroking his beard. It seemed the old man was actualy a pipe smoker as he took one out and lit a fire on his finger. Wich made Elisa cower backwards even more. He wasn’t super surprised that the man was a mage seeing the scar on his forehead earlier. He had done his time in fighting it seemed. But that was okay since one day Chelvaric would live to be like this old man. Well if he didn’t die before that time atleast. Oh it seemed the man had hunted for a wild neko once. “Yeah us neko’s can be hard to catch don’t worry about it.”, Chelvaric said to the man and then smiled listening to how he had made the old mans day.

I guess you have seen many fights and wars then. Would you care to share one of your stories with me.”, he asked of the man and then looked at him with a smile. He then pointed at Elisa and spoke again. “Oh yeah, this is Elisa my leafeon. Shes a bit afraid of fire so don’t mind her being scared of you. She’s really flammable you see being a plant and all.”, Chelvaric said to the man and croched down to pet the leafeon.

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

#7Genjiro Yamada 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:59 am

Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro allowed the pipe to hang on the right side of his lips as he smoked on it, while he stroked his long beard with his right hand. He kept his body upright with his walking sticking as he turned his focus on the plant like creature, the boys explanation certainly explained what the creature had been afraid of the fire. Being a fire mage, Genjiro himself wasn't fond of water users after all they were his natural enemy, so to speak. The old man mulled over the thought of recounting his adventures appearing deep in thought. He could share some of his stores, but as he reflected on his past he had flashbacks of past deeds he had done that still horrify him to this day. What was worse was the flashbacks of atrocities he had witnessed but never intervened on. The old man did not reflect this merely keeping a peaceful appearance thanks to the help of his pipe.

Genjiro turned his head to the right spotting a bench, "This old fool supposes he could regale you with a few tales." Said the old man as he smoked his pipe, blowing out a small cloud of smoke as he spoke. The long bearded man walked over to the bench and flopped down in it making a grunting sound. Genjiro rubbed his left shoulder and rolled his neck before leaning forward on his walking stick.

"The quest wouldion be to where to start. This old fool has many stories to tell of his life. When you reach my age, and I'm eighty-five, eighty-six this year, there is much you come to witness. But even so i still so much I continue to experience to this day." Genjiro stroked his beard trying to collect his thoughts. He was old and had an extensive wealth of memories, it wasn't surprising it took him a while to collect himself. "Perhaps where it all started would be the place to start. I suppose it started when I was but nineteen years old. I was born in a small farming community you see and one day from the city recruiters for the royal army came to visit. I was just a naive farm boy back then but the prospect of joining the army was new and exciting! I persuaded my parents day and night for a week before they allowed me to join. I scrounged up all my savings, my father had taught me the value of saving my money instead of spending it willy nilly." Began the old man as he shut his eyes in order to help recall his past.

"I conscripted myself into the army, three years of training with an added nine years active duty on top of it. As a farm boy I was excited by all I came across. I wasn't a genius by any rights but I knew the value of hard work. Living on a farm teaches you so. I worked hard pushed myself learning battle strategies even basic education that I had missed being from such a small community. In those three years there was blood, sweat and tears but also laughter and finding comradery. Every day I pushed myself to the limits, but I wasn't alone. I had my brothers of Barrack's 13. There was thirty eight of us and we pushed each other. We had the lowest test scores and were seen as a joke. But through determination and effort, bleeding everyday we rose to the top. We trained harder and longer than every other barracks. We studied by night only getting two maybe threes hours of sleeps. We almost broke our bodies doing so." He regaled the story even going into detail about every day. The climbing wall, the night raids, the day time runs, combat classes, everything. The way the old man spoke it would enable one to envision it in their own head to live the old man's life through their own. His voice was filled with raw emotion as he spoke about his time in the training camp with his fellow soldiers.

"The suffering we pushed each other through in order to rise above the rest, was worth it. Barracks thirteen graduated top of the class and were immediately assigned to battle. We became Platoon thirteen. However we weren't just simple soldiers to one another, we were a family, brothers. Every one of us had cried, bled, ate, slept and trained together twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for three years. Johnny, Marko, Flint, Hiro, Talic, Dominque, Marcus, He Dong, Houjin..." The old man gave a chuckle as he opened his eyes, you could see the nostalgia within them. He would spout the names of all thirty-seven of his comrades. Even after all these years their names had never left him. They were his brothers in battle.

#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:37 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric followed the man as he wanted to sit on a bench. It seemed he had many stories to tell and had a lot of live experience. Chelvaric sat down on the oaken green painted bench next to the old man and waited for him to start talking. While the man was talking he would take a cigarette out and would light it on with a lighter to smoke together with the old man. While he took a deep inhale and out haled the smoke the man started to talk about his days he had spent persuading his parents and how he had trained so hard. Chelvaric was quite impressed by the man’s stories and it made him think of his own harsh training he had received to become an exorcist. He was way younger than the old man but those days seemed to be an eternity ago. Chelvaric waited till the man had said all the names of his comrades.

Ah, I know that feeling. I trained day and night with my classmates to become an exorcist. We were just between ten and thirteen years old. I didn’t have to beg my parents though, I didn’t really have a say in it., the honor of the town was to give your child up for the exorcist school if you were selected. They were very proud when I was send off to it. Was also the last time I ever saw them after what happened I never could back after all”, Chelvaric said before he went into blank sad stare thinking back to the horrible things that happened that last summer camp.

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#9Genjiro Yamada 

Ramblings of an Old Man [Chelvaric] Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:50 pm

Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro took a drag of his pipe, getting it between his old, wrinkled and cracked lips while blowing out small rings of smoke. He parted his lips blowing out a ring of smoke before blowing out another cloud of smoke even larger than the last in the shape of another ring. The two rings of smoke floated up into the darkened sky vanishing from sight. The old fool had long since finished his story when the young neko seemed to recall something from his own past. The old man didn't stop him and simply allowed him to speak to get it off his chest of his own dark past.

The old man gave his beard a stroke as Chelvaric finished his little tale of how he had become an exorcist. An exorcist was a unique job in this world, but like everything other task in the world it was needed. "Though we do not like to admit it, or simply wish to forget it. What happened in the past helps to define us, it helps build us into the people we are today. Some would say to forget your past, I on the other hand say never forget. Use it to build your character, but never let it overcome you. I have seen far to many focused on the past and use it as an excuse to turn into something unsightly and evil." Said the old man as he puffed away on his pipe, eyes shut and leaning against his walking stick.

"But enough of that, what brings you to Hargeon my young friend?" asked the old man as he turned the conversation around.

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