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Checking up on things [Foot Travel to Hargeon]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Checking up on things [Foot Travel to Hargeon] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:21 am

Selena Maelstrom
After finding no real leads to the Tengu in Worth Woodsea, Selena was in a kind of slump. Hargeon had been just as quiet despite the threat of Blue Pegasus being destroyed. She had left the place as she had heard many rumors of totems granting wishes, but the latest one actually caught her attention as a Rune Knight. A mysterious being called a tengu was forcing unwilling civilians to attack each other, wanting to see blood flow. Selena tried finding some of these people however all had moved far away from the place, well those that survived the massive amount of blood loss however. What was worse Selena could not find the tengu at all. Weather the being knew to avoid her or weather it moved on it's own free Will, away from Selena she would never now as of now. Frustrated with the whole situation she decided to pack up her things and head back to Hargeon to see what the situation there was like. Selena was done with Worth Woodsea as it had been nothing but agony for the young knight. For starters there were only regular travelers there, no proper town so information gathering was a pain in the ass. Furthermore since there was no town to speak of there was no inn to sleep in. Selena was not a spoiled girl, she only asked for the essentials, but to her a comfortable bed under a well heated roof was a basic human need. Selena had always packed for the chance that she could not find any evidence anywhere. She had a rather puffy sleeping bag and a tent. The sent was incredibly small and made of a stretchy plastic material to keep out the rain. Although practical it was not very comfortable, only being made of the bare minimum. Her sleeping bag however was the opposite. It was packed with an assorted amount of feathers from different animals most prominent being duck. It was warm to sleep in and it even was thermal, reflecting her own heat back at her. But there was one flaw. For reasons relating to her past, Selena was cold blooded, in the literal sense. She gave off no heat and to touch her one would instantly feel the cold of her body run through their own. Because of this Selena became used to the constant warmth of indoor heating from radiators or electric fires. Thus the cold air along with the colder mist of the forest only made Selena feel colder despite being tightly wrapped inside something which could bake any other person. Selena was glad to leave the place now. As she walked she wondered how her cousin fared in Hargeon. They had not agreed to meet up however it was weird, she had not tried to make any contact what so ever. Selena wondered if she ran into trouble at all, but quickly dismissed the theory. Selena knew first hand just how strong her cousin was an knew she could. Despite trying to rekindle their relationship as cousins, Selena just was not feeling very close to her cousin. It felt more like an obligation more than love to worry about her. Without her memories of how they properly reunited and their memories as children, Selena just couldn't feel as she used to. The Slime soul within her knew all too well however. The Slime was nearly more in tune with Selena's past self than her own self which was very odd. The Slime had gotten control over Selena's memories and all the while was seeping into her subconscious, to try and influence her personality. It had worked surprisingly well. Without Selena's old memories the mage was slowly turning into the Slime, figuratively. As she walked to Hargeon Selena had no clue of what was going on there or what was about to take place. With a quickened walk Selena moved along the dirt path, wondering what would have changed in Hargeon and if she would meet anyone else there that she didn't remember.

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Checking up on things [Foot Travel to Hargeon] BLlZQ5m

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