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Testing the water (Quest|Solo|Liam)

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#1Liam Kawitika 

Testing the water (Quest|Solo|Liam) Empty Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:02 pm

Liam Kawitika
The flame magic user walked along along the streets of hargeon,where many of the residencies were.Today he was going to be doing another job,which had to do with checking how polluted Hargeon's water was.This was very important to a town like Hargeon,especially if it's a port town.So many,ships and boats would be coming to the town.He had high hopes that the town's water was clean,because if it wasn't then there's the chance that they've been using dirty water their whole entire lives.Which includes himself Liam.He needed to go to a laboratory of some sorts,so they could check it out with a special machine.But he did have to take some samples of the water,which would probably take awhile knowing that he'd have to go to different area to see how dirty the water is in different areas.So he walked by the docks first,to grab some of the water there,that was probably going to be the most dirty out of all of the other area's bodies of water.He then went to walk to the beach,it could probably be much dirtier there,since people do urinate in the water at times,but it does wash away into the ocean,so who knows.

He could feel the soft summer breeze as he walked towards the beach,today wasn't a very hot day,but it wasn't a cold day either,a perfect day to go out to swim.It was just a very warm day.He started to run to the beach,since walking would take forever,especially since he had to walk to the laboratory as well,which would take quite awhile,if he wanted to reach the other side of the town.He reached the sandy area,and he walked up to the water.He started to dig in his pocket looking for the container he had to use in order to collect water samples.But none of the containers were there? It was supposed to be a small glass vial,just big enough to put a table spoon of water into it,without it overflowing.Maybe he had dropped or forgot it at his apartment,which would end up making him have to walk back all the way there again and then walk back over to the beach as well.That would waste alot of time,but then again he had the whole day to finish all this,so he could take all day if he wanted to,he didn't want anyone to wait though so he ran back to his house

He sighed as he saw the big red sun start to set.But watching the sun set did end up making him think about the sun and what other purposes it holds.Like what else was there to it,it's a giant orange yellow ball of solar energy,and it's way too hot to put into words.It would probably feel like you're in hell,or at least that's what Liam thought.He was lost in his thoughts,what else was there to do for him after he finished off doing his job,or what would happen in his future.Though he really shouldn't be worrying about all this stuff now,since that'll be way later,and nothing to worry about yet.

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Testing the water (Quest|Solo|Liam) QEdBjlh

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#2Liam Kawitika 

Testing the water (Quest|Solo|Liam) Empty Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:13 am

Liam Kawitika
After half an hour he finally had reached home.Which is a relief for him,since he didn't want the job client to get mad at him or anything.Especially since his job was quite simple,all he needed to do was collect water from different area of the town,but he forgot the simplest thing,getting more glass vials,the only glass vial he had brought was one.And that vial was filled with the dock waters.He unlocked his door and quickly grabbed at least 5 tiny glass vials before locking his door and running away back to the beach again.Which was going to take another half and hour."Today is probably going to be the only time i'll be this busy" He thought as he looked around the town.It was filled with many people,a place that many could live to enjoy.Who wouldn't enjoy living here,there's a nearby beach,and you have the Blue Pegasus guild to protect your town if you lived here.Liam was happy to be living in this happy beautiful town,hopefully it was a clean town as well.Eventually making it to the beach,he ran towards the water to grab a water sample quickly before the sun sets.Now he had to go around town and check out the other water sources,such as ponds,water connected to the docks and such.He went on a water haul and filled the rest of the four vials,now it was time to go to the laboratory finally.

He made his way across the town,to meet with the marine bioligist,also known as the Job client.Her name is Raina Burke,and she seems to be connected with many of the preservations with marine life in Hargeon and some other small towns.She wants to keep most of Hargeon as Non-Polluted as possible,especially since this is a port town,so having lots of pollution could lead to pollution of drinking water,bath water and just other waters in general.He was finally near to the marine Laboratory,it was grey and had some blue colors mixed with it."Alright this is the time to see whether or not the water is clean or polluted." He thought,he took in a deep breath and walked into the marine Laboratory.He was greeted by a blue haired lady,who had fallen down whenever he opened the door."Oh my goodness.... I didn't see you there... Welcome to my lab,As you can see it's quite smal.." She told Liam in a soft tone of voice as she pulled herself back up."Oh uhm... I'm sorry,but anyways,your lab isn't small at all,it's actually quite large,especially if it's just for you" He told her trying to make her forget about the fact that he made her fall down."Anyways i'm Liam,and I've gotten some water samples from various place around the town,including a pond,well,beach and dock" He said holding out the various vials filled with water.She looked at them carefully before taking them out of Liam's hands.She then proceeded to put the different samples into a machine that had multiple slots for vials.She then closed the machine and pressed on it quite hardly before the dirt and ickiness was removed from within all of the samples,and to no surprise there was a large amount of dirt,and some other weird substances.Some salt was there,and lots of dirt particles."Thank you so much for the help,now i can try to find a way to reduce the pollution now that i know how polluted this town's water is,it was nice to meet you Liam,i hope i'll see you soon again!" She said waving to him as he walked out of the laboratory with a small pouch filled with jewel."Finally i'm free..." He said giving a sigh of relief before returning to his residency.


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Testing the water (Quest|Solo|Liam) QEdBjlh

Credits to Eva For The Siggy ^^

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