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Night outing [Opening]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Night outing [Opening] Empty Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:06 am

Lee Nakamura
The light reflected off the water in the distance from the moonlight. Nothing seemed disturbed around him. He sat on the rooftopp leaning against a wall. He looked at the water. The ocean did not bother him from this distance. It was when he was actually near it. That freaked him out.The air was a bit cool with the hint of autumn coming around the corner. To him, the cold never bothered him since he was a fire mage and was always warm compared to his fiance, who was small and tiny to his size. His ghoul eye looked to be hypnotized by his train of thought. What had happened at the restaurant with the Nakamura's really set him off and in a strange way too. He was not angry nor too thrilled, but confused.

Nicolas Nakamura, the father of Hikaru, Gala and LeeAnn, hired him and Fay, his fiance, to find LeeAnn. He offered him a free place to stay in his mansion in Era and LeeAnn's house in Crocus. It was strange that he was so straight forward with stuff like that. That made him feel very uncomfortable. He felt he was invading the privacy and intruding on Mr. Nakamura, but if it lead him to finding his memory and LeeAnn. Why he was so persistant on finding this redhead, hell of he knew. The wind blew from the ocean and heading of the east. The neko was alone and wanting to be by himself after what had happened. His illness's mark had grown thanks to the stress.

His worries had increased with the amount of information he remembered. The only man he remembered from the morning he woke up was named Hikaru. He pulled out a picture of the Rune Knight and flipped over the photo.

On the back it said:

Remember this man! Important! Become the best!

He only sighed. "Become the best?In what sense? I guess climbing the ranks to the top. This is not...wait...is that my hand writing??
I dunno"
he whispered. He heard a light scuffling and made her tense. He looked back with his red and black left eye and his eyepatch. "Who's there" he scowled. Not wanting to be bothered.

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The night was as expected nice and calm with a nice calm breeze coming through, managing to slightly blow the long hair of Salem in the wind as he silently made his way down the streets of the town Hargeon. Salem having just found himself in this wonderful town not too long ago, and was looking to make the best of it as he took a slight stroll through the streets of the town. Feeling that now would probably be the best time for him to get a look at the town without having to deal with all the people crowding in the streets, as Salem was sure none the less that this beautiful town would be completely filled with people that could even possible match its beauty. Something that intrigued the mind as Salem, as he would love to place his eyes on a nice beautiful female figure having spent most of his time recently only seeing Olmec’s. Giant magical stone statutes, something that just did not intrigue Salem the same .

Still walking down the night streets, Salem would soon find himself close to the water, even though Hargeon was a port town, Salem didn’t feel like spending most of his town down by the water. But the young Rune Knight just could not find it in himself to not gaze at the beautiful water as the moon reflected on it, making it seem as though the moon was dancing on the water. A sight that was so beautiful, causing Salem to give a slight sound of excitement. Leading to a strange voice responding with who’s there, causing for Salem to slightly jump up in scare. But quickly remember who he was Salem quickly got ahold of himself and responded to the strange voice he heard coming from above him, figuring it was probably a man on the roof.

“Im sorry for the disturbance, but I am Salem Pendragon Apprentice Knight of the Magic Council Rune Knights”

#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
There was not true way to really have a peaceful to think si there? He did not think so. Or it was him just being pissy. The Neko looked down at the lower ranking Rune Knight introduce himself. The name as Salem. It reminded him of a city for some reason. The name of what a city would be named. Oh well. The neko leaped down and used his neko reflexes to land on his feet in front of the apprentice. He held a straight face and was curious kitty now with hearing about being a Rune Knight. Taking a good look at the man before him, he decided to be friendly. Giving a ccalming smile, he held out his hand to relieve the tension between him and Salem.

"Leon, Seated Knight, pleased to meet you Apprentice. Nice to see other fellow Rune Knights around" he said. In all honesty,
he did enjoy teh company of other. Except, when they disturb his train of thinking, but Salem did not do this on purpose. It was not worth getting upset about at all. The white hair neko would hold a firm grip for the hand shake while shaking Salem's hand. It was just a form of habit. He woud give a pleasing sense of welcome as well.

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The young Magic Council Rune Knight Salem was more than a little shocked that he had really managed to run into someone this nice night, this late at that. Especially considering the fact that he could not see who it was that he had stumbled across. Not knowing much about the town of Hargeon, Salem was more than sure this could be a possible mugging in attempt. As hiding up on top of a roof waiting for one to walk by was a great way to hide allowing for you to have the element of surprise something Salem hated. Surprises just not being his thing as he preferred to know what he was dealing with, and or up against. Hating the shocking tension that one felt as they waited to see what was next, Salem preferred to know as much as possible hence his decisions of being s Magical scholar.

The response to Salem would seem to come from a strange cat like male by the sound of the voice to Salem, one who looked a little older than him himself. Once proceeding to lead down from the roof that the man had stood upon before getting disrupted by Salem. The strange man would proceed to introduce himself as Leon a seated Knight of the Magic Council Rune Knights, placing him slightly above the magic scholar that was Salem in rank. The two would proceed to shake hands as the Neko like Knight seem to have a strong grip upon Salem’s hand.

“It would seem that my luck runs with the council once again, you being about the third Rune Knight I have met upon my journey, though I might add you Leon sir are the first seated Knight I have come across in my journey to become a seated knight”.

#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Leon had gave a smile seeing the amazement in the young boy's eyes meeting a higher ranked knight. He gave a small chuckle. This was a little amusing for the young neko. His tail wispped back nd forth as he listened to.him talk. This was his first time meeting a Seated Knight.
It was his dream to become one. He was almost there from what he could tell. Since he gave his rank as Apprentice knight. Salem was fairly close. "Oh really?
That's something new. Glad I could be a little special. Haha! That's a pretty good goal and you are almost there too. One more rank. I am almost lutieant
he replied.

Leon had a way with words and tried his best all the one to give a smile. He always wanted to stay positive and keep moving forward no matter what was ahead. It was never easy but It had to be done. On the outside he was a positive pers9n on the inside he was a wired mess. He started walking with Salem. His black and red eye looked down upon him with his unusual height. "What made you become a rune knight in then first place if I may ask" he asked.

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A big smile would seem to jump on the face of the Neko Knight that Salem had just managed to meet. Salem only assuming from the fact that the strange cat man took Salem’s statement as complement, one in which he probably should be proud of considering reaching seated Knight was no easy task in deed. The cat knight Leon would even proceed to inform Salem that he himself was close reaching the rank of lieutenant, another accomplishment that Salem knew was a task indeed. But knowing that could tell him a little about the man Leon in front of him, but also starting the young Magic Scholar that was Salem inner curiosity, making him start to want to know more and more and the strange man he had now found himself entered in conversation with.

Leon would proceed to take the first step into getting to know Salem, asking him one of the more questions among Rune Knights, and that being the reason that choose to become a Rune Knight, as not many choose to serve the council and do their bidding, many mages proffering the guilds. And though the answer was slightly more personal to Salem, he figured that he might as well tell a fellow Rune Knight. Especially if he wanted to get a truthful answer in return when he asked the question back.

“Well you see, both my parents were Rune Knights and died in the line of duty leaving me to my adoptive father Oda, who is also a Captain in the Rune Knights. That being the base reason, but I also dream of joining the Magic Council itself, and see the Rune Knights as a great way to help accomplish that. So now what be the reason you decided to become a Rune Knight ?”

#7Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Leon listened to his reason to join the Rune Knights. He loved hearing everyone else's story. They all have meaning and some sort of journey towards that. The past of others really helped put into perspective for the young knight to take a look at his own life. If he could remember, why he joined the Rune Knights. That would be the firest step into remembering who he was. Of course, that was probably a long road from now it felt like. Salem's was a interesting story. He came from a line of Rune Knights. Both of his parents died in the line of duty which made him a little sad for the guy. Though,
Salem seemed to talk positively as he went on further.

The good and relieving part about that was a good family took him in as one of their own. Leon felt on the edge of his seat listening intenitively much like a little kid. He had that childish side about him. Salem at least still had the Rune Knights to influence him to be here. Salem said he would want to get into the Magic Council and the Rune knights help influence that. "If you have a dream, live it. Dont let your dreams just be dreams" he said, with a smile. Salem then asked about him. The neko paused just staring at hi with a face as if he was thinking. He looked down at the ground. Why? Just why did he wake up withe a Rune Knight Tattoo on him. If he could answer the guy's uestion he could, but he could not. "I dont know. I never told anyone this but a few people. Personally, I dont like talking about myself, but for you I will. I honestly have no memory of my past. I just remember waking up and I had a Rune Knight tattoo. I remembered my rank, magic, and that is all. I did not remeber my name or anything but to become the best and a man named Hikaru. Right now, I am trying to recover my memory" he said.

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Speaking his story, Salem could easily see that the Seated Neko Knight Leon was very interested into what he was saying. Almost looking as though he was child listening to someone read them a great story out of a book. Slightly reminding Salem of his times at the Era orphanage in his younger days, a part of the story he felt to leave out not wanting to make his sad story any sadder than it already was. Salem wanting people to know him for his knowledge and strength of magic and not his sad childhood life story, and poor upbringing in his younger days. Speaking of his goals to reach the Magic Council threw the Rune Knights, Leon would even proceed to give Salem supportive advice about his dreams stating to not let them just be dreams. Meaning none the less that Salem needed to do everything in his power to reach the Magic Council as he so intended.

Upon Salem asking Leon of his past, he could instantly see that the Neko Knight was stuck for a second and seemed to be lost in thought for a quick second as he went completely silent from the moment be. Snapping back Leon would proceed to inform Salem of his memory probably, letting the young Magical Scholar know that the Neko only remembered a few things and those did not give him much help. Seeing the sadness in the eyes of the Neko from his loss of his memories, Salem could only wonder if he would help the Neko in regaining them thinking that it could possibly be magic related meaning great research and studying for the young Rune Knight.

“Hm well maybe have you tried returning to the Magic Council headquarters in Era, they should have a file of every Rune Knight on record, and it should have your picture since you can’t remember your name. Though I do ask, have you tried to look for this Hikaru person, if this be the only name you remember, I am more than sure it holds great importance to you.”

#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Salem gave him a light of hope that he could. It was hard on him. Leon felt almost ashamed he had a bad case of amnesia. He was not one to wear his problems on his sleeve. There was no need for the whole world to know about his issues. Society had enough to deal with such as the recent attack on the Blue Pegasus guild and death of their Guildmaster. It was shame he was not there soon enough to help. Though, thats how life works. At least, the guild members were staying positive about everything. Life was hard and it even harder to move forward. Leon heard his new comrade speak they keep every Rune Knight on record. Though, hte neko bit his lip. Hikaru was bound to be around somewhere.

"The thing is. They dont have me one file until I show up. The closest thing they could come up not even having me as signed up.
So I entered as a new member yet I already had a Rune Knight tattoo. Though, I stumbled upon someone who people say I look a lot alike at least with the unusal eye color. LeeAnn Nakamura,
Hikaru;s little sister. Their father recently hired me to look for his daughter. Hopefully I can get some answers, I am lucky Mr. Nakamura has deep ties within the Magic Council and Rune Knights"

he stated. His 'boss', Nicolas Nakamura, took an interest in him whenever his youngest son, Gala,
and him gotten into a fight. He was hired on the spot to find LeeAnn. It was too straight forward,
but he took the man's judgement for granted.

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Informing Leon of the Magic Council records, Salem figured that this would be at least of some help to the Neko Knight. Figuring that the magic council would be able to help the man in some shape of form, since Salem figured that every Rune Knight had a record or something of that sort. But it would come to seem as though Salem was completely wrong in this matter, as Leon instantly informed the young Apprentice Rune Knight of what he was told by the council, and how they could not help him. This saddening Salem slightly as he really hoped that he could help Leon in some way with his little probably, and it would seem that would not be the case today. With Salem’s idea being of no complete help and being a straight dead end.

Salem would be surprised when Leon would proceed to inform him that some of their fellow Rune Knights stated that he looked like another member of the Rune Knights that seemed to be missing and Leon had been tasked with finding by the family. This leading to Salem wondering where the two connected in some shape or form, but figuring it was not his place Salem let the idea go as he continued listening to Leon speak.

“We’ll have you had any leads or luck on discovering the location or at least what happen to Leeann. As maybe finding her could lead to some good things for you, I mean you never know.” Salem shrugged his shouders as he spoke to the Neko, figuring that it was better than nothing.

#11Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Leon supposed the Rune Knights would have something. Though, looking at another Knight's files without their consent. Probably, pulling a few strings if its for an investigation like for his case. Mr. Nakamura would be able to do that. Though, that would be his call since it was HIS daughter. The Neko Knight looked at his friend beside him. They seemed to be walking aimlessly. "Say lets get a bit to eat or something. Its on me" he smiled. He knew just the place too. They would lead to a small open bar and grill that was known for their seafood and great burgers. Personally, he could not eat seafood, but he could eat their burgers. They were good.

Salem gave him a little hope, but he only shrugged. The man gave a long sigh. You never knew who you might run into. A small laugh came from his lips. "So true. I might be able to find something in LeeAnn's file. That's if Mr. Nakamura will allow" he said. There was some hope that he could get by some information soon. There had to be someone that knew of her location. They reached to the restuarant. "I hope you like seafood and burgers. They have great food here" he said.

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#12Cecil Aijima 

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Cecil Aijima
Night outing [Opening] Cecil-Aijima-cecil-aijima-34607361-500-278

You know what was interesting? In a matter of minutes he was able to read these people. Leon, seated Knight. He hadn't heard much about him, but it was weird that he woke up and all of a sudden forgot who he was, yet the council hadn't had him on file despite already having a Rune Knight tattoo. The only thing that really mattered was that he remembered his magic. Apparently he needed to find a woman named LeeAnn Nakamura sister of the famous Hikaru. Interesting. Leon seemed to be a troubled fellow. Perhaps Cecil was the person he needed to help him. Cee gazed upon his eyes upon hearing him say that people found him similar to LeeAnn because of them. Interesting. He wondered what else him and LeeAnn may have had in common. Cee didn't quite understand why this man didn't just go to the headquarters to find a file on LeeAnn, but that wasn't any of his business...yet.

Salem on the other hand seemed to be a pretty normal kid, nothing too different about him. I mean unless he wasn't as young as he looked, that'd be interesting. Cecil read about people who didn't age or at least aged slower. Such a magical damn world they lived in. Salem seemed to be interested in Leon's problem. By simply sitting in the 20 foot tree only 15 feet away from where they were standing, he was able to hear their entire conversation without them spotting him. It was a good thing the leaves covered his top half. Besides, it was probably rare for anyone to be looking for a man in a tree considering there were trees all around of the same height.

Salem was an Knights Apprentice. Interesting... he thought. Now there was food being involved, that's what he liked to hear. Although he wasn't a fan of seafood he did enjoy eating. Alrighty then! Without speaking, Cecil ripped the large branch covered in leaves that helped him remain hidden. There he sat in the night as the breezes flushed the heat off of his skin, cooling him down. "Sorry to intervene, but Why don'tcha just go to headquarters and get the file on LeeAnn..She is a rune knight, correct?" With a warm smile he looked down at the two men.


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Salem was coming to like the presence of the man Leon, or the Neko Knight as he preferred to refer to him as. The two were seeming to get along rather well and having nice conversations about what drove them to be member of the Rune Knights, something Salem liked very much, even if Leon seemed not to be able to remember anything from his past sides his magic. Salem still found the Seated Knight quite an interesting person, especially considering the fact that he had lost all of his memories. Plus it was something about the cat ears and tails that Salem himself found amusing a little.

Upon the two Rune Knights walking, the Neko Knight Leo would proceed to suggest to Salem the idea of going to grab a bite of eat. Something that Salem was not against in any sort of way, having come to find himself growing rather hungry on this night as the two continued to walk. During the walk Leon would proceed to discuss about how he was not granted permission to assess the file of Leeann, before a strange boy would proceed to pop out from a branch of a tree, somewhat surprising the young rune Knight apprentice though not in a scared manner, but in the oh my it’s a guy in the trees looking at us. Upon the guy finishing speaking upon what Leon had been saying. Salem would instantly but in before giving Leon a chance to speak.

“Ease dropping is not something that should be done, especially of rune Knights. Now I demand you name yourself at once, and apologies for your actions.” Salem would proceed to say his words stern and with complete might letting every world be completely herd and understood, having become completely upset by the rudeness of this strange man. The statue of a magical scholar that was Salem would proceed to glare down at the individual with his naturally red eyes beaming as though the young Rune Knight was a demon of some sort.

#14Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Something had did not smell or seem right. He felt someone or something were watching them. Someone had swooped down interrupting their lovely conversation. It was rude for the kids part. Either he was a lower ranking Rune Knight or just a kid. His ears flattened out of irratation. Salem used his rank well in demanding the guy's name and apologies. Leon raised his hand and placed it on Salem's shoulders. He gave a serious look showing he was going to handle this. Slowly, he looked at Cecil. "Kid, this has nothing to concern you. Do not stick your nose where it does not belong. I do not have the authority to access those files. After all, this is confidential information. Come one Salem, lets get a move on" he said.

He paused letting the words ring inside his head with a heavy pain. The pain slowly turned into a small headache. He seethed in pain by gritting his teeth. "Something's not right,
he grunted. He looked back at Cecil. His ghoul-like eye stared at him with a sharp, penitrating look. "How long were you up there? Why do you even bother caring or are you just that bored" he hissed.

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#15Cecil Aijima 

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Cecil Aijima
Night outing [Opening] Cecil-Aijima-cecil-aijima-34607361-500-278

Oops. Apparently he was ease dropping? He chuckled lightly before watching the two for a moment. There was a short silence before he would respond, giving everyone a time to analyze each other while Cecil just...smiled. It may have been slightly creepy, but it was genuine. "Ease dropping? Apologies. Although I was here first, so you two just happened to be speaking to loudly. Nonetheless you are my superior, Salem-San." Cee bowed. "My name is Cecil Aijima, new Rune Knight recruit." He paused realizing he was going off tangent. He only apologized to ignore any possible friction between them all. After all, he was rather interested in what they were talking about. The neko man placed his hands on Salem's shoulder, speaking immediately as he did so. He didn't seem too interested in what Cee was talking about, he jumped to automatically telling him that their conversation was none of their business. Then proceeded to tell him that accessing those files were out of his restriction. This was true,
however if the mission was that important to him then he would do it anyway and not get caught...unless he was just that clumsy. Leon didn't even give the bronze rune time to respond.

Cecil remained with a smile, this one much more tolerable and lighter than his previous one. "Alrighty then.." was all he said as he began to wave, but it seemed that the weird Neko dude wasn't done. Quickly he turned to face Cecil once more,revealing a creepy eye that penetrated his soul...almost. However, he did not fret.
There was many things he did not fear and this man's eye was one of them. He knew there were weirder things in this world and if this guy was a real Knight then he wouldn't attempt to harm Cee anyway. Cecil would have to remain on this mans good side though, because he was a knight. He needed connections for future reference and even some for now. Cecil needed to access files as well since his plan involved discovering who murdered his family but he was not yet high ranked enough to even get close to those files.

The creepy eye did not phase the man. Instead he continued smiling and waited for Leon to finish speaking. "This tree? Oh, I've been here for quite some time, meditating." & by that he meant smoking a joint. "Well I care about everyone of course, it's why I joined the knights." He paused, the smile now withering into a serious facial expression.

"You said you lost your memory...
I may be able to help you recover it."


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Standing in front of the strange boy next to Leon, Salem tried his hardest to keep his calming. Still finding himself angry at the fact that the boy had been easy dropping to the whole conversation that he and Leon had been having. And on top of the whole ease dropping situation the boy found it in himself to make himself known to the two Rune Knights and proceed to jump in the conversation as though it was no problem, when in actuality it was a complete problem a very big one in the eyes of Salem, as he did not like others listening to his personal information something that he and both Leon had started to share with one another. As soon as Salem managed to finish speaking, Leon would proceed to place his hand on the shoulder of Salem. Leon proceeding to take his turn in letting the young boy who had been ease dropping have it.

Leon would wrap up his statement for a moment feeling that he had finished, though before Salem would have a chance to speak again, Leon would state something wasn’t right before speaking Salem’s name, this letting the young Rune Knight now that the Neko Knight really did not like something about the situation that was at hand, and either did Salem himself. Soon enough the strange boy who had been easy dropping would manage to introduce himself and apologies, though much to Salem’s surprise the boy would also come to be of the Magic Council Rune Knights just as he and Leon. Though the boy who introduced himself as Cecil would come to be of the lowest rank in the Rune Knights, that being the rank of Paige.

The young boy would even proceed to go and state his reason for responding to the situation and what was going on being the fact that he wanted to help others, a trait Salem found to be quite rare with most having their own reasons for joining the Rune Knights, and that hardly ever being to help and protect others. But the last thing to come out the mouth of Salem would completely stun the magical scholar, as the young Cecil stated that he could maybe help Leon in getting his memory back.

“And how do you think you can do that I might ask ?”

#17Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Everything about this whole situation itched the Seated Knight in every single way possible. He hated everything about it. The fur on his tail stood up as so did the hairs on the back of his neck. What was it with this guy? Salem felt the same way. Clearly, the two higher ranked knights had more experience than this new recruit. If there was anything Leon knew, was this could lead to another memory recovering. Usually in high stress situations would lead to him blacking out, which was the case most of the time. His seeped in pain coming from his head once again. Cecil was causing his stress to skyrocket rapidly. "I...think your help is not wanted here! I kindly, ask you to leave now" he said, panting a little from the pain. It was starting to spread..

A small grunt came from his as she leaned on a nearby light post to support. He was not in a good situation. His red and black eye stared back at Salem who asked how this guy could help. Or how he thought he could help. Leon sighed. "If you have some stupid plan, then I am not taking it. I am a rank higher than both of you. Trust me, its a bad idea to mess with the council like that. Besides why mess with the file when I got the best resource in teh whole. Her family. The best source of information in the world"
he said. Mr. Nakamura did have access to the files only by a certain long process. Though, they both did not have time for that.

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#18Cecil Aijima 

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Cecil Aijima
Night outing [Opening] Cecil-Aijima-cecil-aijima-34607361-500-278

Perhaps he spoke too soon.
Salem seemed to be the more sane one of the group, while the troubled neko man could have possibly just been some crazy man. Nekos were pretty weird people after all - not that that was a bad thing. The apprentice immediately asked him how he would be able to help Leon get his memory back. Before Cee could manage to get the words out of his mouth, Leon insisted that he didn't help them. He waned Cee to leave. Cecil smiled and raised an eyebrow. "Is this how higher ranked officers treat Paiges?"

Then something weird happened. From the tree he still remained sitting in, he could see the Knight lea up against a light pole with a grunt. Did he have a headache of some sorts? Whatever the pain was Cecil could have probably taken it with a simple glance. The cat man continued. Apparently he assumed that Cecil had some sort of plan... but what did he do for him to assume that? See...this how people die. Assumptions. Leon went on to say how higher ranked he was and blah blah blah but the gag was that he was no longer even that rank.
However he would let the crazy man talk only because he was so confident that he was still a Knight and someone that sure had to be telling the truth despite the fact that he wasn't in any rune knight files.

"You accuse me of having a plan? A plan for what? You're problem?" Keeping a warm and light smile on his face he chuckled. "If her family was the most valuable resource of them all then you'd already have her." Then there was a sigh. He crossed his legs, enjoying the support the tree was giving him. Now he looked forward, his tone growing cold and the smile dissipating. "The sad truth is that the Council probably has more information on LeeAnn than anyone else in Fiore...though you won't even get far with anything if you don't remember who you are first, it'll only make this process harder."


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Salem calmly waited to hear the response of the young Rune Knight paige that was Cecil. The young boy who had been ease dropping seemed to now think he had some great way to help leon in getting his memory back. Something that Salem truly wanted to hear since he felt that if the young boy did manage to speak something logical then why they shouldn’t try it if it could lead to Leon getting his memory back as well as finding the missing Rune Knight that was Leeann. Something that Salem was felt was an important situation due to the fact that Salem felt, all Rune Knights where family and should help take care of one another. Meaning that if one of them was missing then the council should do everything it takes to get them back. This being the case with Leeann and Leon currently since Leon had been tasked with her recovery.

Though it would seem Leon would have a complete different approach to the situation that was at hand. Instantly telling the young boy that his help was not wanted in a harsh manner then even sort of hurt Salem’s feelings, and he wasn’t even the one getting spoken to. Thought he young Magical Scholar that was Salem could easily tell that the Neko Knight Leon was starting to get worked up by the whole situation and especially with Cecil. The young Paige seeming to start to notice that the Seated Knight was not too happy with him the moment he dropped the rank bomb on both the lower Knights. Something that showed Salem Leon was well over heated. While Cecil seem to try and save himself with reasoning and logic towards Leon.

“That honestly might not even be the case, in regards to Leeann. As its honestly no telling where here file is. But you stated you could help him recover his memory, and have yet to hear you state how so.” Salem would seem to come off stern and slightly aggressive as he to was now starting to get worked up over the fact that the young boy Cecil was now beating around the bush as to helping Leon in recovering his memory.

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Lee Nakamura
Meanwhile, Abraxas was running with a file that Mr. Nakamura had given to her. She sent to give it to him. It held all the information of Lee's notes and Hans's research on finding her mother and on her illness. It held key information that cruel for him. She ran from rooftop to rooftop. Her leaps were quiet. A flash of black and glowing yellow were seen by the naked eye. She spotted Leon. The companion was smart enough to see he was under some stress if not a lot. She was trained to help him with his anxiety and PTSD. She was a service companion trained by the Rune Knights. Leaping from windowsill to windowsill, she landed in the middle of all of them. The action of just landing caught all of their attentions. Her eyes stared right at Leon. She walked up and handed him the file that was in her mouth. "Umbre" she barked.

Leon took it and looked at it then back at Abraxas. She waved her paw to open up the file. It seemed like Cecil was trying so hard to just get the file. Altrhough, he was really bothering him that it as the fact of looking at the file itself the council had. Abraxas sat there staring at him. Quickly, ehr eyes observed the two other unknown men. She stood in front of Leon facing both of them out of protection. He opend up the file. Papers of writing that looked just like his and notes of strange factors. Then a sticky not saying a small message:

I tried to contact the Concil with some old connections, but they seem to not have the file on them. Someone must of stolen it and I think I know who it was. Though, he disappeared as well. I found this one instead that seems to be Lee's work. This is the notes of her medical records and her fiance's research on the illness. I think this might help you a little bit. Thanks again.

~Mr. Nakamura

P.S That Umbreon of yours is extremely bright.

He read it at least twice and scimmed through the file quickly. He closed it and placed it into his backpack. "Seems like her father beat us to it anyways. Someone actually stolen her records and he knows who it might be. He found her old medical records from the past three years and research notes. Thank you Abraxas, at least I can count on you always" he smiled, petting his companion.

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Cecil Aijima
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As each second passed, Cecil continued to doubt that these people were the people he needed for the task he needed done. However his options were limited so he wasn't going to be picky. He could hardly afford to be picky (actually he could but he was in a bit of a rush). He made sure to make it clear that the Council would have valuable information just so they remembered the group they were dealing with. The faction which the three of them were apart of happened to be the superpower of Fiore, probably the entire earth. The sooner people realized that they were apart of something bigger than the law, the easier it would be for everyone to get what they wanted. The government had files dealing with everything and everyone, how could you not utilize that to it's max potential?

Cecil could help Leon, Leon could help Cecil and Salem could probably somehow help both of them. Though whether Cecil would be able to help Salem was a different story. A creature came from behind Leon almost immediately after both knights spoke. Salem was eager to hear how Cee could help while Leon would just rather have done it himself. Just from the moments spent sitting in that tree Cecil could tell that Leon hated to feel insignificant despite the fact that him and his little problems were only a speck of what the Council had to deal with. Obviously they didn't care as much as Leon did despite LeeAnn being one of Runes very own.

"With magic, of course!" Cecil's smile remained, never being faked because of course at this very moment he was happy. He was usually always happy. His answer was  pretty vague and it was pretty sarcastic but true nonetheless. Although he couldn't actually perform his magic correctly now, he was sure whenever he decided to start harnessing his skills he could heal the world...literally.

It wasn't the file he was trying to get... he could care less about LeeAnn, Leon, and Salem, so if that was what anyone was thinking they'd have another thing coming. Cecil had a goal and he would reach it. He was very happy with how little these people knew of him. The little creature approached Leon, giving him a file before opening it. Leon spoke after a breif silence breaking the news that LeeAnn's file was stolen. What a coincidence. It seemed that every time he was right in this world coincidences happened in other peoples favor. Great save Leon. It was weird how someone could easily steal the files Leon needed, but Leon wouldn't dare access them himself.

"Oh? It amazes me how easy the files were stolen! The council needs to do a better job with security..." He paused, now his lips removing the smile and getting more serious once again. "I study medicine and diseases I'm sure I can help, mind if I take a look?" There was no tricks. He didn't care about LeeAnn or her files, let alone where she was but he was just too nice not to help. If Leon denied then Cee would understand.


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Salem was starting to get a little aggravated with the whole situation that was at hand with him, his new met acquaintance and fellow Magic Council Rune Knight, The Neko Knight Leon, and the rather snobby Paige that was Cecil, the strange boy who was completely getting under Salem’s skin. The young boy seeming to beat around the bush of the whole point of the conversation since it seemed to start, or at least the most important part of it to Salem, Seeing as the two fellow Rune Knights Cecil, and Leon seem to be rather going back and forth more about the file of LeeAnn more then what probably mattered more than anything in this situation, and that being Leon’s Memory. As Salem honestly felt that Leon’s Memories would probably be more important then LeeAnn at this current time. The young Apprentice Rune Knight, knowing that LeeAnn was of the ranks just like himself and should be more then able to protect herself no matter the situation, or at least hang on to herself a while longer till Leon did manage to find her.

But Salem, was a firm believer that one could not find someone else if they could not find themselves, the every exact thing that seemed to be going on to the young Magical Scholar as he played over the situation of Leon and the missing Rune Knight LeeAnn. Still trying to place together all the information he had in his head in order to try and get at least a time span of something, like did Leon Lose his memories first or did LeeAnn disappear first , all things that needed to be figured out if Leon was ever going to want to get to the end of this case. A task that Salem knew everyone in the Rune Knights probably wanted completed. Upon the group standing around still in somewhat of a Mexican stand off, a medium size black creature with yellow rings over its body would seem to make its way to Leon giving him a note of some sort while he proceeded to pet the beast, or what Salem could assume was Leon’s companion.

And it would seem that the young Magical Scholar was right as he, proceeded to inform that two boys of the note he had just got informing him that the file that they had just been recently speaking of had disappeared. Or rather been stolen, though to some luck it would seem that it were some things the girl’s father had managed to get to possibly help the Seated Knight. Upon this Cecil would manage to throw his point of view in. Having stated that he could possibly fix Leon’s memory with magic . Something Salem felt was a lie none the less.

“If you can fix his memory with Magic, this is truly something I would like to see. Cause im sure if the Magic council themselves haven’t been able to bring his memory back to him, then what makes you think that you might ?”

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Lee Nakamura
His world was spinning in circles around him. By now, it was making laps around his mind. He was that lost. Quietly, he let him mind wander. Everything seemed to revolved around LeeAnn. That's all it really had been about. Fay was shut out. His duties as a Rune Knight. Now, denying who he really was. He just wanted to find LeeAnn somehow. Abraxas noticed her owner not on track with the conversation. As observant she was of his actions, she let this one slide. She did not need to mother him that much. The Neko only looked up at the sky hoping something would fall down or someone would call out to break his trance. He flipped through the notes that was written in scratchy hand writing. It looked exactly like Fay's. The way the 'S' looked like a backwards 'Z' and the way the 'J' was curved. He knew her handwriting ery well. He peered at it for a few moments until Cecil broke his trance.

He said that he could help him with recovering his memories or help in some case. His proof was that he studied medicine and diseases. Instantly, his heart raced faster at the mention of medicine or anything medicial was some strange unexplained trigger for his anxiety. The Phycologist said that he had a moderate case of PTSD and Anxiety. It was the reason why they gotten Abraxas. She calmly, she sat down and stared at her owner. She waited until he would notice her."I-I think its okay. I dont do well with anything medical" he said, calmly. The Umbreon stared at him still not moving a muscle.

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Apollo would seem lost as he traveled through the streets in search of his master Salem, having lost sight of him during their little walk through the streets on this night it would seem that the Flareon managed to get himself lost down the wrong street or something, and he was completely confused with what was going on having no idea as to why his master had decided to go out and walking about on this night, especially as it would seem to be a place that the Flareon Apollo and his master where both not use to. With this being the very first time that the two would both have ventured to the port town of Hargeon. Soon enough Apollo would come to spot his master Salem among a group of people, he would instantly make his approach to the side of his maser.

Standing still with the other Magic Council Rune Knights, Salem could see that this situation at this current moment was not going anywhere and he had other matters to attend to especially considering it was the middle of the night. Out the corner of his eye Salem would manage to come to see his companion Apollo making his way towards him, instantly petting the Flareon once it made its way to his side.

“Well Leon id love to help you but I need to depart for now, but if need be just contact me though the magic council and I his try to assist you whoever I can” Finishing his little statement to Leon, Salem would look at Cecil up and down before he proceeded to make his exit of the two gentleman.


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