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Revolutionary Change [Training|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Revolutionary Change [Training|Sage] Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:33 am

Sage †
Sage felt like he should practice his magic more, as he didnt use his magic that often. he could feel the need to release his magic to his fullest potential. Since he is now stuck in Orichidia, Sage would check the forest surrounding it as it made him feel calmer. But first he must get through the crowd of humans in the street of Orichidia. It was crowded, very crowded. Sage dislikes human. Like, really hate them, especially the noisy and rude ones, he feel like he cold kill people like that right on the spot. but he couldnt as he is in public. Sage would then gasped he would cover his mouth. He couldn't believe that he would think such sadistic thing to do. Sage was horrified, he dont know what to do. The day was cold, it was raining. Sage is in his room thinking about what he was just thinking about. He would cry sorrowfully, he dont know what he will do, what is going to happen to his life. he would then think about one thing. Him, his family, the people who cares about him, the people who he cares about. When Sage look back, he couldn't see anybody suitable for any of those roles except for his parents which isnt the same kind of thing to be honest. Sage was very decent, he turned his room's door knob and locked it. Feeling scared and insecure at first, Sage tried to leave the hotel without even being noticed.

Sage head towards the lobby, not walking, but more like sneaking, the rain has stopped, and it seems like nobody is in the hotel's lobby. Sage took this opportunity to leave as fast as he can. He dont know where to go first, but then he saw the forest, it felt calm, plus the air of the rain made Sage feel better about everything else in this whole wide world, he feel like he wanted to laugh, cry, scream, all in the same time. Sage ran towards the forest like he never ran before, only then he realised that he came out bare footed, but he dont care, he just wants to be free.

Sage then let his inner dryad out, his other form. His hair turned dark green, his veins turned into roots and part of his body became leaves and wood. Sage then could feel the power within him, he could feel, everything around him calling towards him, to release his magic, Sage concentrated, he concentrated on his dryad form, at one point, his eyes changed, still the same light green colour, but it got brighter, like a magic long ago not released, Sage then took a hold of himself, he focused his inner strength, his magic power, his aura could then be seen, light green, the colour of his eye and the forest, is the colour of his aura. Then his claws would suddenly grow, his nails are green and looked very solid like a tiger's, but way longer than a tiger's.

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Sage †
He could feel like he could pierce through just anything with his new grown claw, he saw a large rock near him, he spin his body and leaped towards the large rock and slash it with his new grown claw, and hit break instantly. Sage was shocked, he didnt want to be this weak, not even able to get a single scratch on the large rock, Sage will then place his hands forward and focused his magic energy on the surface of earth, a tree will then grow from the ground, this is pretty easy for Sage as it is a simple spell. Sage will then focus his magic energy on his nails. He crossed his nails, feeling a little high spirited, Sage crossed his arms and uncross it, light green aura can be seen around his body due to the concentration of his magic power. Then Sage's claws will turn into wood and grow into a large claw again, but this time, Sage felt like it is a little bit more stronger, he will then give a slash at the new grown tree and it pierced into the tree, the tree will then fall due to the unbalance, plus the tree is not that big. Sage felt himself worthy to try and make a scratch on the rock again, He gave a slash at the large rock again and now a mark can be seen, like a lion have scratched the rock, but it was actually he who did it.

Sage was proud of himself to enhance his magic an his body parts, he wondered what else a dryad could do, he then thought of fairies, that have butterfly wings and such, he then wondered, does dryads have wings? But secretly, he doubted it as a dryad is a spirit of the tree, and there is no way a tree spirit will have wings and fly around. Sage focused on his back and sent all of his magic powers to his back, hoping that he will grow wings and will fly soon. He tried and tried, until he was almost out of mana, he was breathing heavily after the trial to grow wings. Sage then took a seat on the ground and rested his head on a nearby tree which is pretty large, Sage felt calm under the tree, like it is protecting him or something. Then Sage will get thirsty, very thirsty, maybe because of the usage of too much magic.

Like knowing the entire forest, Sage head towards the river where he once solved a quest before, between a tainted spirit and a river spirit, when Sage arrived at that place, it all came back to him, how he feel good to defeat the tainted spirit and how he was depressed, to realise that no one in the entire world is his love, but then, he didnt cried, maybe because all of the crying he did before was too much, he just cant do it anymore. Sage's heart suddenly felt heavy, he felt like he wanted to burst into tears again, Sage then neared his mouth to the river, making a spoon shaped hand, Sage scoop the water from the river, and then he drank the water of the river. Out of nowhere, Sage felt a sudden gush running through his veins, or rather roots, maybe as a part of a tree spirit, water gave him a lot of advantages, he dont know why, but he felt like he shouldnt be sad, he should be happy, happy of himself, for reaching this state of magic, Sage's body are then covered with light green aura again, he then felt like he should try grow something on his back, maybe not wings, but something else, he then saw a spider spinning its web under the tree, the droplets of water attached to its web made it look more beautiful, Sage then had an idea, he focused his magic power on his back and crossed his arms again, just to support his magic power, and it worked, seven vines grew from his back, making him look like a spider a little bit. He will then take a look at his new grown vines, it looks pretty to him, he loved it, he then saw another large rock by the river, he will control his new grown vine and whipped the rock, which made a scratch on it, Sage was proud of himself, very proud. After a few while, he felt tired, he wants to return to his hotel, refreshed from what he did, Sage felt happy, then he realised, that it is not what he wanted that will make him happy, it is what he love that will make him happy.


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