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Intercept the Package [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Intercept the Package [Quest|Sage] Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:53 am

Sage †
Sage was walking through the market streets of orichidia, his violet red hair glints in the sun, and his light green eye charmed the atmosphere. Sage was just walking around to see the place one last time because he felt like he want to get on the train again and drop off where it stopped. It was busy, very busy, as it was afternoon at that time and most people are looking for food and daily things to buy. Sage didnt like the noise, it was piercing his ear, or rather, his soul. He cant stand noisy places at all, he could go berserk if that happens. Sage decided to go into a place where it is more quiet, or at least. While Sage is thinking about how people should shut up more and observe more, he could see a man, his hair messy and long, brown in color, He has a small group of beard hairs on his chin too, which made him look mature, but what he did set that back, he was speaking very aggressively with rude words at a merchant, he looks frustrated, very frustrated. Sage felt sorry for him, and not towards the merchant, as Sage thought that customer's should have better services. The man will then be very frustrated with the merchant that he shut his mouth and left with an angry mood. Then he saw Sage, his eyes met with his, Sage didnt know what to do, Sage was overwhelmed, he thought for awhile, 'will he scream and shout at me?'. But that is just his anxiety, the man will then gesture his head, and pointing his eyes at a corner down the road. Sage thought for awhile, 'maybe he wants me to meet him.' he said to himself. Now feeling a little secure, sage walked to the place where the man gestured his eye to. When both of them reach there, he asked Sage, "what is your name kid?" then Sage will reply, "my name is Sage, im a young mage.". The man will look a little happy to hear that, "Well then Sage, why dont you do something for me?". he proposed, Sage was curious, what he want to do with him? he want him to kill that merchant he was mad at? "tell me what it is first.", Sage said as a precaution so that he wont be involve with a big trouble. "I want you to take an item for me, it was the merchant's, he promised to sell it to me, but then he cancelled the deal, and my friend wants that item, can you do that?" he said to Sage, Sage didnt know if he would say yes or no, because if he says yes, he could be doing something wrong, if he says no, he will ruin this man's day and get him in trouble, plus he is innocent, the merchant promised him, so it isnt his fault if he want to steal the item for himself, the merchant broke his promise.

WC: 506/1000

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Sage †
Sage decided to help the mysterious man before him as he seem to be the victim in this case. "Yeah sure, Ill help you, but with a payment of course." Sage made a deal with him, exchanging his help with some money. "Yeah yeah, ill pay you, just get that item before it arrive to the merchant.", the man seemed to be very nervous, Sage smirked, he felt powerful, very powerful, like the live of this man lies in his hand. "Ill come back later to this place when i have the item, and make sure the money is ready.", Sage said, with a tone of full evilness, Sage liked what he is doing and what he is going to get, Sage does love money and power, he was feeling very enthusiast to start the mission. Sage head towards the gate of Orichidia, where the caravan that holds the item of the merchant will pass by. He waited and waited, the people around him didnt get a hint or a damn what he was doing there, waiting in front of the gate of Orichidia as he is just an adolescent. Then after a few while, Sage could hear something moving from the distant, he gazed towards the end of the road leading towards the gate of Orichidia, and there he could see a caravan, with a horse carrying the whole thing and a man with a big moustache guiding the horse and sitting in front of the caravan. Sage was waiting for this moment for so long, he felt nervous, what should he say? Then he had a brilliant idea. The caravan almost passed the gate, but Sage stopped it with a wave of his hand, "Excuse me sir, but I am here to collect an item for a merchant, it is said to be very valuable.", Sage said to the man with the big moustache. "Who are you kid? Ive never seen you, are you bailing me kid?", the man said to Sage, Sage was offended, very offended. "Sir! Im just doing my job, I was just hired from the merchant today, what do you expect?", Sage shout back at him, although it is just a lie, Sage acted pretty well. The man with the moustache fell for it and smirked, "Well then,". He then pullled his robe out and draw a box out of it, Sage was happy to receive the box, his mission is about to be completed with just a few seconds. The man handed the box to Sage, Sage hold the box tight in his hand and took it from the man. "Thank you sir,". Sage said, and left, he didnt rush tho, he walked to the direction where the right merchant's ship would be and acted like he is heading there, when the delivery man was gone, Sage quickly rushed towards the place where he met the guy before, "Here is your item.", he said, while showing him the box. The man with the messy brown hair would then quickly wanted to snatch the box out of Sage's hand. "Nuh-uh, money," Sage said while withdrewing back the box and handing out his other hand and gestured to the man to give him the money. The man then would give the money to Sage and Sage gave the box to the man, completing his mission.

WC: 1064/1000

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