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Basic Duties [Mission | Yasuki & Areissa]

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Wandering along the streets of Hargeon, Yasuki could see various pieces of art along signs, billboards, building walls, you name it. She wondered where this mysterious art came from but then in the distance she could see a police officer standing by one of the art pieces with what looked to be a pile of cans at his feet. 'I wonder what.... what he's doing over there by himself.' thought Yasuki quietly to herself. Yasuki could tell that the man looked puzzled, or maybe he looked troubled, whatever he looked like he needed some help of some kind. And that's what Yasuki was here in this town for, well besides to meet people, she was here to help and lend a friendly hand those those in need. But she wasn't going to approach him by herself, she wanted to wait for whoever was supposed to be accompanying her on this journey to come by and walk up to the police officer and see what he looked troubled about.

Yasuki would take a seat on a bench nearby and wait, still keeping her eye on the police officer to see if she could see anyone approach him that may look like to be someone interested in completing a job for the good of the town. After all, all Yasuki could do was wait and see maybe she could keep an eye out herself to see if she saw anyone walking around with cans and see if she could find the mysterious artists that are doing this to the town's property.



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Lights, sightings and actions, those are the perfect things to create the perfect theme of duty, Areissa would look up at the sky and wonder on who she was going to do this mission with. It's been awhile since she did anything with anyone that has to do with questing. Areissa wasn't really the super keen type to really help people out unless it had to do with an award. Thankfully that was just that as she was going to help someone with the end having to do with money - a reward. She would softly smile as her eyes of golden brown that were like eyes of a lioness glistened and shined by the sun that was just above her. Her purple-like hair with the tints of black would rest on her shoulders with her bangs tickling her forehead. Her skin was getting more purple/indigo upon each day. She was wearing black hiking boots, jean shorts with some strings going down to the end of her thighs as her shirt was a black loose T-shirt. Was she going to become a plum by the time she turns age? Was she going to be accepted by people around here? She already had trouble with some of the shops when she went as people just stared with judging eyes. Her heart was pounding slowly as she would think of such shallow things. 'They don't deserve your existence.' spoke the voice in her head. 'Truly enough they deserve nothing but the dirt off your shoes.' she spoke once more as her eyes cornered to look for the person she was to do this mission with like always.


Basic Duties [Mission | Yasuki & Areissa] Kuri

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Slowly Yasuki would look around and wait for the person she was supposed to be doing this job with. It wasn't easy to always wait for people, when she knew that not everyone was so excited to help others like she was. Maybe that's why Yasuki always arrived to places early. But none the less she knew what she had to do and she knew that she had to wait here for her partner before continuing on. Suddenly she could see a woman, though it wasn't just any woman, Yasuki has seen this woman before. 'Is that... Areissa? She followed me to Hargeon?' Yasuki would think to herself instead of answering out loud. She's never been followed before, in fact it was usually her doing the following. "Areissa, are you here for the job too?" Yasuki would call out to the woman who was approaching. "We should uhm.... Get started? Do you know what we have to do?" Yasuki would start asking Areissa what the two of them were there for.

'Maybe I should just calm down a smidge, I don't want her to be scared off and maybe she'll actually talk to me this time rather than stay silent for the duration of the job.' Yasuki would once again talk to herself inside of her mind, waiting for her partner to answer back. Yasuki would start to stand up and walk towards her partner, so they could get started sooner rather than later. "Nice to see you again eh, Areissa?" Yasuki would ask one last question before she would stay silent long enough for a response back.


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Sure enough, there was still no one. She wondered truly on where or what a certain someone was doing. She surely missed him between the warmth he shared and the kisses that never happened and in her imagination -- that happened within each meeting they had. She started to not really care for anyone else as her heart only warmed up to him. A part of her was slowly dying, but why? Areissa would feel the grass go against her neck, tickling as her bangs were against her own forehead. 'I miss him... Wonder what he's doing at this moment.' she thought as she was sure that he wasn't really thinking much of her, right? Maybe? Areissa didn't want to assume though as she would try to think both positive and negative at the same time. Soon enough she could hear some steps as she would grip on her cuffs of her shirt and pressed against the ground to get up. Her back arched up towards the sidewalk as she was laying by a tree which she was now having her back against it. Not so far away she would see The girl she once did missions with that had red eyes. Her eye brow arched as she was questioning her. It wasn't really much of judging her by book, but it was more of 'is she following me?' kind of thing. She would then tilt her head a little and then pushed herself up. Slowly would she get all the way up straight and then she would walk towards her. Her eyes of golden-red would stare at him in which she would then watch. ''Are you my partner for this quest? Oh and I guess we should start patrolling according to the client named Kenji?'' she guessed. '' It's also nice to see you.'' she spoke again, being a little slow as she should've said that first... She was curious, but she wasn't going to really ask many questions.


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It seemed as if Areissa was just as surprised to see Yasuki there as Yasuki was to see her. Yasuki would take a deep sigh and begin to walk beside Areissa as the two of them started patrolling the streets of Hargeon for the Kenji. Surely the two of them would know something isn't right when they happen across it. Maybe with walking together it would be easier for the two of them to spot the mysterious artists that are painting their pieces all across town and living piles of spray cans where they were. "Guess we should." Yasuki would reply as the two of them continued on.

As the two of them continued walking, Yasuki couldn't help but realize how distracted Areissa seemed to be. Though, Yasuki wasn't one to confront someone on their distractions as she always seems to get lost in her thoughts from time to time. So she would stay quiet and just continue on with the job. Sure enough in the distance Yasuki could see a few kids spraying their graffiti along a building wall. "Over there in the distance, do you see them too?" Yasuki would turn to look at Areissa and say quietly as to be sure the kids didn't hear them. "Are those kids the mysterious artists that Kenji mentioned about...?" Yasuki still said in a hush tone. She would begin to wonder how the two of them could sneak up on the kids spray painting their mark on the building and letting them know to cease their actions before they actually got any closer. 'Never done it before... But I could try to create a gust of wind to capture their attention.' she thought to herself as she waited for Areissa to answer.



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Her eyes looked at this girl (even though she knew her) and still wondered about her. It was more of because she looked like those characters in a scary movie. Soon enough she would hear him talk in a rather hefty type of tone. Areissa was really super use to people giving her fake names and it somewhat pissed her off. ''Alright, I guess we should get going and start. True. Let's go. '' Areissa spoke once more as she would go towards the streets of Hargeon to find some kid. She wondered how this guy 'played'. Was he rough, a killer or was he kind and gentle who depended on words? That was a good question since she might have to beat the living crap out of some kid to make him listen. She now wondered on rather or not she should just watch this guy do something, take care of it perhaps. Her eyes could see the shadows upon the dark alleys that had a lot of stories. Was Hargeon secretly like another Oak yet for the goodies? She always saw bad in everything, but sometimes it was the other way around when it came to her other part. Soon enough they would see the kiddies with their spray paint and Yasuki would report it, therefore Areissa would walk over there to look at the art. ''Hey there. Nice painting.'' she spoke softly as she would then look at all the art. ''Too bad you made art in the wrong area. You guy's should go do art on some board at home or something?'' she would start to talk.


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Yasuki would turn to look at Areissa, in a way to see what she was doing after finding the kids that were showing off their art on the town. 'Well so much for being quiet to confront them first...' she would say as she heard Areissa talk to the kids doing the paintings. "You kids are pretty talented... But that doesn't mean the whole city wants to see your art on their building, signs, billboards, etc." Yasuki would say as she followed up with what Areissa was saying to them. "You all can get in a load of trouble, if the police ever catch you with those spray cans. I'd leave them here if I were you." she followed up with afterwards.

After it seemed like the kids weren't paying much attention to the verbal warnings, she looked towards Areissa. "How are we going to stop them... I'm not much of one for uhm... Violence?" she asked Areissa in a quiet tone so the kids wouldn't hear. Yasuki would then take a step back and let Areissa handle the matter. After all, she did what she could do with the verbal warnings now it's kind of more or less out of her comfort zone.  

After seeing Areissa take care of the troubled kids, Yasuki would walk up to where the kids were and gather up the spray paint cans. "Kenji wants these for us to collect our reward right?" she questioned as she started to pick up the cans of paint. Then she headed back in the direction the two of them came to hand over the cans and collect their rewards. "Situation is taken care of." Yasuki would say to Officer Kenji as the two approached him and she handed him the cans of paint. Kenji then handed the two their hard earned rewards and just before turning away she turned to Areissa and said "Good work out there, I'm glad you were there to offer help. I'd probably still be there if if weren't for you. Hopefully see you soon on the next job."




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Areissa would wait to see what Yasuki would do. After she did whatever she did and if it wasn't working with the kids, Areissa would get irritated and grabbed the leader kid by the collar of his polo shirt. Her galaxy eyes glared into the kid's eyes. ''You listen here. Your whoever is taking care of you is working hard to support your in-behave ass. I will punish you if you don't get your act together.'' she started to say. The kids around her were rather scared and Areissa didn't care. The kid she had in her hands was crying, but once again, she didn't care either way. She remembered when she was a kid and she would watch her cousin, Alisa train and she couldn't do anything. She'd watch Alisa cry as a kid if she messed up or wasn't perfect, but when Alisa got older -- so did her act. Her cousin didn't whine or cry after all that training and Areissa would always hang out with her. She wondered how she was doing, but furthermore she wondered how her father was doing... He was still alive, ya? Slowly she would put the kid down and glared at him and his buddies. ''Go scram.'' she spoke and then watched them leave. The paintcans were left behind and so Areissa walked to the paint cans and grabbed them. ''I guess we're done here.... '' she whispered and sighed, turning to Yasuki. ''Let's go then.'' she told Yasuki as they would talk, hand them in and get rewarded.



Basic Duties [Mission | Yasuki & Areissa] Kuri

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