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Revival [Bianca]

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The burning was unreal like anything you could believe as the mind was ripped clean of the soul. Erebus stood, seizing as the hulking sword dropped at his side, he too began to fall, as the frying magic set inside him, a hellish blaze. Alone there by the wooden fence he lost consciousness. The last thing he remembered was that he was Erebus Cassiel. Then-- as his eyes shut. He forgot that too. No one really found Erebus for hours, the town wasn't so busy today and he was in a secluded area. So the night shown down after the math of the great mind wiping. However, eventually? The boy's eyes did roll over and he coughed as air re-inhabited his lungs. He sat up with a feeling of anesthetic. Beside him was the hulking sword. At his feet, sidewalk. The lycan blinked twice. Smells of varying different degrees attacked his nasals.

He began to attempt remembering anything. Literally anything, and all he knew was the basics. How to read, how to speak. Everything else, including the sword was... Well, for the most part, void of his memories.

"What the... What is this?" He spoke in to the darkness, the lamplight showing him a tiny piece of the ground before him. He had not a clue that he was in Hargeon. Nor, what his race was. All of his past worries were gone. Like the snap of a finger.

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Bianca Fleur †
Her feet had somehow taken her to a dimly lit section of a lonely sidewalk at the birth of the nightstalker’s prime time. A calm, cool evening and the perfect place to have a cigarette. Fishing out a pack that she had recently purchased, she tore off the plastic wrapping over it and brought out one of the cancer sticks to hold between her lips as she fumbled with her lighter. With a click, a tiny flame began to flicker in the cold night, passing on its life into the tip of the cigarette.

While taking a long drag, Bianca would neatly put her pack and lighter back into the pocket of her pants as she leaned against a wall, raising her head to create a line of smoke from her mouth tainted the atmosphere. She had a song stuck in her head for a while now, and she would hum the tune of it silently as she relaxed. This was a nice place to chill, she would remember that. Especially at this time as well. The street was mostly empty, save for a few bikers showing up once in a blue moon. Taking another drag, she pushed herself off the wall and starting walking along the sidewalk.

Being the soundless creature of night, Bianca was naturally creeping up on people and she couldn’t even feel bad about shocking some people when noticing her arrival because it happened almost every time. But at the moment, the vampyress was still humming a tune, so anyone who had her in their hearing range would definitely not miss her. Strolling casually while occasionally taking slow drags from her cigarette, she came to stumble upon a seemingly homeless person. Halting in her tracks, she stood towering over the male sitting on the sidewalk, who appeared to be pretty lost. After she took another puff, the male would probably have already noticed her and this was when she said, “Are you lost?” She looked down at the cigarette she held in in her left hand. “Would you like a cigarette?” she offered.


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Erebus sat on the ground breathing inward, he smelled the air. He was a blank canvas now, and this was the ultimate start to his real character, he then caught the scent of a female. A powerful female. She made her way down the sidewalk and her feet made no noise whatsoever. The perfect assassin you could say. His eyes stared first at her beautiful hips, then to her chest, and finally locked with her eyes when she stopped to stare down at where he was. She spoke first. He answered back.

"I am. I have no idea who I am or how I got here. Where is this?"

Erebus pushed two hands through his hair, ruffling his wool jacket. Then the girl offered him a cigarette after having looked at the one in her hand. Nicotine, for some reason, was something Erebus decided would be good for him. He needed to cut out some of the stress on his shoulders. At least for now considering his situation.

"That would actually be cool. Do you uh, know me by chance?"

Erebus indeed felt like this was a weird question. However, he hadn't a clue as to where he came from or even what he was. The smelling ability just seemed to come natural; as did his interest in females apparently. He reached out to accept the cigarette, keeping it within his lips for her to light. Assuming she'd bend over for him.

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Bianca Fleur †
Bianca brought out her pack since figured he might need a cig. “This is a sidewalk in Hargeon,” she said in response to his question, a look of amusement on her face. She kept her own cig between her lips while fishing out a new one for him. Since he wouldn’t stand up, Bianca shoved the pack back into her pocket and leaned in towards him to light it for him. He appeared pretty helpless. She would have assumed he was a homeless dude if he looked like it, but he didn’t. There were a million other reasons she could think of for why he was here, but she decided to ask him something, just to make sure.

“Were you maybe, uh, doing drugs?” she wanted to know. She was also afraid that he would get all cautious if he was doing drugs, so she added with a nervous laugh, “If you were and you remember where you got your stuff from, maybe you could share that information with me. I need to get my mind off of things as well.” Although that was probably a really risky thing to say to him if he wasn’t doing drugs, and because of the fact that he was a ‘complete stranger’ to her. What if he was one of the good guys? She wasn’t unprepared to deal with it either way. She always had her guard up.

“That would actually be cool. Do you uh, know me by chance?”

Raising a single brow and then letting out a puzzled laugh, Bianca stopped to think about it. This was getting a little bit crazy, if you asked her. What also could be crazy was this guy in front of her. Maybe he had an unsound mind. “No, I don’t know you. I’ve never met you and I have great memory so I wouldn’t forget a face like yours,” she said with a small smile. This was an improvement for Bianca. Before, she couldn’t say something like this without blushing afterwards. She finished her cigarette and tossed the butt towards the road. It was getting awkward standing there like that, so she decided to sit next to him on the sidewalk.

“My name is Bianca. What do I call you?”


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Erebus stared at her, he realized how pathetic he must have seemed down on the ground and-- almost resurrecting a bit of who he was, his face looked away a little angrily in recollection of it. She asked him for drugs. Which was actually kind of interesting, the lycan didn't know if drugs were his thing or not. He probably liked them. He couldn't recall, but he was smoking a cigarette. So who knows?

"If I did do drugs it would probably explain why I feel like someone hit me in the chest with a torpedo and left me on this sidewalk."

Erebus popped his neck as she got within close range of him to light the cancer stick. She was really hot, maybe alluring even. But he ignored such trivial things, he had more important things to figure out right now. Like where he was to go or who he was to see. Obviously the large sword beside him meant he was a warrior of some kind. His hand traveled to it's base, and he felt it pulling from his soul. He dragged it along the dirt as the girl sat and told him her name.

"Bianca? Hmm... I guess I would remember someone as cute as you. The name doesn't ring any bells. I can't even recall my own name though. I must have amnesia."

Erebus looked around the area again. He really did feel this was a weird situation. This girl came from practically no where. Maybe he was dreaming? Nah that's bogus. This was the real deal. He was a clean slate. It was obvious to him, he was intelligent to know the difference. OH well, Erebus was the stereotypical type to search his memories. He'd make new ones. Starting with meeting Bianca.

Erebus smiled.

"I don't have a name. Guess that means I'm free of one for now."

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Bianca Fleur †
The more she spoke with this person, the more she felt like she was going down the rabbit hole. “You don’t remember if you did drugs?” she asked with a raised eyebrow, turning so that she was looking at him, though from the side. “Sounds like it was the good stuff, but even then I think you’d at least remember receiving it.” Frowning, she reached into her pocket to have another cigarette but decided against it, so she brought her hands back to her lap. A short giggle escaped through her lips without permission from her brain when he called her cute, but thankfully she didn’t blush. Improvement.

“I don’t know if you’re trying to joke around with this whole ‘I don’t know who I am’ thing, but I’ll take you to my place. I figured you wouldn’t have a place to stay since you don’t even know where you are at the moment. Maybe a shower will bring your brain back,” she laughed. Another biker whizzed by, reminding her that she was in the real world. The whole conversation with the nameless guy was making her wonder if this was a dream. She pinched her thigh and it painfully came to her mind that this was real.

As the male revealed that he didn’t have a name - though Bianca imagined he probably just forgot it - she tilted her head in thought. “Well, let’s name you then! I’m feeling a little creative,” she said and got up to her feet quickly, patting away any debris that might be clinging to her butt, standing so that she was facing him, like when she first met him. “Hm, let’s see,” she muttered while studying his features with her hands were folded under her breasts as she bent down a little. He looked pretty helpless and she thought that was sort of cute. After thinking up and rejecting about twenty names in her head, she decided on a simple but unique one. It suited him a lot, she thought.

“You look like a Vance,” she said with a crazy smile. “Yes, that’s what I’ll call you,” she chuckled and that was only when she noticed the large thing lying beside him. Naturally, Bianca was an expert of observation, but she somehow missed something this big. Maybe she was too focused on the male. After confirming with herself that it had to be a weapon of sorts, she asked, “What is that you have there?”


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Erebus shrugged off his mystery like it was nothing. His dark hair was pushed back to further translate his body language. “Yep.” The boy managed a laugh. Though he doubted that any drugs were in place or responsible. Although he sure felt like getting some now. After all, he wanted to enjoy life. Take the easy route out.

He wasn't taking his amnesia as you’d probably expect. In fact, he was pretty keen on reaping it's benefits. He had no paranoia now, no lost loved ones, nothing of the past. This was a chance handed to him on a silver platter. Of course Erebus would use it, he had too. It was the escape he needed. The way out that, even though he didn't remember, he'd always dreamed of. So fine, he had nothing to hold onto anyways.

He was his own person now... His own being. That was something to celebrate. When she told him he was going back to her place. That was enough to let his personality come out. “Oh shit, thanks Bianca. Do I get to stay in your bed too?” Erebus teased her with a laugh and a wink afterwards. He was a boy. She was gorgeous and cool as could be; the model female. He expected her to enjoy his casual flirting. I mean, girls like it when guys show confidence right? After all, he'd probably not stop there. Slapped or not; she would have to get use to him telling her all sorts of things. This new Erebus? He wasn't quiet. He was a talker. She was a solid ten out of ten too. Might as well let her know it. Just... Not too much. Not yet. Things had to short and sweet.

“Yeah, maybe a shower would help, it'd be my pleasure.”

With every exchange made between the two. He enjoyed the conversation even more, it was fun. She was rad. It was just that simple really. He allowed her to speak up again before officially standing up.

“I wish I was joking though, but I really don't know who I am. No hoax involved.”

Erebus listened to her some more. She decided to take the liberty to name him. WWell that would certainly save him some time. It also kind of sealed the bond that he was going to be in her company a lot for the time being. Which he really liked. The name she chose? He liked that too.


It sunk through his brain like rocks would through the water. There was no hinder to his understanding of it. He was now a different being. He was Vance… No surname of course, but that wasn't important yet.

Vance blinked twice, and smirked at the vampryss. He felt like a very relaxed person. He was void of the sadness Erebus felt. Vance would be a whole new outlook on life. Erebus, was a lost name at this point. It disappeared forever.

Her attention seemed drawn to the sword, which Vance now clutched within his grasp. He felt the mana rolling off it, until his hand removed itself. Then his upper pressed upon the bottom for a brief moment. “It’s my sword.” He finally admitted. “I need to find a blacksmith. I don’t remember it's name.”

The lycan looked back over to her. “Why? You like it?" He stood from his spot, heaving the blade over his back, apparently a sheath was there. Allowing him to put it away.

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Bianca Fleur †
A sly smirk crept onto Bianca’s lips as the male asked if he could sleep on her bed, too. She especially liked it when men showed some kind of confidence. Not too much, but just enough to make her feel like they were worth something. She hated it when men were shy, because she wasn’t shy. She used to be, but not anymore. “I have two beds, and one is an extra bed for the guys who can’t leave after I’m done with them, for valid reasons. In most cases, it’s because they’re too weak to move,” she told him. She didn’t mention which bed he was supposed to sleep in. This information could either scare him or confuse him, but she figured either way he would be able to handle it. She didn’t intend to make him feel any way different about her. She was merely letting him know what he was getting himself into, if he accepted. Who knows what might happen if he did? Bianca wasn’t a perfect being. She couldn’t always control her desires.

“Alright I believe you, don’t worry,” said Bianca in response to him admitting that he was telling the whole truth. She still did suspect that he might have been doing drugs, but that was beyond her concern at this point. If she did want to do drugs, she could easily find herself a source as well. She had only asked him for that information to let him know that she wasn’t going to rat him out to the police for doing illegal things.

It seemed to the bloodthirsty woman that the male accepted her name for him, based off his facial expressions. She gave him a smile as well, satisfied that he liked the first name she suggested out loud to him. It was worth brainstorming for a hot minute there. She unfolded her arms and laced her fingers behind her back, now interested in what he confirmed was his weapon. “Your weapon looks very unique. It looks nothing like a sword. In fact, it looks like a giant fluffy popsicle. I’m not very good with weapons, so maybe you should teach me,” she said, now reaching for the ‘sword’ that she never took her eyes off of while she was speaking. Holding it firmly from its hilt and making sure it wasn’t in range to hurt either of them, she flipped it in her hands. It was quite heavy. She then handed it back to him.

“I can help you find a blacksmith. Not here though, I don’t know even know if Hargeon has a fucking blacksmith,” she admitted. She only knew the basic places here, like most other towns except Oak. “Yeah I do like the look of it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’ll take a guess and say that it’s enchanted in some way,” she continued, looking up to his eyes for confirmation. From the way he effortlessly held it over his shoulder, she observed that he was pretty good at handling it. And he was strong. Even if he couldn’t have been stronger than her, he was still strong. That was just an overconfident thought about herself.

“Let’s walk, Vance. My inn isn’t too far from here and you can finish your cigarette on the way,” she told him and started to walk. She liked saying that name.


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“I have two beds, and one is an extra bed for the guys who can’t leave after I’m done with them, for valid reasons. In most cases, it’s because they’re too weak to move.”

The words echoed within the boy's head, contrary to feeling any sort of scare or curiosity. Instead his heart skipped a beat, and he actually tilted his head. Vance was a sucker for the scary alpha-female types. Especially ones that other men couldn't handle. 'Bad bitches' as they were called. It also registered in his head that she was... Experienced in whatever it was she had them in the sheets for. So 'boss bitch' also fit pretty nicely as well. Neat. It added a hot fire to his interests for Bianca.

"That's hot... Well, I'm glad you believe me then Bianca. I'd be in a pickle if you didn't. I'm grateful sleeping in whatever spot you give to me."

Vance had a peculiar grin on his lips, smug and almost asking for her to oblige him to crawl in with her. Though he left that bit off; he realized that her warning was something to be serious about. His head moved slowly, removing the cig from his lips he looked to the side to dab the ashes off the end and exhale a plume of smoke. During this time, she was checking out the sword before he was to put it away.

"No blacksmith? Damn. Well, I guess I have plenty of time to look, thanks for offering to help. Hopefully we stick around each for longer than a night. I think I'd have to slap myself if I didn't see you again."

Another flirt. Another shrug. Perhaps hitting on Bianca would be Vance's favorite pass time. It was time well spent in his opinion after all. She placed the sword back within his palms, and he put it on his back. Bianca began to walk first, Vance followed in afterwards and jogged a few paces til he was by her side. He bent his head forward and turned to face her as they continued their march.

"Nearby huh?" The lycan removed the nicotine-filled cigarette from his mouth. Blowing forth smoke over his shoulder away from Bianca. His eyes then concentrated back over to her lips and glanced up to her eyes again.

"I guess I owe you for this then? If that's the case, then there's no going back. Here out I pledge my life to help you find drugs.. Hah! What do ya say?" Another tease. A good way to break the ice. Vance hoped he was scoring points, it was all in good fun. Bianca sure did catch his eye though. It'd be a shame if she had a boyfriend or somebody ready to whoop his ass back at this Inn. Yikes.

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Bianca Fleur †
“I don’t know. I’m not from this town. I mean there might be one, but if I am to help you find one, it won’t be in this town,” said the sorceress, on the subject of blacksmiths. “So, it’s up to you.” She looked up at him. Vance was just a few inches taller than her, so if she wore heels, she would be as tall as him, she imagined. Bianca again searched her pockets for the pack and the lighter. It was one of those moments that would have been perfect if she had a cig, and she did, so it was perfect. The cold didn’t bother her, anyway. She would give him another cig if he wanted, if not she would put it away. You’d wonder how she had the kind of stamina she had now when she smoked like this. To answer that simply, she would have more if she didn’t.

Bianca walked facing the road. She knew the way back the inn from here. She was here in the first place because it was close and she felt like wandering a bit, and also making sure she didn’t get carried away. “Yes, it’s pretty close. You’ll see soon,” she spoke in between drags, traveling in strides as the inn came into sight. It was a nice little inn that not many people stayed it, probably because it was far from the town center, but it was good enough for Bianca. It was quiet all throughout the day and she enjoyed the tranquility. It also meant that no one would find her here.

“I guess I owe you for this then? If that's the case, then there's no going back. Here out I pledge my life to help you find drugs. What do ya say?”

This made the vampyress throw her head back and chuckle in amusement. There was really no need for anyone to help her find drugs. She had connections in most places, but it wasn’t as though she was a drug addict. She only did it when she felt like it and she wasn’t constantly feeling like it. “That’s uhh...I mean sure,” she laughed. “You will still owe me for looking for a blacksmith, how will you repay that?” Even though he hadn’t really accepted her offer to help him find a blacksmith, she just wanted to know what he would say.

As they arrived at the inn, she killed her cigarette at a pillar outside so that she could continue it later in her room, gave a smile and a nod at the innkeeper and headed up the stairs to her room on the third floor, looking back to make sure that Vance was right behind her. She unlocked the door with her key and switched on the lights, tossing her pack of cigs and lighter on a desk. “Please lock the door,” she told Vance as he would enter after her. “Also, you can use one set of the towels in the bathroom, they’re all new.” Once he started using the bathrooms, she would find something to do to pass time after changing into comfier clothes.


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Another cancer stick was offered his way, which he had to kindly deny. Too many was bad for the lungs, the tobacco had already served it's purpose. His nerves were no longer under stress.

Bianca made it aware to Vance that he'd see the Inn soon, and she was right. It wasn't too far away. "Oh okay, cool. It seemed Vance's joke had made the vampire laugh, for some reason, this brought him his own bound of chuckles too. He was only jesting, but surely there was truth to his claim. Just as there was to anything spoken or allowed to enter the air. She tested him once more, and of course. Like the boy he was, he would seize just opportunity to flatter her again. If flatter was the right word to be used if at all. "Well good question. If I had to repay you for helping me out, I suppose I would be in your debt. Anything you can name within my abilities, consider it done." So much for freedom. He had some things to do before that was possible.

They arrived not longer after he was done speaking. He followed her into the abode and locked the door as asked. Vance walked for the bathroom and began to undress.

"You know you could join me Bianca. Haha." He joked to her, something Erebus would not have done. Vance was different. He had more heart. He was calmer. Too bad no one would ever see them side by side...

He showered himself off...

About an hour later he stepped out of the bathroom, his sword was left by the door, along with his clothes which he had sat out so they would not get wet. The towel was wrapped around his waist. "Doesn't seem to be my lucky day, I'll have to re-use what I have.'' The lycan bent to grab his clothes, and would creep back to the bathroom to change. Answering her from behind the door until he was finished. If she felt reason to have words.

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Bianca Fleur †
“Hm.” A small smile appeared on her face upon hearing that Vance would repay her in any way that she desired, as long as it was within his capabilities. “Good enough,” she mumbled, walking over to the TV to turn it on. She decided to watch the news to see what was going on. She didn’t want to miss out on any big events, although she still hadn’t found out about the death of her guildmaster. That was big news. She would find out, however, sooner or later. As Vance subtly invited her to join him in the bathroom, she chuckled and said, “Maybe another time.” She sat at the edge of the double bed, folding her legs in so she sat like a guru, facing the TV. There seemed to be nothing on the news that caught her attention, even after Vance finished showering, so she switched to a channel that played some chill music.

Even though Vance was the only sober person she allowed into her room with a weapon, she felt strangely safe. She had watched him when he left the large ‘sword’ near the door, and didn’t feel insecure about it in the slightest. Bianca still hadn’t figured out who Vance really was, and she probably never will, which was good in a way. She caught a glimpse of his half-naked body, only wrapped in a towel from the mirror on the wall in front of the bathroom. Turning back to the TV quickly so that he didn’t notice that she saw him, Bianca took a deep breath. For a very bizarre reason, she didn’t want him to leave like the other men who kept her company during the night. She didn’t want to just spend a single night with him and never see him again.

Shaking off unnecessary thoughts, Bianca got up and walked towards the bathroom, leaning on the door while Vance would be changing. “I have some T-shirts if you want to change into new clothes.” She should have thought of that before he finished showering, but he could still change into them if he wanted right now, so she offered. She pushed herself off the door to find an oversized grey T-shirt from the closet. It wasn’t actually ‘oversized’. It was, in fact, a men’s T-shirt. Bianca bought them to wear sometimes when she was staying home because they felt comfier. She brought it back to the bathroom and waited for him to open the door while staring at the ceiling.


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Vance pushed his fingers through strands of onyx hair. His clothes were lain at the sink, he popped his neck to the right once. Taking in the much cooler temperature now that he’d stepped back into the bedroom momentarily earlier. The boy was a real charmer in appearance, with pretty substantial muscles and a lean figure. In fact, you could even say Vance had the peak human build, not too blown up, but enough outwardly muscle to pass for being in shape. He guessed as to before he lost his memories, he must have been an some kind of active exerciser. That would've been cool...

Sadly-- No matter how hard he tried. The amnesiac just couldn’t recall such things. Oh well... Bianca seemed to be offering him some spare clothes which he actually kinda enjoyed. She was a strong female role, easily. But her compassionate side showed through the cold veil. He was kinda falling for her, or at least, it seemed fated or something. However, he couldn’t let her know that. She’d call him a loser. Vance wanted to be cool. He’d make her like him the same way he was beginning to like her.

“That’d be awesome Bianca, just give me a moment. I’ll be out in just a second.”

Vance’s dark eyes stared into a fogged mirror as he grinned while leaning forward over the faucet to examine himself for the ‘first’ time in his new life, but it wouldn’t last long. His hand spun a circle over the steamed glass to reveal his face better. Then he muttered at his reflection ‘not bad’ he lipped, the same confident yet earnest gleam captivated his image. He felt a sting at his vision though! A hot sting, not like the chilliness on his body. The boy’s eyes began to glow yellow in a bright vibrant sequence of pulses. Which caused him to startle and slip on the water under his feet. A loud crash would be heard, as the door, flew open and Van hit the floor. Thankfully his towel hadn’t come undone.

But it was good that he did come out. He got a great look at Bianca’s backside while on the floor just as the burning started to dim away. She retrieved what looked like… A t-shirt! She did say she was giving him one, but Vance had found his mind wandered away after the distraction on his pupils. He smiled from the floor, and when she came back for the bathroom door, she’d likely find him at her feet. He quickly pulled up with his core and held the towel in one hand. He stepped extra close into her and clenched the shirt. Then, squinting his eyes, he created the image of a much stronger individual than he had. A glimpse at whom he was before his mind had been erased. He leaned close to her face while she stared at ceiling. If she allowed it, he’d make use of the fact he was taller than her. He planted a soft kiss on her cheek, then when he released slightly, he lowered to kiss her a second longer on the neck. Vance was a firm believer in making the first moves after all. He was a boy after all... When his lips parted from her pale skin, the lycan stepped backwards back into the bathroom. He still needed to dress of course.

“Thanks Bianca babe. Mucho appreciated. Haha.”

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Bianca Fleur †
Vance responded and it seemed he did want to change into new clothes. She wouldn’t want to change back into her old clothes after a shower, too. A loud bang echoed throughout the room, coming from the bathroom which startled the vampyress for a second. She quickly brought the T-shirt from her closet and came back to stand in front of the bathroom with the door ajar, and Vance sprawled out on the floor. This made her want to giggle out loud, but she didn’t want to seem rude and covered it with a polite cough. She didn’t say a thing because if Vance was the type to get embarrassed, she didn’t want to make it worse for him. But it seemed that wasn’t the case. He got up, still only wrapped in the towel, and maybe because of his momentum, got unnecessarily close to her. Bianca stared up into his face, as he was a few inches taller than her.

If she wasn’t imagining things, there was a golden glow in his eyes. The only reason she didn’t step back or look away was because of that. They seemed to have drawn all her attention to them, the pair of now amber optics belonging to this mysterious stranger. However, her attention was brought back to how closely he was standing to her when he took the shirt from her hands, then planting two kisses - one on her cheek and the other on her neck. Bianca’s lips parted as a barely audible gasp escaped them, but she didn’t say anything, and that was because she didn’t know what to say. If Vance was extra observant, he would notice that Bianca’s irises dilated slightly and her fangs had extended just a tiny bit.

Saying his thanks to her, Vance stepped back into the bathroom to put on the shirt. The tall sorceress applauded herself for not blushing or taking him right there and then. She was momentarily dazed, but she inhaled deeply and returned to the bed as Vance shut the door again to dress himself. Wondering if he was hungry, or if he needed to sleep straight away, she found herself walking back and forth in front of the TV. Why was she so concerned all of a sudden? Vance. At the moment he lowered to kiss her neck, all she could hear was his pulse ringing in her ears like drums. She sighed again and seated herself at the edge of the bed, her palms on her lap. They were sweating.


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Van’s lips slid off Bianca’s neck, the sensation of his mouth, plus her skin? Oh my-- wasn’t it just so intoxicating? Typical men wouldn’t have risked their bed for the night like that, should the worst case occur. Vance however? He liked to live dangerously. A risk here, could be worth the positives later. That belief is one the werewolf seemed keen on keeping intact. At least to the wolf himself, he definitely enjoyed being with a gorgeous girl alone naked. That was a win/win situation any which way you looked at it.

Vance was just like that He enjoyed playing these kind of flirty games with the prestigious vampryss of the night. The werewolf’s moves only heightened the drive for his and her to come together. She gasped, just catching his field of sound. ‘Mwah’...The pull away actually bothered him mid-occurrence... He liked being beside her. She was special. Vance closed the door, only to slip his boxer shorts on, and some loose fitted pants of course, belongings he had. The shirt fit nicely though, and it fell over his chest perfectly.

When Vance finally exited the bathroom, Bianca seemed troubled. His sword remained on the wall. He saw no reason to trust it right now, so what was the point? He could help her calm down with his voice. Surely, right? The lycan walked to her bed, and crawled onto it beside her. He nudged close to her and placed a hand over hers. She looked so cute right now, but… She did seem off. Maybe it was his actions? His eyes only read further into her, they didn’t pick up on any fangs though. He seemed content it was something else. Primarily making her feel happy, or bringing her out of her shock state.

“Are you okay? You didn’t like my kiss? Awe man...”

He smiled again. Tugging the lower corner of her shirt with the hand resting overtop her own. There was genuine care in his demeanor. She was his friend. Of course he wished to relieve her of any stress he might’ve induced.

“I mean, I hope that’s not the case. I liked it.”

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Bianca Fleur †
The click that sounded from the bathroom door unlocking woke her up from her little train of thoughts. She watched the male walk towards her, seating himself next to her on the bed. The shirt she gave him fitted him nicely and that put a small smile on her face. As he got closer to her, she could feel the warmth of his body whereas her own was absent. The touch of his hands caused alarm bells to go off in her head while she tried her best to maintain her cool. He was very bold, compared to the other men, and she liked that. He was different, and in a good way. She turned to face him, looking directly into his eyes with a very curious look, her lips parted from the fangs protruding. Then her gaze fell onto his moving lips, as he said that he liked the kiss. She could feel that his hands were tugging at her shirt, but she paid no attention to it, and instead leaned in for a gentle kiss on his lips. It was a quick one, and Bianca detached her lips from his after just a few seconds.


Her fangs had extended to their maximum length at this point, but before he could notice that, or her pupils dilating, she leaned in again for a deeper kiss, one that was more passionate than the last. She bit his lower lip with her pointed teeth and tasted his blood straight from it, allowing a satisfied noise to escape her lips. Bianca hoped she wasn’t scaring him, but he looked like he was ready for anything, any risk, as he had demonstrated with his actions earlier. Her instincts told her it wasn’t too soon, and there was no better time than now. She held a side of his face after the kiss, licking the blood on her teeth and moving lower towards his neck. She didn’t say anything - she didn’t feel the need to.

Sinking her teeth through the skin on his neck, Bianca held him firmly although he was strong enough to wiggle out of her grip if he wanted to. She wouldn’t wait for his permission to start taking his blood, however. It had already begun the moment she bit into his neck. This would cause Vance to be aroused, in turn, and she would take care of that afterwards. But first, she would satisfy her craving.


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Her eyes stared at his lips, when looking at her beside him, his previous lines slow to a paced whisper. Before Van even knew it, he too had leaned into the kiss. Just before Bianca advanced, Van caught her feelings with his words, and kissed her back. The kiss was simple, but complex in many ways. It was almost perfect in the back of his mind. There was no awkwardness to it, in fact. It invited deeper kisses afterwards. So when Bianca wished to pull back and escape. He caught her in another kiss, now leaning in on her side. A soft but eager, invitation that whatever she wanted from him was well within reach if she pursued it further. After all, with every second grown in between them, it only added flame to the embers. His warmth, his heat. It could meltdown her chilliness. Together they could be the ideal couple. Opposites attract do they not? They should-- in this case. If Bianca wanted him he had no quarrels, he definitely fought off the urge to undress her right now. But-- he decided that he wouldn’t go too far here tonight. They’d only met recently. He was having an identity crisis. She was a stranger. Sort of. Though he felt like he knew her, she definitely wasn't in his memories.

It was all very wrong… This could go very wrong.

But it was all too right.

If this held out much longer, the lycan boy would not be able to deny his feelings. He was already falling into her trap as is. She was silent like the arachnid, he her prey, nothing more than an insect when placed beside her in terms of ability and relevance. But the fact he was beside her-- alone. On the bed. In her bedroom. He loved it all too well. Vance smiled as a small laugh broke from between his lips to hers as they connected. His eyes were closed obviously. He had no idea her fangs had reached their ultimate size yet. However, he certainly could feel them the more passionate their exchanges became.

His hand had moved instinctively, now onto her thigh and it slowly crept upward. His hand came to her waistline then moved around her hip, to pull her body closer to his. Vance couldn’t help it, he was allured by her intimacy, even if it was a veil for ulterior motive or etc. He did not care. Such a thing was… So inviting to him. It felt so nice the way the two synced, their feelings. The equal amount of vigor; of not holding themselves away too much. Bold was the right word. It was the best way to explain in detail how Vance operated sure, but the definition somewhat defined Bianca as well in a sense. She hadn’t shyed away from his advances, whereas most girls probably would have. She even let him stay with her. All of this really painted a beautiful image for the boy. He wanted more.



Blood ran down his lips, and hers. It hadn’t hurt much. In fact, oddly enough. He found it kind of attractive to see her in a new light. She was exposed, and he liked it.

Her noise signaled it all right then and there. That she wanted him, that his taste pleased her on many risky wavelengths. Which brought out an equal amount of desire out of him, danger or not. He knew she wasn’t human now. But it only proved she was as special as he could only guess. His irises stared down at her, the two kept eye contact briefly. However, his eyes were on her teeth. And hers, on his neck. She came to his neck, he should have moved. Should have ran away, ran fast for the hills… But he didn’t.  

The teeth sunk into him, and felt like thickened needles in his neck. His blood ran down her chin and his body, bleeding into into the shirt’s collar. There would have been more, but she had a good grip. He could feel her tongue spinning circles on his skin. It was appalling. The pain was a mix of different things now, as pleasure entered his body. His drive was raising, and… His size was growing. Glowing eyes became a vibrant mix of orange and yellow again, except this time it was holding up. Scents rushed to his nose. Some of which that he hadn’t really thought about earlier. His mind began to process them, just as he was processing this situation.

You see.

Bianca gave off a special scent, he recalled it being like that earlier. However, he now felt it tenfold in this moment. It was of a forever story. Something that could not age nor wither. A flower etched so deep within this world that it would never fall apart. However… There was something ancient about this smell too. As if it was meant to have disappeared long before. Yet remained like a ghost to haunt these lands in time immemorial. A phantom of the world, metaphorically. But a vampire literally. Rare covens had been unearthed in the past centuries, but being in the same room with a vampire. That was an intense situation that Vance never expected when he woke up blank faced this morning. Crazy how the world works, isn’t it?  

She sucked his blood, and he felt her holding him still. The effect was sensual. He was taken somewhat by the shock factor, so little effort for escape was made. She fed his insatiable desires. He fed her carnal urges, her primal instincts. That was it, the boy could no longer it back. In between a rush of muttered lewd noises. Vance had reached his peak, his voice broke the silence only accompanied by the girl’s sucking.

“You're mine.”

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Bianca Fleur †
The lack of struggle surprised her, making her tighten her grip on the male as she fed on him. The more blood she took, the stronger she felt and in a matter of seconds her fingers had crept upwards from his neck to pull at his hair while a series of satisfied groans filled the room with the music from the TV that neither of them paid attention to. Their bodies were close enough for Bianca to feel warm - and protected, like she was safe in Vance’s arms, however silly that may sound. The taste of his blood invited more inappropriate thoughts to her mind, but she tried her best to control herself, for now. She wanted to make him hers, make him belong to her, although they had just met. Some things were meant to be, and her feelings told her that this was meant to be.

“You’re mine.”

Goosebumps broke out all over her pale skin as closed eyes peeled open in an instant, displaying the shock that she felt. How was this possible? He had stolen the words she had been waiting to say, not to him specifically, but to the perfect one. Though she was sure now. She knew whom she had been waiting to say them to. Detaching her teeth from Vance’s neck, she moved back a little so she could look at his face. She kneeled in front of him so that her face was above his, slender fingers trailing from where they were previously to the sides of his face, cupping it in her hands. His eyes glowed like brilliant golden stars she had never seen before. Hypnotizing. She lowered to plant a soft kiss on his forehead while she held him.

“And I’m taking you home with me,” she whispered. Vance would have no clue about this ‘home’ she was talking about, but he would find out if he trusted and followed her. Pushing him so that he fell back onto the bed, Bianca crawled over him to tear off his shirt and remove her own.


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“You're cute like this.”

Get use to the sound, to the rhythm of what we could be-- he muttered quietly as she fed on his neck. Her hands crawled up his torso, to his face, and then to pull his hair back. Lewd noises escaped her mouth, and he grunted under the heat they were creating within one another. Their bodies pressed tightly together with evident lustful intention. Bianca was perfect. She climbed her volutpous body atop his own, cradling herself over his lap to kiss his forehead. Which he found to be a very dominant trait in her. Something he liked a lot. Bianca seemed even as eager as he to weave themselves together this night, and knit the strings of love into each other. The boy smiled, the smeared blood on her lips gave the moment a sinful tone. She was a very scary creature. However, all he could focus on was how adorable she seemed. Vance didn’t care what her race meant to his own health; she was a drug to him now, and he needed to supplement his cabinet. He was hypnotized by her beauty, her personality. All of it. Intoxicating.

She produced something he wanted, or rather saw as something to cherish. He procured for her with what she needed, and what the boy could only hope she wanted more of. It seemed fate had brought them together here on purpose. Vance wondered if he’d ever met the woman before now. He couldn’t have forgotten a girl like her, could he? She was the epitome of attraction. Van hoped she wouldn’t be afraid of his commanding statement, his claim to her. Thankfully her next statement was enough to cause a slight reddened tint on his face. She answered with her own statement. A bold comment as well, that she was ‘taking him home’.

Vance, being a lycan, was being controlled by instinct so of course his perverse mind was restless now. He wondered what she meant, and could only assume she was claiming him as well. The dark-haired adventurer allowed her words to replay over and over in his head-- as if to relay the information. Then, Bianca acted on her own impulse while he was still looking into her deep eyes. She ripped the fabric of the shirt off his chest, displaying strength that dazzled. On his back now, as per her pushing, Vance pulled her into his lap to press her down on him. His hands moved on their own. One beneath her ribs on the girl’s right side. The other palmed her hip at the left. He rocked her back and forth. The grinding was enough for her to know that... What he was about to do, he was not afraid of. His smirk was devilish. The air was warm, and his manly gaze vacuumed in her body. Bianca was now his and his forever.

“I’m going to blow your mind, mmn.”

He slid both hands upwards and caressed her before acting to unclothe her, assuming she would rock on her own at this point. He kept up his sounds and confident grin. His aim was to lift the tank top she wore over her head, and to move his hands to face to her chest. The scene grew darker now, covering up the sights they’d create in the bed, subjected to sexual impulse. But it was obvious. They became one that night. Just as the sun had set, so too would the moon later into that morning. Vance wondered if…

This meant something deeper than just lustful motive. Was it too early to think such a thing? It felt like that bullshit he heard of in movies or in literature. Love at first sight. Damn. Erebus would never have thought like this. However… Vance wasn’t Erebus anymore. They were just two sides to the same coin. Bianca was the new half to the lycan's heart, she'd basically stolen it tonight anyways. He'd always ensure her safety first here out.

‘Fade to black’.

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Bianca Fleur †
It was a night full of thrills, a night like no other she had ever experienced before. Even after what they had done, Bianca still felt excited to be around Vance. She woke up before the lycan the next morning, in his arms. Slipping out of the sheets quietly so that she didn’t wake him up, Bianca freshened herself and put on a comfy oversized shirt, then started to make breakfast for Vance. She had her filling the night before that would last her for weeks, so she didn’t need to food for the time being. Instead, she just made a cup of coffee for herself. It was all still very strange to her. For starters, she had never cooked breakfast for anyone but herself. Making cookies for the guild was a different thing. She took a quick glance at the clock - it was five minutes to seven.

Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail so it couldn’t bother her. It would only take her a while to prepare a large breakfast for the lycan to replenish the energy that he lost. A faint blush rose to her cheeks at the thought, but she quickly cleaned up and brought her creation to a table. She came back to the bed as silently as she could, staring at Vance’s sleeping form for a while then reaching to trace the mark of Phantom Lord on his bare chest with her nails. This would probably wake him up and she hoped it did. She didn’t want his breakfast to get cold.

When he did awaken from his slumber, she would smile at him saying, “Good morning. I made breakfast for you.” Pulling him out of bed, the vampyress would lead him to the bathroom where she had folded his pants for him to put on and then leave him to do his morning rituals. She watched him while he was busy with a dreamy look, whispering under her breath, “Mine.”

- exit -


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Vance laid snug within the blankets, under sheets. He had fallin’ asleep early into the morning-- with Bianca snuggled into his arms. After the loss of consciousness came the feeling of her body slipping away into the morning to cook breakfast, he wasn’t aware of it though. He was deep within his comatose-like state. Vance slept like a baby. Van’s dreams were blank, and it was probably because his dream had come true the moments before he fell off into a sleep state. Bianca was really good at what they’d done. It proved she was well versed in all categories and Vance loved a woman who knew what she was doing. Especially when it came down to ‘sex’.

His eyes finally parted open to see Bianca’s fingertips tracing lines over his exposed chest. Van’s toned athletic abdomen was still covered partially by blankets. But his attention was on the shape of the the tracing. The way it looped and came back. He had already guessed she was following a pattern before she noticed him awake. The sound of a breakfast in bed was nice. He figured that he’d find out about the symbol she drew after breakfast. The lycan yawned, and pulled her hands up to his lips. He planted a morning kiss on them. Stretched and made his way with her to the bathroom in his under clothes. He turned back to her when he grabbed his jeans. Her eyeballing immediately had him stirred again. He knew they’d be sharing beds more often here out.

"Last night was great. Haha. Good morning, and thank you. I'm pretty hungry."

Whatever she wanted, he’d oblige. After all, she was his girl now... Even if it meant becoming a criminal; Vance would surely follow beside her.


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