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Hargeon to Sieghart Mountains [Erebus]

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Hargeon to Sieghart Mountains [Erebus] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:49 am


Learning how to wield weapons wasn't something Erebus figured would be so difficult, and yet Samehada obeyed not him-- but the juices he fed it. The boy would need to show that he was patient and resourceful. After all, he always looked so hungry for combat, and thirsty for blood. Eager to tear and rip at his steak, and choke down whatever was left to remain.

Maybe if Strategist played a wiser, calmer, game. His talents would rise dramatically, surely they would right? To imitate masters was not something Erebus planned to do. Everybody had a different take to swinging their chosen weaponry. Assassins would love nothing more to cut and behead before a battle was even realized. Swordsman of justice however, always valued things like honor over to quick and clean endings.

Erebus was a different kind of swordsman from both types. He was analytical, sure. However, his abilities to think on his feet had diminished over time, since becoming of lycan genetics, Erebus saw only two things. Winning and losing. With every dodge completed, that was a win. With every hit taken, a small loss. Too many small losses, and he would take a full failure. However, stacking up his small victories, he could know success in any battle. So he decided to look around town for a worthy combatant.

Erebus donned a brown leather strap holding a monster sized item on his back. It was wrapped in white bandages, and was hulking in size. His pants were darkly colored. He wore a coat which completed his own appearance. His hair was a dark brown, almost black and his eyes were a bloody red in the iris. They changed only to symbolize the change in form… From human to lycanthrope.

Leaves of the end of summer had not fallen yet so nothing but grass crunched under the wait if the warrior’s boot. Not until of course, Erebus reached a sandy beach. He fought Arisa here days earlier. Now he was out to again find a good opponent. Instead of being in his pissy feelings however, Erebus attempted to be ‘kind’. Approach with nothing less than a clear interest in improving his self. He had little training under his belt. But little was plenty.

The warrior walked but found no one. He had heard in a bar of a statue of great mystery.Setting out expedition for it. The trek was long, barbarous, a huge stress. One because Erebus carried a hulking sword on his back, but also  because upon reaching the mountains, Erebus found difficulty in locating the area he needs to be. Sure enough though, he found his mark. Ignoring others to hopefully claim the prize.

"I suppose it's time I tried my luck on for size. I don't usually make week long travels for nothing after all."

Erebus pushed his long dark hair back. He had arrived, now the real test of mental was to be had.

Strength: 35 (+35)
Speed: 8
Endurance: 13
MP: 1425
Samehada: Equipped
Lycan Mode: Inactive
Adventurer Perk -20%
GH Perk -10%

WC: 490/490
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Hargeon to Sieghart Mountains [Erebus] 5oJEfCBQ_o

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