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Hargeon to Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel]

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Hargeon to Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:27 pm

"N-nani?! A statue in Sieghart mountains?" Geb asked, as he overheard a conversation in Hargeon. Oops. it seemed like he had been caught eavesdropping. Regardless, this info was interested. Perhaps the statue could give some sort of prize if Geb was worthy? He sure hoped he could get something cool out of it, so he packed his stuff up from the hotel and started to head over to Sieghart Mountains right away. The journey would be long, and pretty boring in all honesty, but he would do it nonetheless. He had to! opportunities like these only came once in a lifetime after all. So he hit the road in search of adventure. He'd be passing by many odd and new places he would of never known about before on his way there, but it would be worth it in the end... if he was lucky, that was!

The first place he would have to pass by on his way there would be Dahlia. Geb had actually never been here before, but he had to admit... the atmosphere was certainly, well, unique. In other words, it was a hellhole. It felt like something out of a novel, except in real life. Hell, he was gunning to be guildmaster of a dark guild, yet here he was being afraid of this little place. Truly was kind of pathetic in a way. Oh well, he wasn't going to think too much about it. He stayed at an Inn there that night so he would be able to rest properly so he would be able to make his way through magnolia come morning. He had never been there, actually. He wondered how it would be?

Magnolia was a very clean and nice place, as he'd imagined. It was like night and day when you compared it to Dahlia, which he just came out of yesterday. Geb ate a burger place that afternoon, spending a lot of the day in Magnolia to rest on this week-long journey. He was enjoying this little trip so far, he just hoped his luck would make it all worth it in the end. Time would tell, as he was only his 3rd day of this 8 day adventure. When he woke up, it was time to hit the road again as he walked down it in his signature blue coat, noticing the weather changing as fall came into effect. What a nice breeze. Fall was his favorite season, after all. October was the best month by far. Though, as an ice demon, you'd think he would like a winter month, surprisingly not. What a strange man.

Geb now found himself in Era. He'd most likely have to lay low here, as the council was high-security in this town. Made sense considering that, you know, the rune knight headquarters were here. He stayed at a bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town to avoid any detection from those pesky knights while he was in the area. Bullet dodged, especially when he found himself waking up in a bed and not a jail cell, to his relief. The next stop on the road would be Crocus, which was even worse for a dark mage.

Ah yes, the city of royals.. here Geb was. One day he dreamed of changing this government, but he needed to focus for now. When he stayed at the inn here, he was reminded of his memories in Crocus, where his journey began.. whatever happened to that lycan guy who attacked him at the restaurant? Who knew.

After this was Orchidia. Hey, Geb had never been here, but the scenery was nice. He stayed at a nice hotel on the top floor just for fun, because he enjoyed the view, you know? It was rare you had a chance such as this, you might as well take it while you can for the time being. The next morning, once again, Geb hit the road to Sieghart. It seemed like he was nearing the final stages of his trip though. Only a few more days left and he would finally be there and get to see if he was worthy of the statue. He had to be! There was no way this trip was going to end up a big waste of time, right? Right? Please, someone tell him he was right. Regardless, Gallent was no longer with him, so he couldn't . He sorta missed that guy. The Munchlax, he meant.

Geb could of sworn he saw Nanuq on the map, but the road didn't allow him to go there. What a shame, he had always wanted to see the ice covered walls of the city. Well, he would get to check it out next time, he supposed. For now, he was going to be going through Worth Woodsea. This would be his final stop before Sieghart, and he would have to camp this time, considering it was, you know, a forest. Geb slept on the cold ground, a fire lit as he hoped to god that a burglar wouldn't come by and rob him or something of the like. He could only pray..

The next morning, Geb woke up, and safe too. He was almost here. He approached Sieghart, making his way up the mountains to get where he needed to go. He was going to get the secret of that statue, no matter what it took. He was surely worth of it!


Hargeon to Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] BORZAPv

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