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Not the face! [Jeeroy]

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Not the face! [Jeeroy] Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:00 am

“Oh dear..” Kenny mumbled to himself as he looked at the downed man before him, :”I’m real sorry mister, but Guild Rules I gotta fight once a month to stay in.” Kenny raised a finger as he said one indicating that, that was the number of times he had to engage in hand to hand combat with another person, though he could engage in hand to magic combat it would not be fair to him as he did not have a magic himself or even a weapon but it was okay because he was a real toughie with hard fist. He flexed his arms and posed confidently, “Now you heal up real well, I got a date.” he kicked the downed gentlemen and began to make his way out of the dark passage. Whatever could be waiting for him on the other side? He stopped in his tracks and looked ahead, footsteps were coming, but who’s? Or whom’s in this came… Or was it who’s? It didn’t matter! They were getting closer! He would need to get ready to defend himself from harm. “Who goes there!” he called into the night.

“I got a hot date I can’t be wasting time with anymore bums!”

Not the face! [Jeeroy] Qurywgl
#2Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy managed to make his way to a place he had never been before, a dark passage in the town of Hargeon.  Jeeroy had heard some ruckus from down the hall and wanted to find out what it was.  He began making his way down the passage when he heard a familiar voice call out.  He could pin point the voice from anywhere.  "Kenny?"  He would call out, making his way into the passage.  "It is me, Jeeroy!"  He would finally make his way to the man, finding that it was indeed Kenny.  Behind the man he would find a room like a small dungeon with a man laying beaten on the floor.  "Get into a little scuff here, man?  Better be careful, wouldn't wanna see you locked up for beating someone like that.  Well...at least he looks like he is alive."  Jeeroy shrugged, making his way past the man on the floor to lean against the opposite wall looking upon the man before him.  "It seems your combat is looking a little bit better.  Finally beating someone aye?"  He joked, remembering the wrestling match that he had competed against Jeeroy in.  Man, he had such good times with him.


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Kenny lowered his guard when the familiar Rune Knight came into view, ah it was him. The man who gave Kenny so much drunken advice, “Ah it’s you, the man who has given me plenty of good advice.” he smiled wildly, Kenny wasn’t in his best state of mind. After being bitten by the small woman he was feeling hungry, hungrier than he should have for someone with a habit of eating a lot, in fact his mind was beginning to go as well as his world seemed to not know if it wanted to stay together or shatter into a million little pieces to be swept up by some fat maid and pushed under the rug that was his ego. “Ya know Jeeroy you’ve given me good advice, and some bad advice. I can’t blame you though…” his words trailed off as he smiled and began to break out into a fit of laughter, “I can’t blame you for everything going raw it seems. Everything has just been so toppsy turvy maaaaaan. I just can’t catch a break…” he smiled at the giant, purple hues shining at him ominously.

“You ever lose someone close to you Jeeroy? You ever been beaten within an inch of your life? Man let me tell you it’ll change you and it’ll get you thinkin’, thinkin’ long and hard who’s your friends and who’s your enemies who you can trust and who you can hate. Should I hate you Rune knight? Let’s find out.” Kenny took off his blazer, “Fight me, beat the hell out of me, knock some sense into my goddamn head. Bash my skull in. Kill me.” he begged with laced fingers with a devilish toothy grin.

Not the face! [Jeeroy] Qurywgl
#4Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy set his lips in a line and glared at the man before him.  He wanted him to kill him?  Kenny did not seem like he was in the correct state of mind currently, like he had not been the past few times that Jeeroy and Kenny had met.  In the light of the room, Jeeroy caught sight of something on the right side of Kenny's neck, a red tattoo holding a symbol that Jeeroy knew well...one he hated, the guild crest for Phantom Lord.  It was a well renown evil guild, something that Jeeroy had promised he would protect Fiore from.  He could feel himself getting instantly angrier.  Cracking his knuckles while taking a deep breath he looked at the man before him.  "You want a fight, Kenny?"  He chuckled, pretending everything was okay, showing no signs he was angry at all.  "Sure, we can spar."  The man said with a friendly grin.  He took his weapon from his side, watching for any sign that the man may attack him, which he was ready for in case the man tried catching him off guard.  "Though it does seem that you are a bit unmatched here, what happened to your weapon?  I thought you had one the last time we met?"  Jeeroy could not really remember, though he seemed to have thought the man did.


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“Forget my weapon, use yours.” he chuckled lightly to himself his eyes closed, the darkness was so enticing, what was the point of sight? He could fight with his eyes closed, heh, if he was stupid. He would surely be stupid to fight someone with a weapon and armor, “And if you don’t use your weapon, I’ll find someone who will and they’ll kill me.”

Kenny hunched over and smiled grimly now, so many silly faces he could make at this man. He began his pace towards the Rune knight with half lidded eyes closing half the formerly small few meter gap between them in a matter of minutes. The alley way was dark, there being nothing behind Kenny but a room...

Given rather or not Jeeory had a weapon Kenny would carry himself with his momentum and turn his body in a one eighty raising his right leg in a roundhouse kick, not aiming for the giant’s strong upper body but a simple blow to his side rather it be an arm or whatever was in the way. Nice to begin the combat. If Kenny’s attack was successful he would draw back and stand with no guard but drooped arms.

Stat if it matters:

Not the face! [Jeeroy] Qurywgl
#6Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was not sure if the man before him was hallucinating or not.  He seemed to be out of his mind, treating the open room that Jeeroy had walked into as a small area.  With the area being wide enough for Jeeroy to comfortably swing his weapon.  He could tell there was something off with the man before him as he closed the gap between them, leaving about two meters and tried for a roundhouse kick towards Jeeroy's side.  As Jeeroy already had his weapon out and ready to counter an attack, he would catch the man's right leg with the blades of the scythe as he swung the weapon, effectively knocking away the man's attack and cutting into the flesh.  The scythe would glow a bright red momentarily as the man's name was marked upon it.  Jeeroy would then dash a meter back leaving them about three meters apart.  With his reach he would then swing the scythe in a downward motion from over his head attempting to catch the man in the skull from the downward slash.  If the attack would hit, he would shake his head sadly, as he had hoped for a  better attempt from the man before him..  "Sorry man, nothing personal."  He would then say to the body on the ground.


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With the blade being swung and his leg stabbed by the blade Kenny made an effort upon landing on side to roll a meter away from the dashing giant and an extra two meters to just narrowly avoid having his head taken. Though after all of that rolling he was feeling dizzy. Kenny stood on partially on one leg, the other still manageable and bolted towards Jeeroy as he would likely be reeling as he drew his arm back from the last slash “Don’t frown up yet big bitch.” Kenny sloppily closed the gap between them yet again with another dash, bad leg hindering his mobility partially at a meter he cocked his fist back and made a go at the Giant’s gut with a forceful blow of his own, and with that connection if successful he would pull a leg back and punt the big man square in his jewels. “Damn I hate fighting, and I’m already sick.” he teased his opponent and blew his nose into Jeeroy armor, “Forgive me allergy season.” he kept in close quarters no doubt having to be on his guard as he would send a knee into the possibly downed giant’s jaw with a hop.

Not the face! [Jeeroy] Qurywgl

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