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Oberon Forest to Orchidia Town [Foot Travel]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Oberon Forest to Orchidia Town [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:58 pm

Bianca Fleur †
The whole thing that just happened in the forest went so fast, Bianca was actually trying to figure out if she had just hallucinated everything. Singing the duet song from Beauty and the Beast seemed to have triggered the stone statue and gave them some kind of blessing. She did feel like something about her changed. In fact, it felt like she got better at something, but she could not really tell what it was that she got better at. The only reason she believed it was real was because her guildmate was there and he was still there after it happened and he seemed to be pretty pumped and excited even after the whole thing was over, so he could not have been excited like that for no reason.

Bianca decided she would return to Oak Town immediately since she had never been to this area and because it was just a forest there was literally nothing to do. No one to meet, no jobs to take. Well, she could walk to the nearby village(s) and see if there was anything interesting she could do, but she just felt like leaving this place after what had happened. She was not going to stick around to find more head statues covered in glowing runes. For some reason she had decided to travel to the south of Fiore, so she had to say goodbye to Evictus as he was going to be traveling back to their guild in Oak Town, as mentioned somewhere above.

Her guildmate decided to go back to Oak Town. Although she thought of asking him to follow her since that would have been more fun, she assumed. At least she would have company, right? She wondered what kind of a person Evictus was. The only thing she had done together with him was traveling to a mysterious forest to see a glowing rock covered in moss. Oh, and singing of course. She was pretty impressed with his singing, to be quite honest, and she hoped that he thought her voice was sort of okay as well, otherwise she just realised that she could have made a fool of herself in front of a guildmate.

So now that she was done here in Oberon Forest, she began her journey to South Fiore. She was not sure which town she would stop at, but for now she would have to take a walk  from Oberon Forest to the nearest damn town that had a train station. If the nearest town that she set foot in did not have a train station, then she would take a carriage ride to the town that did have a train station. And from there, she would travel to the town that had a train station and was nearest to the south of Fiore. And from there she would take another carriage to her final destination. A long and very boring journey ahead, she could see. But hopefully, it will be worth it.

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