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Deface Property [Quest/Kenny]

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Deface Property [Quest/Kenny] Empty Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:42 pm

Kenny did his best to keep a low profile now that he was in a guild, he did everything in his power not to bring a more than low profile about himself as he went from place to place. He had managed to drink up most of his jewels and now he felt the need to get to work on his own once again now that she was out of his mind. He had been feeling rather good about himself the past few days, whatever the small woman had done to him was working and he was feeling good about himself and those around him. He was unsure just what she had done having been so out of it when it happened but he was appreciative none the less and some what glad it happened to him of all people. He needed armor and a weapon, thus it was about time he got to work in obtaining one or both of those things, though he had no idea where he would beginning itn grabbing one or the other. He rubbed his chin and thought it over, to get a weapon meant he would need jewels, the same went for armor unless a traveling salesman just dropped them by accident and Kenny came across them. How interesting this was going to be, maybe he could hang out on a street corner and sell his body, he was a good looking guy after all and what woman wouldn’t want to pay for a night with the longest running ride, the king of thunder mountain, the bouncer down under, Kenny Omega. Those nicknames made no sense… ugh he was so stupid sometimes but he didn’t care it was all in good fun and games and he was not one to mock himself about such foolish nonsense. He stood at the residence and coughed into a closed fist, he looked around and began to make a gesture with one hand as if he was taking a handful of something round and with the other began a shaking motion before sighing. It was obvious what he was trying to say, he was hungry and wanted ice cream with fudge. Oh if only she was here, she could be his ice cream.

He’d lick every inch of her, his tongue would start low at her navel and work it’s way up in a trail of pecking kisses up her stomach, past her ribs and stop at her breast, of course he was not one to play lightly he would work his way up her chest and stop at her shoulder, giver her supple skin a quick nibble just a light one to draw a bit of blood so he could begin his meal. Oh he wouldn’t even stop there he would kiss her neck gingerly, peppering her with kisses between the crook of her neck and shoulder gently and lovingly making sure to take care of her before his fangs would protrude from his lips and sink into her creamy flesh allowing him to feast on her and transform her into one of his own. Then she would be like him, a blood sucker, a blood sucking lover if anything. Was that too graphic? What was he thinking about again? Oh yes he had a quest to do he would meet Maxwell Buscon and then he would explain the request to him in vague annoying details about nothing but him being a prissy little bitch who wanted to get some sweet vengeance. The request from Maxwell Buscon was to go into a man's apartment and vandalize the whole place for the fun of it like he was some sort of pissed off teenager. He betrayed Maxwell and needed to pay with interest apparently for it was because nobody crossed him the way he did. It was an easy requests so Kenny took it with a shrug.

After a short walk and more imagining, kenny had arrived at the apartment complex meaning Kenny would have to do a bit of a climb of some stairs to get to the top. The tippy top it was, he climbed up the stairs huffing slightly before swearing when he saw the elevator. Huh, he could have taken that instead of doing all of that climbing. Kenny pushed the door open and looked around before immediately beginning to wreck the place, he pushed over a drawer, kicked in a TV, raided the fridge, went to the guys room, pulled out some chicks bra examined it and giggled before putting it back. He rubbed his hands together and flipped the bed over and wrecked some other things before leaving. There was a nice looking painting on the wall, the omega tore it down and split it in two, kicked in another drawer and turned over the TV. He went to maxwell and collected pay next.


Deface Property [Quest/Kenny] Qurywgl

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