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Hot gossip (hargeon to oberon foot travel)

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Hot gossip (hargeon to oberon foot travel) Empty Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:11 pm

Selena Maelstrom
selena had only come to hargeon but had managed to find a hotel to stay in. It was fairly lucky she thought. It was relatively clean and had a comfy bed. Selena was still in bed having a dream, well nightmare.

Selena was running, running, but she was not sure from what. she knew something was following him, something demonic. she knew she could not look back because if she did she would be screwed. The temptation was compelling him to but she could not make himself. Instead she kept running. Now she was getting tired it felt as if she was running forever. But still she had to keep going, despite the burning in her legs, her thighs calfs all her legs. The road in front of him was getting darker and she could not see anything any more, but she kept running. Now her upper body was tiring. her arms throbbing her chest on fire, her head beginning to go dizzy from the lack of oxygen. It was impossible to keep running but she had to try. What ever was behind him was not going to stop so she had to, just a little bit longer. Or so she thought. Suddenly Selena felt her ankle connect with something and she fell head first into the abyss. For a brief moment her body stopped throbbing in pain, but only for a moment. Instead of being sore fear now struck him to her very soul. from the darkness she seen two eyes of the brightest red glimmer in the darkness. It was huffing too from all the running. From the two big eyes that was in front of him two smaller eyes opened on top of it. "Finally you stopped. It was about time" The smaller of the two eyes said. she sounded as if she was from brooklyn. The larger eyes now coming closer to Selena. she could feel her moist breath against Selena's whole body as it came closer. Selena scurried away trying to get away but it was no use, it was as if she was being held to the ground by something. she wanted to wake up so badly "No ther is a dream!" she shouted to the figure. The figure only laugsshed in her demonic brooklyn ish tone. "HAHAHA. Like i will let that happen. Now Red-Eyes Black dragon, Burn ther mortal in heaven's Flame! FLAMING BLACK METEOR BLAST" The figure roared as the huffing of the dragon stopped and opened up its mouth. Selena Tried to use her magic to stop but nothing worked. A hot humid heat could be felt as the dragon did ther. A Burning ball then appeared in the mouth of the dragon. Its eyes and the smaller eyes of the figure shined red as the ball came and fired at Selena. Selena felt the ball collide with him as it burned and singed every part of him in a dark burning flame. The heat was unbearable. All Selena could hear was the laugh of the man as she burned up. she could not see anything but the flaming red eyes of the dragon and him. But was that a tear she could see in the larger dragon's eye? And what a mundane name, Red-eyes black dragon, i mean that was just stating the obvious. Soon Selena realised she was no longer burning up in fact she was fine, but she knew she was still not awake yet.

Selena opened her soft azure eyes and was almost blinded by the light. It was the opposite to where she had been. Instead of a complete dark and unknowing area she was in a area that looked like old musty ruins. It was extremely bright with the sun. Selena could see a few old yellowish pillars that were dusty and beginning to crumble. she noticed that she was standing in the middle of the area. the ground below him was paved in rocks that were all cracked crumbling and like gravel. Selena wondered where the shell she was and if she was even sleeping any more. she did a quick survey of the area. There was nothing but these ruiny looking place covered in a dusty sand like dust. Selena began to walk forward on the crumbled stone path. It seemed like it was leading somewhere. After walking on the crumbled stone path for about what felt like an hour she met some stairs. she wondered if her legs could take it from all the running she did from that Red eyed black dragon but then she noticed that they were no longer throbbing and burning, but perfect. And so was her upper body no throbbing or burning or nausea. Selena began to walk up the steps. As she did she noticed some chips and cracks in them. It was weird these ruins must be really old. as Selena reaches the top of the stairs there was a temple. Not really sure what to do Selena Entered. The second she entered the door shut behind him sealing him in. Selena was now scared again. The ruins were musty and humid, but worst of all bitch black, and she could not use her magic still. The darkness did not last as torches on the wall lit up leading to a room at the end. ss hesitant at first Selena began walking towards the said room in hopes of an exit. As she walked she noticed strange inscriptions on the wall. Some of animals and other of people or a mixture of both. There were even some weird symbols of bowls and cups and other various things. Selena reached the end of the tunnel to the room which did not have an exit. Instead it had stone tablets with other symbols on them. Selena went closer to examine them. The one in the middle had two people who looked important, They had monsters and people flying overhead. The one on the left had some dragon while the one on the right had a man with a wand, probably a wizard of some description. Selena was about to study the others until she heard something behind him. the tunnel behind him had now disappeared as she had turned around and she was now outside again. Selena quickly turned to face the stone tablets again but they had disappeared too. What in the shell was going on.  

She soon woke up however in a cold sweat. After a nightmare like that Selena presumed ot was due to hargeon and as a result decided to leave the place.

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