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Translate the Note [Eva|Quest]

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Crocus was a very big city and perhaps the biggest in all of Fiore not only for being known as the capital city but also for the rich heritage that it had to offer. As such, it made perfect sense for someone like Eva to rather take a liking to the noble aura of those walls that surrounded the city. But if one was to ask her what she felt was the best part of the city, Eva would, without a doubt, bypass the Domus Flau or the Cathedral for the rather flourished and luxuriant library that was situated somewhere near the very heart of the city, somewhere near the grand palace wedged between it and the arena. It was one place that Eva would truly never find annoying to spend a whole day in and was probably the only place that could calm her down among the huge bustling of the crowd and whatnot. So it shouldn’t have come off as a surprise at all when Eva made a straight line towards it the very day after she arrived in Crocus and met up with her manager. She was aware of the fact that she had work lined up to the roof at this point but after discussing strategies with him last night, a conversation that lasted far longer than necessary at all, Eva decided along with Hanase that they would take it all down slowly one after another in a way that would put the least strain on Eva mentally and physically. The strategy turned out to be that Eva got to do whatever she wanted to do during the day as long as she did her work in the evening and did them fast enough so that her health won’t take a toll from all of it. And she agreed seeing as it was probably the best way to maintain herself. After all, Eva had a great bit of stamina, something she was proud of, and she was very much confident in her professional skills, so much so that Eva knew she would be able to complete her work with the maximum efficiency and in minimum time, something that Hanase san seemed to be more aware of than Eva herself.

As her train of thoughts carried her forwards to the library, Eva noticed that there was a shadow behind her. It seemed that someone had been walking right behind her without making a course change. She tried to crane her neck back a little, stopping when she noticed a familiar blonde hair and an eyepatch. This girl, had she not seen her somewhere before? The image of a giant rat came to her mind. Ah, yes, the apprentice that let the mutant rat out of their lab or something. “You are?” Eva began, now completely turning back to look at the girl that stopped as well, looking up at her with the same expressionless countenance as she once knew her with.

“You are Evangeline, if I’m not wrong,” the woman said, extending a hand out for Eva to shake. She stared but returned the gesture with a carefully placed smile on her lips. “How may I help you, Luciel san?” Eva asked back, finally coming up with the name that she had once pushed to the very back of her mind. Eva was glad that she had such good memory to count on whenever she needed it. But, the look on this girl’s face seemed to say that she had something she wanted Eva to do, a look that Eva had grown accustomed to ever since she started working as a Rune Knight. Everyone seemed to expect them to do almost everything for them and thought it was unfair when they didn’t since they have ‘power’ something that they don’t realize that an average Rune Knight won’t have unless they are a lieutenant or above in rank.

“I need you to translate something for me,” she told her, handing over a slip of paper wit strange writings on it what Eva recognized as ancient runic language. “Why would you have something like this with you, Luciel san?” She asked, earning a raised eyebrow before the answer. Apparently, she was learning it along with her mentor and this note had been found lying around. The reason she seemed to ask Eva for this was that she was busy and had no time to actually spend in the library and translate the note entirely, hence why she wanted Eva to take care of it, even offering some rewards for a good job done. Despite the offers, Eva agreed only because she got to study some ancient language while she was at it, bidding farewell to the girl before going into the library.

For a few hours afterwards, Eva spent her whole time looking through age old, well preserved books that screamed history and knowledge. While the translation of the note proved to be going in one weird direction with the kind of things that came up; hare meat, cabbage, potatoes, ox hooves, the strangest of things seemed to be coming up, making it all look like one ancient recipe for some sort of soup. Eva had to chuckle at the revelation but she didn’t pick and probe into it any further than what was necessary. She made sure that she wrote the translations and why it was rightly translated so into a notebook before heading outside, bidding farewell to the librarian that had helped her out very much along the way of her translating.

Outside, she found Luciel leaning against a pillar, walking straight towards her with the notebook in one hand and the note on the other. She handed them both to the eye patch girl, taking her rewards once Luciel was done looking over the list. She seemed to be just as surprised as Eva was and maybe a little bit embarrassed too that she had not recognized it to be some sort of shopping list. “Thank you, Eva san”.

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