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From Crocus to Orchida [Travel on foot]

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From Crocus to Orchida [Travel on foot] Empty Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:29 pm

The air was hot this summer day as Evictus moved through the streets. A singular tone of music kept turning on and off in his head. His feet were heavy as lead as he moved placing one foot in front of the other.
His path was long but luckily for him the few summer breezes that passed him made walking on this hot day much more easy than he thought it would be. Sweat dripped down from his forehead and a dank smell covered his armpits. he picked up a waterbottle from his coat, uncorked it and drank a few swigs of water as he exited out of the holy capitals gates.

The area outside of the town was covered in grassy hills and in a few places upon those hills laid a few trees that threw shade over the grasslands. The smell of summer grass and wayside flowers filled Evictus nostrils as he paced forward along the road not knowing truly what he would see on his way. On this particular day he had made a poor choice of clothing. He wore a cloth coat that covered a black shirt and tie, a pair of dark colored jeans and not exactly the best walking shoes.
He made his way over one hill and then the other now looking back at the city he only saw a glimpse of it in the far distance.The hils and grass had turned into the city of Orchida.


WC: 244/200 --> Arrival at orchida

From Crocus to Orchida [Travel on foot] Tumblr_nf7adp7LZy1rd98kro1_500

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