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Outside the Gates [Faust]

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#1Tenshi † 

Outside the Gates [Faust] Empty Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:22 am

Tenshi †
Finn had taken his training outside the city limits. He decided that the beach, as helpful as it was, had hindered him a bit. He had gone so much that his body had grown accustomed to the lack of footing and the increased strain. It was to the point that now on solid ground, it felt almost weird. Not wrong, but simply much easier for him to maneuver than it had been before. Unlike mages who would notice their body getting lighter and magic getting easier as they trained their mana pools, Finn was solely reliant on his physical body and weapon mastery. As much of a setback as it could be argued, he viewed it as a positive aspect.

So here he was, outside of town by about a mile, going through the motions. He wasn't doing anything particularly unique, nor was he doing any fancy movements. Still, his motions would look refined to a trained eye. One who had trained any bit of swordsmanship could see that, and perhaps even those who had not but experienced normal combat could notice his precise and yet fluid movement. He knew that he was teetering on the edge of the next level, he needed only grasp it.

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#2Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
Faust had no reason to stay in Hargeon Town any longer. His mission itself was complete; he stalled two Blue Pegasus members while Grimoire Heart's slaughter on the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall commenced. Casualties from both sides decorated the entirety of the town but thankfully Faust didn't add to that number. As he prepared to exit the town, he decided that a little ice cream wouldn't hurt and passed by the market streets once more. "Two scoops of strawberry in a cone, please!" Payment was left on the counter, a little bit over the required amount. By the time the change was calculated, the cashier looked up to find his shop empty. The Coyote disappeared.

In time, he approached the city outskirts and almost made a mile into the wondrous forest. Unsure of where to go from there, the dark mage wandered about until something perked his interest. For a while, nothing was interesting enough to make him stop. As he paced some more, he sniffed out another human presence. His nose twitched with every sniff and unconsciously, he followed his nose. In no time, he came across the stinky kid. A blonde with a sword, looking almost six feet tall. A devilish smile took place and the strawberry ice cream was gobbled up in a second. The blonde, only five meters away, had his back turned. Letting his emotions take over, the cannibal struck. A perfect opportunity for some fresh meat.

The cannibal seemed to be driven with blood lust but he didn't let that cloud the analytical side of him. A couple things he noted was that his opponent had a longer reach, with a sword and all. Despite being in a forest, there were no trees in the general vicinity, only fallen leaves that would cause a scrunching sound, assuming he didn't hear anything when the Coyote approached. A dash started it all off. The alert canine decided to make quick work of the kid, starting with something to stun him.

Like a sprinter, his lowered his upper body forward while the left leg was placed behind his right. Pressure into his feet, it consistently and continually pushed off the ground, springing him closer and closer to the boy. A number of situations went through his head and Faust considered how the boy would react. Had the sword user turn around at any point in time, the Coyote would back up and keep two meters in between them. But if that wasn't the case, he'd instead choose to take the initiative and throw his left hand at the spine-neck area.

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#3Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
There were no trees around. Of course he had seen, albeit out of the corner of his eye, the approaching of an individual. All around them were only fallen leaves, a few bushes perhaps, but no such density that a tree would provide. He had stopped relatively close to Finn, but Finn decided to pay him no mind. If this man had wanted to attack Finn by surprise, he likely would have by now. Since he was just sitting near by, Finn could continue to go through his motions. Slow, deliberate movements as if painting out how a past battle had gone in the canvas of his mind.

As he went through these angles, Finn's body had turned so that the individual was to his right side. Still though, he had not turned around nor looked at the man, merely turned his side to him. The individual to his right side, and now it seemed movement was made. Finn had not necessarily seen the individual begin to move, so much as he heard two quick crunches in succession, as well as a sweeping noise. The sound of the mans foot sliding back from the suddenness of his run, and the sound of his first two steps landing. The one pushing off, and the follow up. He needed not to see immediately to react. The sword, which was in front of him at an upwards angle, suddenly got swung to his right side at a slow decline in height. This would make the blade cut downwards, having started at just over four feet off the ground in front of him to just over two feet off the ground, slightly behind him.

This slash had just as good a chance to cut open the man as it did to force him at a distance. With the end of the swing, as the blade reached behind him, Finn pivoted on his left foot and slid his right foot around so that he'd be facing the individual. His eyes would penetrate into the man, and for a second the wolf could have felt like the prey. Assuming he had not already been taken out by the very sudden movement by some sort of incredible reaction speed, Finn would address him.
"Who are you?"

Outside the Gates [Faust] D09aavQ

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