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A Dance With The Devil ♬

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A Dance With The Devil ♬ Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:26 pm

"Where is it?" Icarus approached a bloodied Lance who was down on the ground with wounds all across his body. He pointed his sword at Lance's head as he got closer, threatening him to speak up fast.


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Lance quickly placed his right hand onto his chest to stop the blood from gushing out too fast. As he looked at Icarus, he slowly pushed himself backwards to lean against a wall. "What are you talking about?"


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"It's no use to deny it, we already know of its existence. We would've been out of here if you simply told us its location." Icarus stopped walking towards Lance and gazed into his eyes for a second trying to read him. He hoped that Lance would admit to it, but he could see in his eyes that he was not willing to give it up. "I see." Icarus softly whispered. It was time to continue the search, but first he had to execute Lance. Icarus slowly rose his sword into the air and with a sigh slashed it downwards as he made a big step forward to ensure the sword would cut right through Lance.


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Black smoke blasted through the halls of Blue Pegasus and quickly materialized between Icarus and Lance. Cesare held out his arm and blocked the downward slash of Icarus' sword. A wide smirk could be seen on on his face. His arm began to emit black magical smoke as it resisted the force of the sword. He did not excel that well physically compared to most mages around his level, but his skills with magic made up for it. "Wew, lad, bet you didn't see this one coming?"


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Icarus quickly leaped back the moment he felt the his sword connect into Cesare's arm and sink away into it. He was surprised to see the Phantom himself here. While they had worked together in the past because of mutual interests, the Phantom Lord guild was not called upon this time. "Cesare?"


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"Oh boy, oh boy, I know what you are here for and I just can't let you take it." Cesare huffed as he shook his arm and made a gesture with it as if he had just burned it. He blew on his hand pretending it was on fire as well while looking down for a second and then stopped. For a brief moment there was absolute silence inside the hall. All that could be heard was the ongoing chaos outside in Hargeon. Cesare chuckled and then looked up again, looking straight into the eyes of Icarus. "I'll be your opponent." Black smoke started to rapidly emit from his entire body as his pupils disappeared, only showing the sclera.


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Icarus listened to Cesare's words and understood immediately that he would have to face another master before Cesare even finished. With a troubled sigh, he rose his right arm in front of him and pointed the sword at Cesare. "This is going to end with one of us dead."


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Geb's vision slowly came back into his eyes, the darkness of the cell not doing much in the way of blinding him. He sat up, breathing heavily as if he just woke up from a nightmare. But, this wasn't a dream, it was the living. He remembered having lost to that kid on the beach, Finn, he must've ended up here somehow. Nobody was at the cell guarding it or anything. Odd. Geb stumbled up onto his feet as he moved over to the bars on the cell.

"Metal.. I'd expect a little better from a guild of this size." Geb bent the metal with his bare hands, creating a hole between the many bars that he slipped through. Now, he would make his daring escape. Heading up the stairs, Geb noticed a fair deal of noise.  Exiting the jail area, Geb walked through the halls, the vague noises getting louder. Surprisingly, these halls were empty

Geb was getting closer to the sound, figuring he'd find the exit near there. However, he soon ended up in the main guild hall, to see the men in the room. One of which Geb could recognize off the pictures in Phantom Lord's own hall: Cesare, his guildmaster.

In the room were also two men he didn't know, one injured, but it looked like Cesare was fighting the other one, Geb decided to jump in and help, running towards Cesare while being cautious of his surroundings.

Geb stood there, his battle stance ready for action, ready for anything that could be thrown at him. He was going to help out his master anyway he could. "I got you, my dude!" he said.

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Icarus tightened his grip and firmly held onto the handle of his sword with one hand. Cesare was not someone to be taken lightly. He knew that Cesare was referred to as the Phantom himself because of his magic. As Icarus focused on Cesare and prepared himself for whatever was going to come at him, he heard something from his right side. Icarus quickly went through the possible scenarios in his mind and came to the conclusion that he would not be at ease battling two opponents if one of them was going to be Cesare. It had to be a one versus one. He shifted his eyes to the right partly to get a view on his opponent and then immediately turned them back to Cesare. With an almost instantaneous dash, he pushed himself away from his position, leaving behind cracks all over the floor from the pressure of his feet where he stood. He did not face the second person directly, instead he kept facing Cesare and simply knew when and where to slash to cut the other person. His sword was still aimed at Cesare, however, the moment he appeared next to the second person it was suddenly aimed perfectly straight towards his right side. It almost appeared as if nothing had happened and Icarus was only standing next to this other person, but after a second the effect of it would become clear as the person next to him was severed cleanly through his navel into two pieces.


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"Damn it, Geb." Luckily Geb was a Machia, he could be saved if he could get repaired in time. Cesare turned himself into black smoke entirely and moved around the hall as he extended black spears repeatedly out of the cloud towards Icarus while circling around him. With each split second, the amount of spears extending doubled. The spears extended twenty meters out of the cloud, allowing Cesare to keep quite some distance while moving around in this form.


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While standing next to the severed body of the other person, Cesare made his move. It was hard to read Cesare's movements now because he turned into smoke entirely. He held Damocles in front of him and focused on his breathing, but quickly it became clear what Cesare's move was gonna be as black spears extended towards him while he got circled. Icarus kept repelling the spears with Damocles even as the pace increased. What made it difficult was that the spears were coming at random, Icarus could not find any pattern in it. If it kept up, Icarus would get overwhelmed at some point. He decided to act fast and launched himself forward towards the cloud trying to pierce it in the small margin that he found.


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Cesare was having fun pushing back Icarus but he knew that he could not overdo it. He knew that Icarus was one of the most analytical combatants he met. Besides that, his experience with his sword and his muscle memory movements made it very hard to get close to Icarus. As Icarus tried to pierce the cloud, Cesare dispersed and disappeared, only to reappear close behind Icarus in his blind spot. If there was a moment to get close, this would be it. Before he would materialize, his voice could be heard saying something throughout the guild. "Nothing personal, kid." The moment Cesare materialized behind Icarus his entire body became the source of smoke weapons. Countless spears extended from his entire body as if he turned into an orb with needles, similar to a hedgehog shielding itself. The black smoke spears all extended twenty meters again.


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When Icarus tried to pierce Cesare, the smoke disappeared. He could hear Cesare's voice throughout the hall and with that mana, deep, intense, black mana, behind him. As he tried to slash backwards he could feel something touching him briefly. Icarus tried to dash away, but Cesare's spears cut right through his left lower arm and left shin before he could get away. Icarus panted as he turned himself around and pointed Damocles towards Cesare again. He could not die tonight, because the promise he made to Art-, to Crowley, was still standing.


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Cesare turned into himself again while facing Icarus from a distance. Icarus was standing in front of Lance at this moment, which allowed Cesare to look at Lance without compromising their victory. It seemed that Lance was still in the same state. The pool of blood had become bigger but Lance was still conscious. He was most likely using all of his remaining mana to not pass out. Despite what Cesare said, coming here to secure what Blue Pegasus was guarding, he had different motives. Cesare turned into smoke again but this time with so much mana that the smoke was capable of compressing itself extremely. As Cesare propelled himself to appear behind Icarus once more and use his needle move again, he compressed himself while flying past his left arm to sever it completely. When he appeared behind Icarus, he would once again use his needle move.


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Icarus did not intend to reveal Damocles' abilities tonight, but he had no choice. As felt his left arm being severed from his body, he could feel the density of mana collecting and gathering itself once more behind him. Even though the frame of time was small, with his experience he would be able to pull it off. With Damocles still in his right hand, he dashed forward, once again back to where he stood before as they traded places, but swung his sword behind him as he did. "I didn't wanna show it, but I guess you won't be able to tell the tale after this, Cesare." Damocles had a white glow surrounding it and managed to cut through Cesare's smoke this time. As Icarus looked at the smoke, with his left arm now severed, he felt like he had revealed a trump card that would have to be kept secret by taking down Cesare at all costs.


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Nagi walked into the Blue Pegasus hall and saw Cesare facing off Icarus. He could see his Master materializing again out of his smoke form. He seemed to have suffered no damage till his materialization became complete. Cesare had no right leg anymore. It was replaced by a sustained smoke spell which functioned as a leg after he materialized. For this to have happened, Icarus must've surprised Cesare. He kept himself well hidden and slithered close enough to get noticed by Cesare. He was not interested in this entire quarrel, Grimoire Heart, Blue Pegasus, or all the people involved in it, but Cesare called him and the other one to be here. While he was not present much while being a member, he never defied an order of Cesare. They shared some history which translated into a certain respect that Nagi had for Cesare after all these years.


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As Cesare materialized, he panted loudly. His right leg got cut off while still being smoke, which forced Cesare to replace it with a sustained smoke spell to keep standing. He kept glaring at Icarus but noticed a white serpent slithering in the corner of his eye. "Nagi, get Lance and Geb the fuck out of here!" Cesare loudly roared. His voice caused the entire hall to tremble as smoke gathered everywhere. To ensure Nagi's success, Cesare went on the offensive, even though he witnessed the capabilities of Icarus' sword. "Fuck outta here, Nagi." Cesare pointed his right hand at Icarus and launched an assault of smoke weapons at Icarus. Without holding back, Cesare started to send an entire arsenals continuously. Hundreds of weapons launched out of Cesare's hand, changing into a wide blur and beam shooting at Icarus.


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Nagi did not care about Lance, nor did he care about Geb, but he understood the situation. He did not agree with it though. The tone in Cesare's voice indicated a level of seriousness he had not heard for a long time. Nagi slithered next to Cesare and materialized himself out of serpents multiplying themselves. He pointed his arms at both Lance and Geb as countless white serpents extended out of his sleeves and grabbed both Lance and Geb while retracting themselves. The serpents entangled them both and held them steady next to Nagi. "Master, wh-" Nagi stopped talking as he saw Cesare focusing all his mana into his barrage to keep Icarus busy for this escape. If it meant that much to Cesare, he would not question it. Nagi didn't say one more word and left.


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As Lance got grabbed by Nagi, and his wounds got deeply covered and pressured by the serpents precisely, he got lifted up. Lance's vision became blurry as he stared at Cesare. Cesare's silhouette became more and more blurry as the distance increased. Lance could not comprehend how much he hated Cesare throughout his life. "Leave, it's not worth it, idiot. It has been secured. They won't be able to get it if you leave!" Despite it all, he still felt the need to scream it out loudly. Most of his mana got focused into his throat to speak, causing his other organs to start to decay. Cesare would be able to leave, if he focused on escaping and no longer cared about the item being stolen. Cesare's mission would be completed.


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As Nagi began to disappear with Lance and Geb, Cesare began to feel more calm. He kept sustaining the barrage on Icarus to push him back. With the current conditions, he knew that Icarus would get closer faster than ever, which only meant he had to speed up the pace of his barrage to keep him pushed back. In the distance, Cesare could hear Lance screaming suddenly. Somehow, he started to chuckle. "I told you I'm cooler, little brother." His voice would only reach Nagi, Lance, Geb, and Icarus, but he managed to say what he wanted. Nagi faded away and managed to get them both away, Cesare's expression changed into a smile. His entire barrage began to get cut faster and faster by Icarus till it reached his chest.


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"I hope you got whatever satisfaction you were going for, Cesare, but a I said, it was going to end with one of us dead." Icarus looked down at Cesare's severed body which no longer reattached itself with smoke. Damocles' glow disappeared and made the weapon look normal again. Icarus knew that Nagi was too far away to chase right now. It would cost him all his resources to chase that lead while the item was still here most likely. As Icarus walked away from Cesare's severed body, searching for the item, Theseus alerted him via the long distance lacrima notification orb.


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"Master?" Ishtar entered the Blue Pegasus hall and looked around as she floated inside. "Master?" She said once again. All she saw was the severed body of Cesare and another person actively turning everything upside down to find something. Ishtar gathered her powers and aimed her left hand at Icarus. The entire guild crumbled down into pieces of stone, wood, metal, and more, as it started to shoot towards Icarus. While that was going on, Ishtar sent out explosive orbs from her finger tips towards Icarus. The entire scene became chaotic, as if the entire war had condensed itself into this moment.


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As Icarus turned the place upside down, he got interrupted by another person. He was already exhausted, but something was different. Icarus knew that if he stayed, regardless of mana, he would've been taken down. Icarus imagined the possible scenerios and made a quick decision. Forcefully, Icarus retreated from the battle and fled from the scene. When the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never, because a dance with the devil might last you forever.

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