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Test the waters [Liam:Mission]

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Test the waters [Liam:Mission] Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:48 am

His slanted golden eyes looked at the sky as the wind was decently well. He was wearing a sun dress with light blue and dark blue outlines. Oh man, what a day. He gets to help with water supply and fishes and all of that other unknown science bio-hydro crap. He swore he did that with someone else before or maybe not. He really didn't really remember. That was okay though because He remembered going to the beach a lot alone to check out some babes. He remembered that she was fighting something or someone, who was really super tall and it was rather bad, but his mind was a little fuzzy right as of now. His eyes looked up at the sky as she remembered as if it was yesterday. There was blood everywhere and there was no stopping anyone. The thing-a-ma-jig was there and here and everywhere. Too bad that it was adaptable as it would’ve been a really great pet. He would smile as his arms dangled to meet this woman in who wanted help with the water. He didn’t know the person nor really remembered the exact place. ‘Where was it now? What did it look like… Geezuz Christ why can't this shit be obvious!’ He thought and questioned in his head as she would continue on his way. He would soon see a rather ran down place that was made of some type of metal. Was it some run down lab place? Well, apparently it was since that was where they were going to test waters and so on. Liam simply knocked on the door and waited. A little more time later she would knock again for the door to open. ‘’Hello? I’m busy.’’ Spoke a woman who had a rather soft voice, but she was impatient. Her head tilted up to look at the man who was indeed himself. ‘’Oh! Are you here to help out? That's great! It means my plea for help was answered.’’ She spoke and smiled. ‘’Greetings! I’m Liam from the one quiet green guild – I mean Lamia guild.’’ He spoke and looked away chuckling that he was already forgetting, looking softly as his golden eyes looked at the girl. ‘’Haha alright. Thanks for helping me with this. Got the examples and we should walk to the lab spot now.’’ She would speak and smiled. Slowly they would walk towards where they would experiment all of the little tubes and such. Something about levels of pollution or something like that. He was never taught anything such as this as she never even been to schooling! She didn't know this crap, but she guessed that it was never too late to learn. His eyes would just watch as she would do as she was told like a good little girl. His short spiked-like brown hair would move as his head moved, his long arms would move and turn things as he would watch little arrows move. ''Wonder what that means.'' he wondered out aloud. Raina came over to look and chuckled. ''That means they're good. Average perhaps.'' she would explain chuckle a little. This girl was kind of cute, too bad there was a rule in his head to not go after clients.

He remembered the last time he really relaxed with the things or in this case, species that he loved. His eyes simply closed as he was drifting off into a memory of when she was spending some time alone with aqua, his favorite thing. If he had the choice, he'd live in water, but not dark water specifically. Yeah, sure he was whatever years old and he was perhaps young, but come on. He would look at the water and remember herself catching fish with that one guy and even looking to find something. Her mind just drifted off as she was 'working'. All he really got to see was a tail... ''I can help you!'' she spoke happily and then he nods. ''Here's a camera that's special. Just take a picture when you see it.'' he spoke rather anxious and was brought out to the sea. She would look around and soon it would get darker. No mermaid was to be seen. A part of him was rather disappointed so he would go to whatever his face's name is. ''I don't think the mermaid is here...'' she spoke sadly and frowned. He saw this and sighed. ''Alright... Thanks for at least believing in me for a moment even...'' he would say and went to turn around the boat to go back. As they would return, her getting the reward, she would then see a beautiful shining tail.
Liam wanted to say something but changed he mind. He wasn't really sure on what to do as of right now as it wasn't really time to leave or really anything. His head turned around and wandered with his eyes instead of his feet to see if there was something to do perhaps. Very soon if not later he would then see some books on the shelf that looked different or interesting to read. Slowly he got up as he looked at the fishes which were looking at him and saw he left them be. Liam would grab a book and sat back down and once in a while his golden honey eyes would stare right back at the water instead of the large words that the book had. A small smile would appear on his lips as he read all the kinds of fishes that lived around here and even the ones that were so far away. He wondered if there were any fishes from his never-going-back town in this book, but he obviously wouldn't know till he read more of the book. Slowly upon each page they were about fishes in this Country of Fiore. He would then turn around and see the woman nod. ''Alright I think that is it. Thank you for keeping me company and all that. You did well it seems. Glad I left it to you then.'' she would say and laugh. Roughly Liam sighed and accepted this fate as he stood up and took the reward. He simply nodded towards the woman as honestly... it wasn't that bad. ''Cya later lady.'' he confidently spoke and honestly was all he thought while he turned away and booked it to whatever he had to do next. Liam wasn't highly sure, but maybe he'll check her out later.



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