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Basic Duties [Quest|Tsubaki]

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#1Tsubaki Blossom 

Basic Duties [Quest|Tsubaki] Empty Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:45 pm

Tsubaki Blossom
Tsubaki had been wandering around the streets of Hargeon today, exploring the things around her. After she had arrived in Hargeon to join Blue Pegasus a few years back, she stayed inside the guild hall and that's where she spent the all of her time... up until now. People were telling her she needed to get out, explore the sites and things to do around this wonderful town. She was hesitant for a long while, afraid something bad might happen if she want out, such as a natural disaster or a fight or something like that while she was around. She really didn't like fighting... or any kind of violence in general, so she preferred to stay away from things like that. That actually is one of the reasons she stayed inside the guild hall. There were many other reasons, such as she wasn't a very social person. There were A LOT of other unimportant reasons but really she just didn't like to go outside. She would rather stick her head in a book for a few hours and come out with more knowledge than she had before instead of going outside to look at things and gain absolutely nothing about what she went out for. The outside seemed like a great distraction to her and she really didn't like getting distracted at all. It takes focus from your primary objective and then you come back with unneeded information. Today she was going to venture out and see what was so great about the outdoors that she seemed to be missing. She had a journal in her hand so that she could write down what she saw and the most interesting things that she could go back and do later.

So far she had been loving the things that she saw, and she could see why most people in the guild hall wanted her to go outside and see everything the world had to offer. So far she had helped a few kids out with their fun little projects they were doing with paper, drew some pictures of all of the beautiful sites, and picked a few flowers to make a bouquet that she could bring back to the guild hall. She might now just love the outside. Then again the outside was filled with people... and she really didn't like people at all. The other thing she didn't like were the bugs that inhabited the wonders of the outside. They were almost everywhere she went and really they just pester the hell out of her. Then again all things in life had good and bad sides. That is really one thing she hates about the outside. The good and the bad things about life really did annoy her. Why was the world making her think about all this stuff? It really made no sense to her and just made her now question her life in general. Right now wasn't the time to be doing that though, right now she would just enjoy her time out while it lasted and just take in the vast sights that were before her.

Later on she met an officer named Kenji and was asked to help him out by keeping an eye out for some kids vandalizing the walls and stuff around town. He said if she found them to teach them a lesson. Of course she wasn't going to hurt them in any way, as that wasn't the way she did things. She would most likely tell them off (without using foul language) and take their stuff from them. This would be her first job that she had done since she join Blue Pegasus and she was actually happy to be doing it. It was an easy job but a good place to start her journey.

She had been walking through an alley when she had encountered the kids spray painting a wall. One kid was tall and lean, wearing a ash grey beanie. He had a bit of brown hair sticking out from the beanie and he had deep blue eyes that were like the deep ocean. There was also a girl wearing an outfit that looked similar to what she was wearing but really different in many ways and had her long black hair in two massive pigtails. There was one more boy who didn't seem too special in any way, just looked like a normal boy really. She had slowly moved up behind them, the noise of the paint cans muffling her movements. She put up a magic light wall in front of the three of them, stopping them from vandalizing anything else. Tsubaki was going to try her best not to hurt these delicate young souls, as they could change themselves and there was no reason to hurt them anyways. Yes they were breaking the rules but they could fix their actions and maybe clean up the messes and apologize to everyone they messed with. It wouldn't make up for everything, but it might make the people calm down a bit and not want to hurt the kids for what they did. She took the spray paint from them and put them in a bag that was laying around on the floor and had a nice long talk with them about why they were doing what they were doing and what they were going to do to apologize to everyone. it was about 2 hours before they finished talking but once they did she went to the police officer and gave him the paint cans and walked back to the guild hall, her long pink hair flowing in the wind and her skirt flowing right along with it. Her feet carried her along the cobblestone streets as she thought about what she would do the next day and how much fun she had that day. Everyone was right, the outside is one of the greatest places in the world. Though there are some good and some bad sides to everything, she could say the outside had more pros than cons.


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