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To Marigold [Foot Travel]

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To Marigold [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:31 pm

Slowly her eyes would open to reveal them to the outside world. The purple and blue of her eyes would shine as the top-black part would stay darkened. She knew that she had to leave the place she has been stay in for so long. She stayed away from family and friends, wondering if Raphael was around. She looked day and night to not find any news of him. Not even his guild knew anything. Her long teal hair was put up to the side in a pony-tail. She would remember quite well of their night at the club together. Nothing much happened mind some, but it was a sign of friendship. Areissa looked at him and wondered what kind of guy he was. She knew and studied different types of people since due to her Aura/soul-like magic she has to study a person. Sadly she has met many that weren't all that too good within. Her galaxy eyes looked into his eyes, this one was a mysterious one. Her being calmed as her face started to stop being so red/pink. She had to hold it together. She didn't want to seem like some weirdo...an annoying child. Someone who is rather crazy easily for one.

'You got this...' she thought calmly and coldly as she would smile small-like as he was talking. He was saying how it was somewhat funny or fate that they met up twice in a row on the same night. She wanted to blush at that, but something within her soul stopped her. What was this part of her? Why was she holding back now that she was finally talking to a cute guy? A mysterious one at that. She started to put her hands behind her back and looked away, towards the ground as she wondered on where to take him. She wasn't truly sure on where to go.

Areissa was truly new to Crocus and honestly this would be the first time she would go do something with a male. A cute one what that. She then had a simple flashback, a short one. When she was a child she like a boy that looked almost like this one. Full of spirits and happy and then he started to hang out with other people and bullied her. She always stayed home after that, never speaking to people other than her family. Locking herself away from all that wasn't related.

Her eyes cornered to look at the guy in front of her, right at this true moment. Slowly she stood up straight, used her right hand to move her bangs away from her eyes and made a gentle smile. ''How about we go to some club for food, music and dancing.~ Unless you know somewhere else to go. I-I mean...'' she started to drift off after starting all happily and bubbly. Was she afraid of already messing up? Even when she didn't know this person? Her heart started to be in simple pain from her shyness. ''Urmm...I'm not sure on what is all here. Something as such would be nice though.'' she spoke even more softer than usual. After he would choose, she would be too shy and afraid to grab his hand on her own, so if he did or didn't...it was up to him.

That's what she was thinking of at least. She would look up ahead to see that Marigold wasn't so far from where she was. As she already passed Hargeon. Her colorful eyes would light up as she saw the farmville of Fiore, Marigold.



To Marigold [Foot Travel] Kuri

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