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My Everything [Solo]

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”You won’t be lonely anymore,” she spoke; her coarse voice echoed through the darkened room. ”Never again, but there will be plenty of other things to come, more difficult events that require your attention,” placing a few cards over to the side of the table, she flipped over newer ones, inspecting them with a curious expression—as if she knew exactly what she was doing. Seira frowned at the elderly lady; she tilted her head to the side ever so slightly and helplessly stared into the obviously fake crystal ball. She shouldn’t have come to a place like this (it was ridiculous the more she thought about it), but Seira learned that there were things she did not know, things she did not understand—and she was willing to learn whether or not there was something more fascinating and unique than vampyres out there. Part of her (although she would never admit to that) felt reassured when the seer told her that she would not be lonely anymore and Seira’s anticipation grew. ”When will I meet him?” The lady paused, looked up and burst into cackling laughter.

”Oh darling, I never said it was going to be a man!”

Navani Leaves.

That was all it said. Seira frowned as she stared down the piece of paper given to her by the seer and although she decided not to be greedy or petty about this the Sorceress couldn’t help but feel like she had been scammed. After leaving the lady’s suspicious looking shop, she had granted her an information that now seemed useless and while Seira had been promised a companion, perhaps a friend or (hopefully) a lover, the information she received in the end seemed to have nothing to do with either of those things—and this upset her. I have never even heard of those leaves before and clearly nobody else in this town has either, she whined, openly frustrated after she’d spent the rest of the day going through herb-selling stores to find said items or at least gather some knowledge regarding them. Seira wasn’t clueless. In fact, she knew quite a lot about herbalism, so when she was told to find plants she was looking forward to the journey—until now.

Seira was walking through Hargeon while the sun was already beginning to set. The streets were emptier now, the town’s people disappeared into their homes and shops were slowly closing up. It’s been a few days since she had spent some time alone during the night, so Seira decided to stay up and enjoy the silence while she still could. It felt good to roam the alleys after sunset from time to time and the vampyress was eventually heading for the forests located behind Hargeon which also lead to Magnolia. It was quiet—fortunately so—and the young woman found herself wandering aimlessly through the thicket, completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Everything’s peaceful tonight, she thought to herself and smiled contentedly. She saw no humans during her stroll, and was only interrupted when she heard what sounded like pitiful whimpering. It was dark but (of course!) that did not matter to the vampire—her perfect night vision came in as handy as ever. Seira stopped in her tracks and took a careful look around. It sounded very much like an injured animal meekly begging for help and after doing a little searching, the woman eventually found out where the noises were coming from. Not too far away, rolled up into a small ball of misery, she spotted a strange looking creature hiding beneath the bushes. It had purple fur, adorably large ears and a feline appearance. It was four-legged and both its hind paws were bloodied and injured. A beautiful, red gem was tugged into its forehead and shone brightly. Seira had never seen this species before, but couldn’t help but feel empathy for the seemingly tame and suffering animal. It’s so dainty.. She kneeled down closely by its side and gently reached out for it.

”Hey there?”

After a while, Espeon slowly opened its eyes.

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