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Just A Nibble [Seira/private]

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Kenny "in yo pants"Omega wasn't one to frequently drink before his excursion through Fiore, at a time he even looked down at those who allowed alcohol past their lips. He used to believe that liquor made a man weak, it slowed him down and ate him from the inside out, inevitably leading to his to their death after their insides rot away. It was funny really, now that he was older and had a bit of time under his belt in the region between Oak and Hargeon he relied on liquor to take his mind off of the responsibilities that would one day lie before him: Find a place to live, keep himself fed, and keep shelter close, hm, the thought of being on his own used frighten  him, now he cherished any time he could sit on his own and drink his worries away.

The scarred Omega raised his cup his lips he did have as he took a sip of his drink. The bar was a nice little hub of activity,this establishment on the inside of a building instead of the frequent open air establishments. There were a few tables spread throughout the bar their tops square and four feet around each standing on a single leg that raised a four or so feet from the ground. Each table had three chairs with red cushions laced into the seeder wood seating. There were also booths lined up along the walls each one with simple designs wood and red cushions like the bar chairs. At the front of the pub Kenny sat down at the bar.

Kenny held his head back for a moment to savor the burning that his drink was stimulating his throat with, it was a terrible drink, but it helped him clear his mind of the stress that he was under for the time being. That stress and the pain of not being on the road were enough to drive him mad, but the bottle helped him subdue the pain immensely.

"Ugh..." he sighed laying his head on the Tavern's shabby wooden bar counter as he sat alone. It was a cool rainy night, the place was lively with activity, it seemed civilians were enjoying themselves, men were singing, boasting, and laughing aloud, women, those that were there, were content with them it seemed some dancing and drinking as well. Overall the pub gave Kenny a very relaxed feeling.(?) No, that wasn't it, he was more irritated with all of the philandering, but he needed a strong drink to get him through the trip.

Normally he would be more than happy to partake in the merriment, maybe even take one of the dames in the bar to an inn for some fun, but not tonight, tonight he merely wanted to drink to get through the day he's had. That and he wouldn’t dare pick up any woman as he was to be married and he had no business trying to pick anyone up.

In the back of the fun, however, a storm began to brew not like the one outside.  Two men were having a pissing contest of sorts one raving about how much they made, how beautiful their wives were and who was the better fighter. Petty nonsense that men loved to brag about, with the two it seemed one would dismiss the other’s claim just yelling about how the first gentlemen was full of shit. Then something came up about a woman and the rest... Kenny couldn't hear.

He kept his head down and sighed, “Tonight? Here we go again..”

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Just A Nibble [Seira/private] Qurywgl

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”Coffee, please,” Seira spoke softly, patiently watching as the bartender poured baileys into the beverage she had ordered. She had no intention of sleeping tonight and thus she needed the caffeine as badly as she needed the alcohol. The environment was rather noisy, much to the woman’s dismay, and she found herself in one of Hargeon Town’s filthier bars, a place that was crowded with dancing and drunk people of all sorts. This didn’t surprise her at all, humans had little care for pride and class when it came to entertainment and especially the lower lives were ridiculously easy to entertain. That, however, also made it significantly easier for the vampire to choose her victims and truth be told, she rarely felt sorry for the scum she picked up in these places to feed on—from what she could tell they would simply sleep through the hangover, rise from the dead the next morning and go by their days as if nothing had happened.  

She was served her drink and began sipping on it; given the miserable circumstances it did an excellent job in regards to lowering her desire to drain each and every person within this room of their blood—but sadly this sensation never lasted long. Alcohol dulled the thirst for a short amount of time, but it was never enough. Due to the influence of certain individuals she’d met (and grown fond of) during her journey through Fiore, Seira struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle and often neglected her duties as a vampire. Human blood was significant to her existence and the lack thereof would weaken and eventually kill her. Strangely enough though she felt disgusted by herself and often refused to feed on live humans as a result.

Seira hated every moment she spent inside that bar. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when she noticed what seemed to be a bar fight stirring up. Finally, she thought to herself while rolling her eyes at the two idiots involved—one of them, if not two, would end up as her prey tonight and going by their looks, she wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. She waited quietly in her corner until both of them were kicked out the bar and decided that it was now time for her to leave as well. She paid for her unfinished drink and quickly followed the two drunk (and now beaten up) men outside.  

As soon as they all stepped outside, both men were approached by the starving vampire, who was dressed completely in black. ”What is your blood type?” she asked politely, but was only met with confusion in return. ”Your blood type,” she repeated until one of the men eventually spoke up.

”B.. B+, I think. Why do you care?”

Seira flashed him a smile. ”Ah, my favourite.”

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There were all sorts of twist and turns in Kenny’s mind, he was here for a few reasons. TO get over the stress he was feeling, to drink away some guild newbie jitters and most importantly get over the fact that he has been dumped, yes, yes, what a surprise. His fiance bailed on him, left her ring at his door step and told him to buzz off. What a surprise this was, what a surprise this would have been if he didn’t give a fuck about her. He wasn’t surprised, no Kenny, the Omega, the dark horse, he who was always seldom spoken his inside of his heart an anger so furious, so pained, that if someone did so much as mention that name to him he would unleash his full fury on them regardless of if they were friend or foe, weaker or stronger, the pain a wolf felt when abandoned by his pack was one that was unrivaled in the animal kingdom, one that was unrivaled in the spectrum of human consciousness. Why did it have to hurt so much?!

He slammed his fist on the counter, the result an indent in the thick wood of the bar top as he tried his best to clear his mind of the betrayal he felt, but he just couldn’t shake it. Was it really over? The bruises, the scratches, the blood, sweat, and tears he put into it all? Was it really over because he made a tiny mistake? He NEVER cheated, he never lied, he never even did so much as to look at another woman after proposing and now he was at the end of some imaginary rope because she decided now that she had enough? She was an adult and he was a grown man, but god damn it if it didn’t piss him off to think about her crying, bawling when she told him how much she loved him, it pissed him off to the point he would be shaking if the liquor wasn’t so heavy tonight. There was nothing left for him, was there? That was it wasn’t it? He lost, he failed, he treaded through the murkiest of waters, and most steep of mountains only to be dropped like he was nothing but a fucking rented prom date that some chick bought so her parents wouldn’t know she was dating some ass hole. Kenny USED to be that ass hole, but he went so far to change himself, and get better, that he ended up the kid sitting in the back of his car crying his eyes out because he was used and tossed aside by some chick in a cheap dress. Was this really it?

Yes, yes, to every question he raised. This was it for him, there was nothing left for him in this life or the next. He failed, it wasn’t fair, he found love, it made him say that he was back so many times and yet, now he was empty again. First that one girl, the one with the piercing eyes, and now the one that was the personification of a flip of a coin. Did Kenny even matter? Everyone seemed to just drop him… How long before PL dropped him, said he wasn’t enough. Dark thoughts began to crawl back to him, those that he buried that day on the bench. Those thoughts about just giving up, being motionless, as thoughts falling in an open pit ran through his mind. He could effortlessly do so, just sink into darkness… He could drop the tough guy act and just let go, there was nothing left in Fiore, nothing left in Hargeon, not even a reason to wake up in the morning.

Kenny stood up, unaware of the scarp that had happened not long ago, seemed he was absent mindedly following a woman outside and not before long ended up stopping in his tracks as she did She seemed interested in the two bickering bums, asked them their blood types and… Kenny couldn’t really hold steady, his attempts to sour his mind seemed to work too well. He would find a wall to post up against as he watched the strange meeting unfold, tired, defeated eyes watching as the men looked down at the much smaller woman. “Tch…”

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She sighed quietly; a more difficult situation arose and although she had been caught by surprise, Seira remained calm. ”I should have been more subtle,” the vampire spoke to herself and shook her head gently. ”Perhaps this is for the best,” she seemed lost in thoughts and her voice had become merely a murmur. They were no longer fighting and silence settled between the three—now four—of them, until she decided that they’d be allowed to live if they caused no further trouble. Neither the two men nor the third one, who’d followed behind, appeared appetizing, but Seira wasn’t picky and gladly denied herself the pleasure of digging her teeth into something old, when something younger offered itself to her. She shooed them away, watched as they stumbled down the streets in confusion and eventually disappeared into the darkness.

Seira turned around shrugged almost meekly at the tall figure.

”I suppose this makes you the unlucky winner,” she explained, well aware that her words would make absolutely no sense to the man whether he was drunk or not, and carefully began tugging him towards the dark alleys. He seemed worn out, tired and lost and honestly, it was almost tragic how perfect this made him for her cause. She walked slowly, making sure that he could follow each and every step, and while she didn’t go far she wanted at least a little distance between themselves and the busy bar.

Seira wasn’t evil; she watched over her prey, made sure they remained unharmed and survived the night. There was nothing specific, nothing clever about her ways and yet they always seemed to work—flawlessly. Vampyrism came at a cost and every now and then she had to feed on live humans to regain strength and youth and whereas Seira never chose this life, she didn’t exactly defy it either. There was a strange sense of acceptance in everything she did.

”You can rest here for a while,” she eventually said to the man and now that they were alone she began inspecting him a little closer. She wasn’t sure whether or not he was still listening, if he even cared about any of this (he sure looked like he didn’t) and if he could follow her words, but it didn’t matter. ”I have never seen such a defeated look in someone’s eyes,” the vampire pointed out. Her words were laced with concern and curiosity. ”..Just what in the world happened to you?”

It was precisely that state of defeat that made him such an easy victim, but Seira wanted to know what he’d gone through first before she fed on him.

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He sighed in relief; he didn’t quite understand what was happening before him, she peaked the interest of the two males with an odd question, repeatedly barking about blood types. There was an eerie air around this woman, he didn’t seem all there, but not in the sense that her mind was a mess nor that she came off as insane, more that she was odd for lack of better term. It didn’t take long for her to notice him, though it didn’t much matter as Kenny faded in and out of consciousness, he was about ready to sleep he had drank so much and if he didn’t faint he would surely be paying for his erratic night drinking in the morning with a painful hangover.  

There was just enough light for Kenny to see her turn around, her attention being casted to him as he timidly shrugged back at her with a tilt of his head oblivious to her intentions and far too intoxicated to investigate.  

“Winn...er? What I won?” he asked incoherently, nodding off yielding his wrist to her as he obediently followed in her footsteps in a series of bumbling behind her in a sluggish walk. There wasn’t much much going through his mind, he still thought of the heart break he was suffering, but it seemed the alcohol made his mind and body numb to the emotional suffering he once endured earlier tonight. The first thing on his mind was maybe the woman before him was leading him back to her place, a general assumption most men would make given that she choose him out of her three available options. What would they do at her place though? That was the golden question that a more attentive Kenneth would asks, but in his current state he was under the assertion that he was just being led around by some short lady.

There would be a long silence between them before Kenny spoke up, “W-wait, lady, I can not go wiff you, I gots to get home, my fia-” he felt himself stop the word from coming out of his mouth, even in a worst state of mind he couldn’t divulge such information to a stranger, especially since it was just a fallacy he had generated about his dwindling love life that he had honestly believed was coming to a stop, though at the moment the only stop he made was in his steps as the tiny woman spoke up yet again.

“Rest…” he repeated the first word that actually got through his alcohol ridden stupor, "I rest,” he nodded. His eyes were still mildly disinterested in what was happening, drooped and groggy he was ready to accept whatever fate this woman had planned to befall him with. Rather it’d be a night of action ontop the dumpster he was leaning against, pummeling and likely destroying  the wall behind it with the force of a newly lubed mack truck or her pulling out a knife and making him give her his belongings… Kenny… Kenny just didn’t give a damn at this point.

As he rested against a wall, hands sliding down his thighs and to his knees he looked up at her when a new question arises, what happened to him? “Where do I start?” he repeated, the question seemed to temporarily sober him up as a weak, crooked smile stretched his lips. “The defeat in my eyes stems from a broken heart I guess, happens when you thought you would be with someone forever, but it turns out they’re so cowardly that they don’t have the guts to tell you that they don’t love you no more.” he chuckled at the end, his words were clear and unslurred as he put all of the coherence and articulation as he could into a formidable sentence before finally allowing his feet to slide from under him, his read thudding against the ground as he now looked up at her. It was a pathetic reason to be so hurt, but he accepted the weakness and allowed it to break him down as his purple hues shined in what little light entered the alley from the sky above.

“Fa gib me, i shuld not, put my fooleshniss on yew, why are we ut ear?”
there was the drunken stupidity…

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”Funny,” she snickered, ”love makes humans do all sorts of unreasonable things,” she crouched down, removed the black cloak she was wearing and placed it over the man’s body. ”There you go,” Seira nodded, giving him a soft pat on the shoulder and pulled an old, empty crate close which she’d use to sit on while speaking to her companion. She wore a dress, same colour as the cloak, tight and with long sleeves, leaving barely any skin uncovered. Combined with high heeled boots, reaching all the way up to her thighs, nothing more than a hand’s width of skin was revealed. Crossing her legs, the vampire frowned at the fragile human male. He had a lot to talk about, weirdly enough, and while he drifted in and out of consciousness he made some very valid points to explain his current state of health and Seira couldn’t help but agree—at least he had a decent reasoning for being this messed up.

”She scorned you, that’s unfortunate, but nothing’s forever—not even love,” Seira’s words were laced with empathy; she understood his frustration despite not having lived through a similar situation. She reached out for his arm, grabbed it and began rolling up his sleeve so she could inspect the limb further. He had a strong build, tall and muscular and perhaps he would even make a decent mercenary—with less alcohol in his system. ”It’s pointless to keep toxic people in your life,” she spoke softly, shrugging it off while looking for his veins. They were visible and his wrists seemed fine, but they never gave enough blood to feed her for an entire month, unless she wanted to spend the next three days sucking the blood out of his body. If possible, Seira wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible.

”Although you are in a miserable state, your body is still strong,” the vampire concluded, removing a small bottle as well as a white tissue from her pocket, ”I suppose this means you have undergone some sort of regular training—or is there someone you work for?” Almost casually, she began disinfecting his wrist. Seira was considerate of others (she always had been!), especially when she had to feed on humans—being a neatfreak helped and she would always keep it as clean as possible, for both of their sakes. ”Careful now, you might feel a little sting, but don’t you worry about a thing,” with her hood gone, Seira’s hair framed her face beautifully as she smiled her sweetest smile.

She cut his wrist open, small and clean, and watched as the first few pearls of blood poured out before lifting his arm up to her lips. Carefully, she licked the red liquid of his skin and smacked her lips thoughtfully. ”Wow,” she seemed genuinely surprised, ”you are actually delicious,” Seira complimented him, ”but you seriously need to cut down on that alcohol.”

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He heard her snickering, mocking it would have sounded like to a less foolish man, but alas she was in the presence of a someone who couldn’t be classified as a man at all. He did do unreasonable things for the woman in question, he did give up bits and pieces of himself along the way, but alas even with all of the loss and pain he felt he still cared a great deal for her, even if she broke his body and mind. What was he to do though? What could he do? No matter what he always came out the butt of every joke, a living breathing punchline used to entertain whatever humbled mass came beckoning for a good show. Maybe he was better off killing himself, he could do it in a number of ways: Jump into the sea, slit his wrist in a bathtub, even hanging was an option, all of it was just a front to deliver the omega from his constant pain.

Though no consent was given there wasn’t much he could do in the way of defending himself from her strange ritual, if it could even be called that. Any attempt to move the arm she seized was met with lazy, untwining nerves as Kenny’s lavender eyes sunk from the tiny woman before him to his cloaked lap. “Scorn…” was the only reply he’d muster. She scorned him and it was his fault, it was all his fault. The flirting, the fighting, it was all his fault and it took him getting drunk to figure that out, well him getting drunk and a stranger offering small talk. The Omega managed to lean his head against the wall as he watched her through a squint.

When she spoke about his training he mustered up the first few words that came to mind in reply, “Trained myself… Had to, I wanted to be a Rune Knight.” he mumbled as his head cocked to the side as he watched her slit his wrist. Not as deep as he would want, would much rather she let him bleed out quickly but he could sit in the alley and die the old fashioned slow way. Sobriety began catching up to him, he realized what she was doing and when she was done he offered a grin and nod.

“I’m glad someone thinks so and I’ll be sure to drop the booze for a while… A long while.” from what he could deduce she seemed to have a thing for blood, maybe she was a cannibal, well damn this really put his dumpster action theory to rest, “But thank you, really. I don’t think I’ve had anyone in my guild offer me such wisdom before. Then again when it comes to Guild socialization phantom lord ain’t much for it.”

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Seira found it difficult to hurt this man, wondering whether or not he was always this naive towards strangers or if the alcohol was at fault. He seemed kind, a little stupid and too honest about his thoughts and emotions. It made little to no sense for him to be telling her anything and yet here he was, giving her a smile and a thumbs up while she carried out questionable procedures on his limbs. His wrist was still bleeding and the vampire (who was prepared for anything) pulled out a small, white plaster and covered the open wound before gently returning his arm to his side. ”You are very soft spoken for someone who spends his nights intoxicated in bars and on the streets,” Seira noted quietly and sat around without doing anything further—she knew what she was here for, but she didn’t want to overwhelm him.

”Something makes me think this is not the right place for you, nor is this where you are supposed to be,” the vampire was right in her assumption and shortly after the man revealed a little more about himself. Seira’s eyes widened in surprise when he mentioned the Rune Knights, and chuckled at the words he chose, ”there is nothing good or interesting about following a mindless ideology,” although Seira was from Era, she never cared much for the Rune Knights or even less the Council. She had to follow their rules, of course, or else she would get in trouble—and that wasn't really worth it.

What he said next froze the woman in place for a few seconds, before she eventually snapped out of it and shook her head in disbelief. ”What? Phantom Lord? You are a member of Phantom Lord?” If he spoke the truth, it would change a whole lot for the both of them. Without hesitation Seira kneeled down next to him and began searching his body for the guild’s insignia that would prove his statement. ”What is your name? And where is your guild tattoo?” She asked almost frantically and pulled the cloak away from him.

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Kenny sighed contently as his wrist was patched up and placed back at this side. The smile didn’t leave his lips, though his eyes shut generating a much more sincere and warm smile. “Thank you for patching me up.” he had no questions or concerns about what she did. For all he knew she could have sapped some sort of poison into him, but he didn’t mind as long as she enjoyed herself. Yes, he was naive and stupid, but he cared so much for the enjoyment of others that he had no problem being a plaything or test subject as long as the one doing the prodding was having fun. “Thank you again, I try not to talk too much, even when I’m a little tipsy.” he stifled a small chuckled as he leaned against the wall.

There was another remark from her, she told him that he didn’t fit the scenery and she was mostly right, he wasn’t fit to be in a rugged place like this but he tried his best to keep up with others and always do what he thought was right even if he was in more or less dire circumstances. No matter where he was, kindness was kind and showing kindness to other was never a bad idea even if they held a blade to your throat.

When she froze in place he tilted his head in confusion as an eyebrow cocked upward, an apologetic smile crept on his face as he raised his hands to allow her to search him before placing them on the bottom button of his undershirt. “Yes mam, sorry if I gave you a shock, please, allow me to show you… I’m sorry in advance for removing my shirt.” Kenny untucked his shirt and undid the bottom buttons, after four were unbuttoned he lifted the shirt to reveal his guid tattoo on his side. He had no reason to lie to her and if she felt the need to harm him he would not blame her Phantom Lord was a dark guild after all.

“I’m sorry if it offends you, I know that they aren’t the most savory of characters and I apologize for not telling you sooner.”

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Seira watched quietly as he removed his garments to provide evidence to his statement; he hadn’t lied and she’d disbelief written all over her. She touched the tattoo, rubbed a little over it and eventually came to the conclusion that it was very much real, which made him a member of the infamous Phantom Lord guild. Silence stood between the two of them until the Sorceress decided to button up his shirt and pull him back up onto his feet, hoping he could walk a little further. ”This changes everything,” she shook her head at the man and began dragging him along the dark streets of Hargeon Town. ”I never thought I would run into one of them again, even less in such an open place,” Seira was talking more to herself at this point, but made sure not to let go of him until they arrived at a small, vacant building.

”You haven’t told me your name yet,” she pointed out while opening the door, leading him inside where he could rest on an old bed. The room was hardly furnished; there were a table, a chair and a small, wooden dresser—that was it. It was also completely dark inside, which didn’t made much of a difference to the nightwalker who had perfect vision nonetheless. ”Sit,” she commanded and kneeled down in front of him, ”You are a decent person,” Seira folded her hands and locked eyes with the dark haired male, ”...probably. And that is why you are going to help me with two things. I will give you something in return—it’s a gift, but it comes with a price.”

Seira had been searching for members of Phantom Lord for a while now—without success. Unless she walked straight into the guild’s building itself (which was a stupid idea, of course), she couldn’t seem to find a way to pick them up, but now that he was here, that problem had solved itself.

What she said to him, however, was a blatant lie.

There was nothing good about her intentions, it wasn’t a gift either—vampyrism was a curse, and she had learned to live with that reality. The human who sat in front of her was falling apart already; he looked like a broken man and nothing from this world, with the exception of a woman who had long scorned him, could fix that. Truth be told, Seira wasn’t so sure whether or not that was even the case, and she wasn’t going to take any risks. She would take matters into her own hands for once, even if that meant deciding over a stranger’s life—just like Bianca had decided over hers. Seira placed both of her hands onto Kenny’s cheeks and made him look at her.

”I’m going to make you stronger.”

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Kenny looked up at her attentively as she studied his tattoo, admittedly he was a bit embarrassed to have his shirt open in front of a woman he didn’t really know. It was so embarrassing to be exposed like this to a stranger, alight blush shaded his cheeks as he waited for her analysis of his form. Interestingly enough she was only interested in the tattoo and her interest in him seemed to grow immensely as she adjusted his shirt. He didn’t understand what she was saying all that well, but he didn’t ask any questions or nag her, it seemed she had her own little agenda at hand and if he could he would help her the best he could, though he would have to also consider the safety of his guild. Without much warning she helped him up and dragged him into yet another building, he made sure to take a hold of the cloak before they left though he wouldn’t want her to forget it.

“I’m sorry, my name is Kenny.” he chuckled happily as he was dragged into the building, “can I have yours?” He couldn’t make out much about the room, he sat where she told him on the bed. It wasn’t the most comfortable bed but it made for a better seat than concrete that was for sure. He couldn’t see a thing, his eyes trying to make out shapes here and there only for her radiant eyes to be all he could see not before long as she knelt in front of him. As nervous as he was becoming, being in pitch darkness unsure what was coming, he trusted this woman and waited for the next step in her plan for him as he smiled at the compliments. He had to stop putting on such a goofy smile around strangers, especially when his life might have been in danger, but it was hard he always smiled, smiles helped light up the world.

“Oh um… Okay.” he meekly retorted as he adjusted his position on the bed to sit up a bit better. It was nice of her to make such an offer, but he was unsure what she meant by make him stronger, he wasn’t one to asks questions when out of turn though, so at most he would flow with her words and smile on.

He could feel dainty hands on his cheeks, a blush reddening the bridge of his nose as Kenny looked up at her. Those eyes, those beautiful eyes like two rubies shining down at him. He couldn’t make out her face completely, but what little light broke into the room allowed him to see her in full view: A beautiful young woman with flawless skin and soft pleasant features. Without any hesitation Kenny placed a his right hand over hers and nodded, “Thank you.” his voice was sincere though he did not know what she was going to do.

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Seira’s bizarre obsession with Phantom Lord was not without reason, the sorceress just hadn’t accepted it yet. It wasn’t revenge she was seeking, even less retaliation—what Bianca had given her was a gift all the same and she had done well at using it for her own benefit. She made her better by turning her into a vampire, stronger as well and although she would never admit to it (yet), she was grateful for the opportunities she had received ever since her transition. Human life was ever so fragile and although she had newfound weaknesses as well, Seira seemed to have found a purpose and after years of pointlessly wandering the earth, she decided that she could not—and would not—live without a purpose ever again.

”Kenny, that’s a strange name for someone who looks like you,” she commented and tilted her head to side in amusement. He could appear intimidating, perhaps, if he wasn’t as drunk and as soft spoken, but none of that really mattered to the vampire. She rose to her feet and began removing a few layers of his clothing to expose his neck—and therefore the veins. ”I suppose this is going to seem strange at first, but I promise you—it’s not what you think,” she smiled when the man put his hand to hers; it was almost painful to watch just how gullible he was (was it truly just the alcohol?) and if all of Phantom Lord’s members were like him, the guild would not be able to stand up against the council.

She had heard and read of many knights far more ruthless than this, which was ironic and somewhat reassuring. I guess in the end there really isn’t something such as good and bad, she thought to herself and kneeled down behind Kenny, pulling him towards her until his back leaned against her chest and his head was pressed to the side, allowing her better access to his carotid. Opening her mouth, the vampire bared her fangs and dug them into his skin until blood started flowing. She drank until she had drained a decent amount of blood from the human’s body (enough to feed her for an entire month, if necessary) and let go for a while, carefully licking the wounds of her victim. ”Thank you, Kenny,” her voice was sweet, and she even went as far as giving his head a gentle pat.

”It’s not so bad, mh?”

It would certainly hurt, they were fleshwounds after all, but considering his current state of mind he may not even be able to progress pain. ”This might hurt a little more, but I promise you it will be over soon,” Seira went in again, this time pumping her own blood into the human’s system—which was toxic to his existence and would trigger his transition into a vampire. Placing his body onto the bed once she finished, Seira disinfected the wound on his neck, bandaged it and allowed the man to rest and sleep for the night. She had a few more things to say to him, but that could certainly wait until the next morning.

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He braced for the worst, but it did not come. No, instead of death he would find her… Doing something rather unexpected. Kenny couldn’t protest, fangs dug into his neck and he clenched his fist in an instant, gritted teeth his only security as he felt her bite down into him blood seeping out of his neck and into her maw. The scene began to fade, Kenny’s eyes couldn’t keep open, his neck felt like it was burning he didn’t put up any resistance as he would finally allow himself to fade away.

His eyes finally shut, he was cold, did his heart stop? But his brain was still active? It had to be if he was conscious. As his corpse was placed onto the bed his heartbeat became all he heard. Kenny Omega was beginning to fade away, he could feel himself dying, he was still Kenny but in this dormant state between unconsciousness, death, and consciousness a new feeling began to take hold of him. The feeling of rebirth and becoming a new. He would sleep through the night, grunting every now and then as his memories played back to him as the transformation took hold… Who was he now?

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Hargeon Town had fallen silent.

There was no noise, nothing that hinted at the existence of life in these streets. Seira Navillera was resting; she leaned against the wooden wall with her eyes closed, dozing off a few times throughout the night. She found it almost funny how (sometimes) feeding could lead to such coma-like states of mind and body—’almost’ because the vampire was most definitely too tired to laugh at anything in these moments. The human she’d picked off the streets was massive in size, way more than she needed to satisfy her thirst. Furthermore, injecting her own blood into his veins had proven more difficult and exhausting than she’d expected (or perhaps she was simply an amateur?) and the vampire was tired either way.  

She waited until the early morning hours for him to wake up and when he finally did, the sorceress took a seat by his side and made sure he was listening. She didn’t care much for where he would be going from now on and whether or not her attempt at turning him into a vampire had even succeeded—Seira was certain that she would learn about that sometime in the future, one way or another. What mattered most to her right now was the message she needed him to relay. Even if he didn’t turn into a vampire by then, the bite marks on his neck surely would be enough for Bianca to understand what this was about.

She woke him up by shaking him gently until he opened his eyes, ”Rise and shine, sleepyhead,” she said and sarcasm was laced throughout her words. She made sure he was wide awake when she spoke to him, so that he would remember each and every word she was saying. ”It is time for you to go and deliver a message to someone from your guild. She’s tall, very pretty, her name is Bianca—you’ll know her when you see her. Tell her that Seira sent you. Tell her that I’m doing well and that I will be coming for her very soon,” she smiled, stood up and got ready to leave.

”That is all.”

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