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Distraction [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Distraction [Quest|Sage] Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:45 pm

Sage †
Sage was waiting for a crazy old man named Leis at the back of the castle, he was assigned by Jelies Sov to drive away a crazy old man from the castle which is now handling a party for important and noble people. Sage heard that Leis is too crazy and will cause a ruckus wherever he go so it is Sage’s job to prevent Leis from ruining the castle’s party.  Sage also heard that this crazy old man will is using a wheelchair which is made by the townspeople. The sky was dark and the castle was lit with beautiful dresses and suits, the feast inside can be smelled from the outside which made Sage feel like he want to join the party. After a few moment, Sage could see a tiny figure, rolling its wheelchair towards the gate of the castle. He have a wide black eye his hair wavy and grey, when the small figure came into the light where Sage could clearly see him, he could see his wrinkly face and white cloth. ‘This must be the crazy old man Leis.’ Sage thought as it would be obvious especially seeing old man in a wheelchair, that that man is Leis. Sage was thinking about a plan, he knew that it is too late, before Leis could enter the castle, Sage intercepted him ”Excuse me sir, may I ask you something?”, he asked Leis, saying the thing that came into his mind straight away. ”Oh yes plz but make it quick, I have other things to settle.” Leis said seeming annoyed. ”Are you Leis? The great old man I have heard about recently?” Sage said, knowing nothing what he supposed to say, creating things up with his imagination. ”Oh yes, I am Leis but the great old man? I have never heard people said it in about, a- a century!” Leis exaggerated, Sage didn’t know that what he said was true. Then Leis continued, ”Over a century ago, I was a great exorcist! All the demons feared me!” Leis exaggerated again, saying with a proud tone. ”But now I am too old for this, I cant do it anymore.” he ended with a sad tone. Sage didn’t know if he should believe what Leis told him or not, then Sage focused on the quest and what he must do. ”Yes, that is so great! Can you tell me more?” Sage praised Leis and asked him questions after questions, making Leis forgot where he should go and what he wanted to do before. ”Yes, yes, where should I start?” Leis began to think of what he should tell Sage. But then Sage realized that he supposed to drive Leis away from the castle, and now he is just stalling him, he could make a scene in front of the castle. Which is the opposite of what he should do. ”Umm, can we talk somewhere else? Im afraid if something else could hear us, maybe we should go to the church to be safe?” Sage said, thinking of the best place he could go.

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Sage †
On the way there, Sage and Leis talked and talked, sage trying to keep the crazy old man’s mind away from the castle’s party. ”So I heard about you and the Satan but it isn’t clear.” Sage asked Leis, as that is the only thing he heard about Leis which is that Leis always talk about Satan and making scenes at the castle. ”Oh yes! So you heard about that.” Leis replied, with quite a happy tone. Sage thinks that Leis was very addicted with it. ”Yes, Ive heard about it.” Leis then laughed a laugh that Sage couldn’t seem to see what kind of laugh Leis is laughing, but he pushed that thought away. Then Leis suddenly stopped laughing. ”What is wrong sir? Something wrong?” Sage asked worried about the old man in the wheelchair. ”No, no nothing it is just, it reminded me of my wife. Sage don’t know what to say he didn’t know anything about Leis’ wife, he never heard of it, but Leis sounds sad, maybe his wife is dead, Sage thought. [b]”Kid, I think I want to go to my home could you assist me there.” Leis said, he doesn’t sound crazy anymore. Sage was surprised, it is so easy to drive this old man people said is crazy. ”Oh, yes yes, sure I will, you just tell me where your house is, ill push you along the way.” Sage said trying to help an old man in a wheelchair the best way he could. Along the way, Leis didn’t talk much he kept silent and only talks when they should make a turn. They arrived at Leis house, ”Ill walk on my own from now, thank you kid for spending your time with me, bless you.” He said, driving his wheelchair towards the front door and shutting it once he got in. Sage felt a bit pity towards the old man, but he also feel happy that all of this ended tonight. Sage walked back through the streets of Orichidia towards the castle thinking about Leis, and also his future and what will he become of. Sage arrived at the castle, the party is still lit, he sat near the entrance where he could still hear laughing of the people inside the castle and the food inside, turning Sage’s appetite on. After a while, the party ended, people are walking out of the castle, some walk to their home and some rode their vehicles, they all wear expensive clothes which made Sage feel poor, but then he remembered that he is living in a hotel since he arrived in Fiore so that might be said to be rich. Then Jelies Sov will walk out of the castle’s gate, Sage shouted his name and waved at him. Jelies noticed Sage and walk towards him, ”Well done kid, the party went quite well with no distraction, thanks for your help here’s your money.” he said thanking Sage and gave him the money, Sage took the money and went home to rest.

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