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Changes in the Wind [Foot Travel, Hargeon to Magnolia]

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#1Sylvester Hercules 

Changes in the Wind [Foot Travel, Hargeon to Magnolia] Empty Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:38 pm

Sylvester Hercules
Sylvester Hercules had done a lot of things in Hargeon- he had wrestled, he had gotten dinner with some people and enjoyed said dinner on his own- overall, he had an interesting time. However, he felt that now it was time for him to leave. He’d done some work, and he had quite a bit of gold in pocket. He felt the urge to spend some jewels; after all, the amount of money he had accumulated was grand and he would not want it to stagnate. Before he departed Hargeon for Magnolia Town, he went on a little shopping spree. Syl hit up strip malls, buying extravagant clothing and all sorts of stupid, impulsive things. He engaged the materialistic desires within himself, something he rarely did. It felt somewhat good, actually.

Towards the end of Syl’s little shopping spree, he ventured off the beaten path- there was a certain merchant who specialized in dealings of questionable morality, tucked away in an alley, dark and secluded from the metropolitan port landings of the bigger city. Although the dealings the merchant specialized were in fact quite shady, Sylvester had heard from strong local wizards that this man had the means to empower the very magic essence within those willing to fork over the steep monetary price. Being that he still had grand amounts of jewels at his disposal, Sylvester figured that he could only benefit from a deal such as this. His ambitions as a mage were high, and being able to shoulder such immense power would be a dream come true. He made business with the merchant and acquired an unusual elixir in a small, glass vial. The instruction given was to drink the liquid. Syl waited until he was back at his inn to do this, and when he did, he felt a strange rush of energy travel from his mouth to his skull, then to his arms, and his feet before it came back up to his cranium. The magic power within him felt to be pulsating, and expanding; the very sensation made his skin crawl. He lay in his bed, before he was overtaken by a strong and sudden urge to vomit. He fought the urge, and was able to suppress it, but the nausea was soon replaced by a stinging pain throughout his vessel which seemed to overtake every significant sense he could experience. He writhed, fighting the sensation. Following this the stinging began to go away, and the discomfort began to subside. He immediately fell asleep.

Upon waking up, Sylvester felt different. The wind magic that once coursed through his body was gone, replaced by a somewhat familiar yet distantly separate new sort of magic. Sylvester had yet to discover this. He felt compelled, however, to explore the facets of his newfound magic power. He decided he would spend some time away from his guild, Fairy Tail, after deducing that he should take some time off and maybe explore some of the other factions and organizations Fiore had to offer while rediscovering his magic capabilities. He left for Magnolia in stride, ready to say goodbye. Perhaps in his absence he would learn a great deal more about himself. Self-reflection was a very powerful thing.



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