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Train With Me [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Train With Me [Quest|Sage] Empty Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:54 pm

Sage †
The fresh air of the early morning hits Sage's face once again, he woke up this early to do yet another quest and now with a local mercenary. Sage walks pass by where he encountered the spirits by the river, he grinned remembering all of that. His client asked him to meet with him just outside of the town inside a forest. Then not far away, Sage could see a figure with long straight hair, her hair quivering under the sun as her hair is greyish. Sage could see that she is ready for the quest, her training shirt and all. Sage was prepared ahead so he wore a simple shirt with long pants. "Hey, I am Sage, how could I help you today?" Sage said, opening up cheerfully. "Hey Sage, Im Seheda, Linas Seheda. I called you here so that you could join me in my training." she said, clarifying what they are going to do that day. "What training?" Sage asked, as he was confused, is it a magic training or physical training. "A training for our muscles and reflexes of course!" She giggled, then she realized something utterly important, "Oh right, yes you are a mage I forgot about that.", she apologised, "Shall we start now before all of this fresh morning air disappears?" Sage said, always focusing on what they are supposed to do, plus it hasnt been a long time since Sage could feel this morning air as he often have a quest late at night and made him woke up late. "Yes, sure, follow me." she led the way into the forest, Sage wondered where will they go espeacially in a forest, he expected some sort of gym or a ring ot something. After walking deeper into the forest, Sage could see why, there are targets, logs, everywhere. Sage was proud of it, that his mouth was hanging open. "Umm, Sage?" Seheda called him, Sage quickly closed his mouth before nasty things happened, "Oh, I am truly sorry, what is it?" Sage noticed that Seheda was saying something before that but he couldnt catch it. Seheda giggled looking at Sage's action. "I am saying that we should jump and run across this field and avoid as many logs as you can, hitting a target is a bonus." she explained for the second time. Sage think that it was easy, well it looked easy, maybe not for him as he is a mage, and he focus more in his mind. Sage warmed up, he dont want to get any cramp as he knew that if he run and jump in this training field his body will be dead due to the lack of exercising. After both Sage and Seheda stretched and warmed their bodies, they get into posiition, a running pose position, "Ready?" Seheda asked Sage, Sage knew what to say next, "Get set," Sage prepared, his knee on the air and his toe on the land, "Go!" his toe kicked the land, giving him a leap forward, ot of them started running as fast as an animal.

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Train With Me [Quest|Sage] Empty Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:02 pm

Sage †
Sage then would run and hop when a giant log is in his away, they ran and ran, Sage felt like a ninja for a moment, he couldn't believe that he could do all of that. Sage opened his arms and touched a target hanging on a tree, then he stepped on a log, leaping from it jumping from the log and once he touched the forest floor, he continued running, "You are pretty good in this." Seheda said, while running beside Sage, she said that maybe because of what Sage did just now. Then Sage looked at Seheda, he could see in her face that she was jealous, there is a log and a target in front of them, Sage was ready to leap again, but he ran a little bit slower just to see how Seheda will do. She did something that impresses Sage, she did a flip and leaped, then flipped again and landed with only one toe, a perfect landing. Sage was very impressed, he felt like he was just a beginner in this thing. Sage ran faster and caught up with her again, "That was awesome!" Sage complimented Seheda of what she did just now. "Oh that? well it is nothing," she said, being at her most humble. "Nothing?! that was incredible,
I wonder why would the combat academy rejected you."
he said, complimenting her even more and addressing the rejection of her from entering a combat academy. Seheda would start to turn red, Sage thought that he said something wrong or is it just Seheda kept something a secret, something about the rejection of the academy. another log is in front of them, Sage ran slower this time just to see Seheda does her flipping again, then suddenly she fell flat on the ground, tripping over the log, her face planted on the ground. Sage was alerted, now he knew why the combat academy rejected her, she seem to space out often and lack focus, Sage think that she need to train her mind too. Then she stood up by her own, sitting on the spot where she tripped, her face seemed to be blank, Sage was worried, he ran towards her, "Hey, are you okay?" Sge asked her worried of her condition. Then without warning and out of nowhere, Seheda giggled a little and that giggle of hers changed into a burst of laugh. Tears could be seen from one of her eye, but it seemes like a tear of happiness rather than a tear of despair, Sage couldnt help it but joined her and laughed together. After a few moments, Seheda settled down and wipe her tears. "Oh, I am so careless." she said, being honest to herself. "Maybe you should do a mind training too instead of doing physical training only." Sage gave her an advice, with a tone of a mother, Sage didnt want to hurt her feelings. "Ouh, here's you reward." she said, handing Sage some jewels, Sage smiled, said thank you and left.

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