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Noble Reconstruction [Solo mission]

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#1Káilètte † 

Noble Reconstruction [Solo mission] Empty Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:59 am

Wind flowing more than over towards her as she walked towards the Beach. She was excited even though she wasn’t here for swimming. Arisa was here to help someone out who was here to do some weight training. Today she was here to act as a support with someone else. Who was that other person? She wasn’t quite sure… Was it Waylon again? She truly hoped so as she would make a small smile at the thought of her doing something else with her best childhood friend. Before these missions she hasn’t really spent a lot of time with Waylon and now she rarely sees him. She was wearing some beach shots of dark maroon red, lines of white and a sports bra of black. Truly her muscle out lines could be seen easily as she was nicely toned. Due to the sand though she wasn't going to wear any shoes today nor sandals as she didn't want to be stuck cleaning them. Arisa sighed softly as she took a deep breather, getting closer to where she needed to go. She remembered the last time she was with the guy and the way of his introduction. Arisa kind of missed the waters from the island of Galuna. It was weird that she did miss it due to the fact that she truly wasn't from there. WAS it because Sin felt haunting to her? She frowned instantly as she thought about it and then thought on nature at Galuna. 'Wonder what nature looks like at sin...since I don't remember any of it.' she thought to herself. Her heart was there as well when it came to nature. It wasn’t true because that was where she was from, but because she had some decent memories from there or at least as far as she could remember. Her memory sucked though which caused her to not really remember anything including the painful part that for some reason she couldn’t unlock. Soon her attention would be caught by the bulky guy who she helped before. Her sunset eyes would look at him as her magenta hair would flow backward and felt the breeze. Sure enough, she felt different than she ever did before. It was good to feel this relieved rather or not people believed it. He held a paper as he would lift some paper in his hand which obviously caught her eye.

Her mind went off as she would help Jeeroy with the little girl. She would think about a time once long ago - or so it felt as she was with a certain someone. Her face would try to follow with her own mind at the thought of how she didn't want to blush too much. It was hard not to with showing as much skin as she was. The wind felt nicer than usual though because of it. Within seconds she would hear him say that he was ready, hand reach and grasping the basket, offering to hold it. A part of her wished it was her hand, but she knew it was too much to wish for. For now anyways. Should she just go for what she wants? What her heart and body wants? 'No...' she thought and held in. Slowly her hands would withdraw the basket which would slowly go Maars' way. Her eyes looked against his back as they started to leave. Before he went on with the walk, she would see his smile. Her eyes widened a little as the smile warmed her heart. Why though? The feeling was like warm sugar cookies would to her taste-buds. Addicting and soothing with sweetness. 'Why do I feel this way?' she thought as she would follow him. Soon the two being alone, she'd feel nervous. 'What do I do?' She wondered as her golden brown eyes cornered to look up at him. If he would see her looking at him, she would look away and straight towards where they were walking instead. It was strange.  676

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Noble Reconstruction [Solo mission] Empty Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:01 pm

Quiet, relaxing yet warm, the walk was grand, but the quietness sort of felt awkward. Slowly her right canine would bit her lower lip as she wondered what to say. Before she could say anything, he spoke. Her head tilted up to look up at the semi-sky as it was covered by trees, hiding majority of the sunlight. She smiled as he spoke of how he was sorry about snapping. She didn't see it that way. It was understandable. His magic was related to darkness so the light was drowning him. ''I've been doing alright. Doing missions, shopping with a friend and keeping my mind occupied from other things.'' she would begin. Her head would tilt to look at him without caring if he saw. ''I pay no mind towards what you said. It's quite obvious you don't like the light.'' she would saw and smiled sweetly, eyes closed for a second and then opened her eyes back up, looking forward. ''I'm not huge with feeling a lot of heat. Rather from the sky or fire. Sometimes it makes me feel faint. Silly...isn't it?'' she would speak lowly towards her self, but with a weak smile. That's how she would think about it at least as she would then notice that it was time to go. She doesn't remember what her and Jeeroy did, but the job was done at least. Jeeroy was a good friend so hopefully they would meet again... He would keep her secret, right?

She looked over at the guy who was really tall, with scruffy hair and very gentle or so he seemed. She would then look over at the client who then nodded. ''Alright. I just need you guys to do some reconstructing things like carrying items, help around. Something. Look around to see if anyone else needs help even.'' he would say as he swayed his hand for them to move along. 'How rude...' she thought and rolled her eyes, looked away and turned away as well. ''Come on I guess.~ Let's go find stuff to do.'' after she said that, she would follow what was instructed and carry tools, items, and all that other jazz around to help out. It was kind of fun. Rather or not her new and only partner was helping was up to him. She would enjoy it more if he did help out. She would smile, look up at him every once in awhile and honestly he reminded her of someone she knew. The name she didn't really remember, but the clothes - yes. Softly she would smile and after so long she would go back to the client and tell him how much was done. The client would nod, give them both their reward and sadly, this was where she had to say goodbye. She had a hard time as she thought his was the last time due to what she was costumed to so she just ran off with her reward in a sad way, thinking about how she was alone in a way. 508



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