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Hargeon >Marigold [foot travel]

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Hargeon >Marigold [foot travel] Empty Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:50 pm

Some would figure Kenny a dead man, but truthfully he was a man who wanted to be dead. Even with aggression, depression returned to him stronger than ever as he was now on the cusps of seeing himself lose it all. He always tried to be helpful and nice, he put on a ploy of a smile when confronted by other individuals he was hurting. He hurt badly, so badly, that some nights he would find himself on the brink of tears from the ever coming reminder that he was a no body, and no one in this world truly loved him. Even his fiance was tired of his act, only taking any liking to him once he showed a more aggressive side to himself. Why couldn’t he just end it all? All he ever did was try to help people, make them happy, brighten some days but alas he was nothing but the butt of every joke as he tried to overcome the pain that constantly befell him. He reached out to his love, but she was always gone, he reached out to anyone who would help but not even his few friends, if he had any at all were there fore him. All he could do was go from town to town with his head down as he continued to live his sham of a life. In fact he was going so now, he was in Marigold and didn’t even realize it… Well time to be disposable and useless for someone else. He wiped his leaking, tear filled eyes and walked into town with a fake smile across his lips.

-in marigold-

Hargeon >Marigold [foot travel] Qurywgl

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