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We be in the Streets [Open]

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We be in the Streets [Open] Empty Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:59 pm

Salem calmly walked through the Orchidia streets with his head held high as his long unique hair blew back to forth in the slight glaze that tended to come through the streets. Not sure where he was going, Salem was just trying to enjoy his down time in the town. Salem knowing that Orchidia still had much to offer for him, in the short extension of time that Salem did still intend to stay in the River town. As he was more than sure that it was a few more quests that he could do while he still had free time in Orchidia. Since Salem knew that jewels where the key to his journey. But that would be something Salem felt could be dealt with later as the young Rune Knight had found himself doing nothing but quest the last few days and was getting a little tired of doing nothing but straight work, as work and no play made Salem a dull mage so to say.

Plus the whole point of Salem leaving Crocus and the protective hands of Oda, was so that he could have the chance to experience life for himself for once, and this journey was the best way to do it. But that did not mean that Salem was going to continue working himself to the ground like he had been doing previously. Knowing that he was going to need to take a break every now and then so that he could have some personal me time. Since no one could love one like one could love their self’s. Still moving through the streets Salem would start to pay more attention to everything that was around him, as he noticed that the streets seemed to be quite alive with people flowing threw it today.

This being something Salem had started to come use to in Orchidia around this time in the market, as for some reason or another it always seem to be some stand with a hot sell going on in the town of Orchidia. This tending to always keep the streets flowing with people, something Salem could see as a good business strategy for some. While it was probably another strategy for some, since Salem grew up on the streets of Era at a young age and knew how the uses of crowds could be worked in ones favor. And Salem was sure that Orchidia was no different than the streets of Era.


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Having now found himself completely engulfed by the crowd of people all around him, Salem felt that not it would probably be best for him to start making his exit of the River town streets, as he was not feeling completely comfortable around all of these people. Especially so many people at one time that Salem was completely unfamiliar with. And being one that could not completely control his actions when completely out of his element, Salem felt that it would be best if he choose to leave this current spot and make his way to another location that would hopefully be less crowded. As Salam was hoping to get to experience a few more things that he had yet to do due to his sheltered up bringing by Oda. And with that being said Salem felt that it be cool to go and see the Orchidia train station, as riding on a train was one of the few things that Salem hadn’t really got to do much in his life having only rode them to North Fiora when Oda was sending him to the boarding school that he completely hated, this sort of giving Salem a slight resentment towards trains, but he figured now was better than ever to get over his anger and experience a piece of life once again.

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