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Crocus to Orichidia [Foot Travel|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Crocus to Orichidia [Foot Travel|Sage] Empty Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:03 am

Sage †
After a couple of says in crocus, Sage decided to move to another city, not far from here for his magic training, he heard that the place he is heading is filled with nature, which is good to train his magic. Sage was sitting on his bed inside the air conditioned room in a small Inn. He packed his clothes and collect his belongings such as toiletries and books. After packing everything up, Sage forgot that he was undressed. So he must unpack everything back, he decided to wear his yellow jacket  and his ordinary shirt. He observed himself in the mirror, he wondered how could someone like him could have a take over magic, while it would just turn him into a master, he already have a handsome face and a he likes to wear beautiful clothes, he wondered what would other people think when he saw someone like him turned into a beast. He then realized that he was late, he picked up his bag and locked the room, the keys rumbling in his hand, his feet moving fast running down the stairs. He handed over the keys to the front desk and left. He took the usual roads, trees, bushes, animals, rivers, caves. When he arrived to a city, he could see why people said that it is covered by nature, because it is covered by plants.

WC: 230

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