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Translate the Note [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Translate the Note [Quest|Sage] Empty Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:13 pm

Sage †
Sage was walking towards one of the library in crocus, apparently, Luciel asked for his favour again. She told him to meet her inside a library. As it was in the evening and the air is cold, Sage decided to bring along his jacket and his scarf, so he wont die freezing. When he saw the building of the library, he ran inside as it is till cold outside, when he entered the library, he could feel the warmth of the heater enveloping his body, giving him calmness. He then searched the library for Luciel, as she is quite famous, she asked the librarian if she had seen her. "Umm excuse me, yea, I am searching for Luciel, you know the Merlin's apprentice with the eye patch on her." he said to the worker who was taking care at the front desk. "Oh she pass by not long ago, i think she is in the ancient rune section." the worker answered him with a smile, showing that she is a good worker and gave him a good service. Sage looked for the ancient rune section. He wondered why'd Luciel would go there, she must be breaking some codes or something. When he found the ancient rune section of the library, he stepped into it, he looked around, observing the room, it was quite empty and small apart from the other section of the library, maybe because not much is discovered about ancient runes yet. Then he saw Luciel alone in the middle of the room piling up books after books, and in her hand seemed like an old piece of paper that survived countless of natural disaster. "Hey there,
so what did you call me for?"
Sage spoke, breaking the silence of the room, Luciel was surprised, she didnt knew that he was inside there, as before she was the only one there. "Oh, hey there Sage, come here." she said, her voice filled with no feelings at all, but Sage thought it is just her voice and she isnt cold at all, he was ok with her voice, he had never said anything about her empty voice. Sage walked up to her, next to her, and observed the book that she piled up, there were also pen and papers too, but it seemed like Luciel didnt use it yet. Luciel then showed Sage the piece of paper he noticed before. "I believe that this is a note filled with a language that hasnt been used for a long time." she told Sage, still, with no feeling in her voice, but Sage didnt care about that, he noticed that he had never see such runes, must be very old. "I need you to uncover the hidden meaning of this runes, I have already set up some pens and papers if you need to take notes from the books around you, Ill be leaving for now, best of luck." she said, ordering Sage to uncover the hidden meaning of the runes inside the note that she found, and then leaving the room, expecting Sage to do it alone and finished when he come back.

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Sage †
Sage felt used a little, but then he realized that this is just some sort of quest that an ordinary mage he need to do, plus it is not that hard for him, he used to read books in his free time, he sometimes read about runes before, and the various type of runes there is in this world. He sat on the chair, the lamp of the room right above him, giving him full quality of view when he would read or take notes. Luciel left him pencils not pens, two plain white paper and stacks of books about runes, Sage sighed. He read that before he pick books on uncovering some type of rune, he should identify what rune is it, what year does it came from, but then he when he think backhe realized that he need a lab to do that, so he erased all of the things that he read from books about how to identify runes. Sage corrected his chair in a comfortable position, and sit up straight. His hand on the top of the book that Luciel provided for him, then Sage thought of something, "She is the apprentice, she must know what she was doing, maybe I should just take a look at the books she provided.", Sage started being positive a little at the books that Luciel provided. After an hour of skimming through all of the books Luciel provided for him, he closed the last book with a BAM!, "There is nothing useful in all of this!" he confessed to himself while regretting his waste of time. He stood from his chair and looked for other books about ruins, after a long period of time of skimming and scanning, he found the meaning of the first word of the rune in the note. It translates 'hare', but there is another word beside it, while the other words were below it, so Sage think that the two words must connected. He kept searching and searching, and finally he found out that it meant "hare meat'. He was very proud of himself that he sang a a phrase from a song he heard when he arrived in Crocus. Then his door swung open and an old stern lady burst in and yelled at Sage to be quiet a little and her voice silent but felt deadly. Sage sat back on his chair from his jumping and singing, he focused back on the other runes inside the piece of paper. He realized that he found out the meaning of the runes from the same book, he was glad that he met the book. He continued to search for the other three words, and finally settled with 'Cabbage', 'Potatoes', 'Ox Hooves'. He was very happy, he wrote it down on the paper Luciel set on the table for him. Then when he looked back at what he just wrote, he realized that it is just some sort of a really old grocery list that Luciel found somewhere, he was very amazed by the grocery list for surviving years and years through natural disasters and et cetera. He yawned and strethced his back, it has been awhile since he had studied and wrote down do a research on something. After awhile, when Luciel doesnt come back, Sage left a note for her and left.

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