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Hargeon to Oak [Erebus]

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Erebus was leaving Hargeon only briefly, he'd return in short time. For now he had to get to Oak under the call of mission hunting. Evidently, new things were popping up around his level, and as any adventurer would know; a life of wealth was the way to go. The tall lycan packed his bags up and exited the door, briskly passing strangers and heading into the outer edges of the port town. Not long ago the Cell monster was here, it seemed like ages since then though. No matter, times were changing. The tall mysterious agent of Grimoire knew his place was to carry the weight of the lesser bodies. He was a practitioner of analysis. A strategist. Clever at finding ways around things that others just weren't so great at. It was his niche in life. one he cherished somewhat. Blessed he felt-- to not be a lumbering oaf in this merciless world.

Fiore was a piece of shit and most people didn't even know it. Behind every building, rapes, drug deals. This was a cesspool for disgusting addictions. That's the reason hadn't left Grimoire Heart already. Also due to his distaste for Icarus' blade. No matters to be discussed pertaining to that. Instead Erebus would sully his fortune that he'd climbed the ranks to 'B' and wasn't at the bottom of the pack anymore. Maybe someday his strength could reach heights like Yumi's or perhaps even Caius' before it hit Theseus levels. That would be great, wouldn't it? To be the predator of the predator. Perhaps his desires were... Blasphemous to his guildmaster's, or rather treacherous in their overall scheme. But as a villain, Erebus hated being weak. Someday... Someday he would be incredibly powerful. He wished it. He knew it to be truth.

The boy rubbed his eyes and pulled a parchment from his back pocket. It identified the road home, the directions getting there, and the reward for his venture being work. Fair enough, thought the strategist. He began his path outside of Town. Heading into the quiet dangers of the world before exiting it all together for the sake of finding new work in old places. At first Erebus wasn’t bothered and was actually rather enjoying his stroll. The narrow, blank path seemed to go on forever and all he could do was wait on his headache to die. While it diminished-- he whistled. Birds of many colors were noticed, and a rabbit hopped off the path once Erebus drew ever nearer.

The wind shaved his stray hair. The path began to steepen around eight miles in, which grew a frustrating glare out of the boy’s face. His eyes peeled then reeled from the breezes, a sigh exhaled from his inner chests. "I am a beast. Not a man. Man cannot fathom the best that I am." Erebus walked out of Hargeon empty and broke of jewels. But he'd return with some doe. Strength in hand as well. He promised that. "I am a beast. Not a man. Man cannot fathom the beast that I am." He hungered for food, and stopped by an inn somewhere near the reaches of Crocus. He had not even for four nights. Four blistering days he had not eaten. Passing through the hellish Dahlia, and out of Magnolia from which he arrived. Now his body was straining. Not even creatures of the night can go too long without nourishment. That had been the case in this instance. Erebus had a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, gravy moat on his biscuit, and a glass of milk for his supper. He was in the breakfast dinner mood. After that, he dropped a few bucks off for the be offered to him. Resting his eyes, the fiend dreamed.

In his Nightmareland he witnessed nothing but flowers in a valley-- and a moon of naught but blue color. He realized his nightmare was empty. Because he feared nothing up to this point. Not a god damn thing. Erebus feared nothing, he even baited death a number of times. Such as when he was outnumbered alongside Yumi on that bridge. He hung from that bridge, hundreds of feet over the ground, for nearly an hour. Defying his own cruel fate should he have slipped, or should he have been killed that night by a Rune Knight or Light Mage. What else is there for him to prove? He is a walking wolf, bloodthirsty. No one ever read this so they can't judge me for this flavor text but god damn are his chronicles cool. The insight. The ingenious rebuttal he's instilled on other mages.

The Strategist was a nihilist, a narcissist sure, but all the same he rejected anything that just didn't speak well of his own livelihood. So when someone came in with attempts to silence or thwart his word. He quickly shut them down-- destroyed their chance at looking good, Went bout his business... And that was it. Always had been. Maybe he should stop doing it though... It definitely didn't make him too many friends. Did Erebus have friends? There was uhh... Shura? Katja. That was about it. Everyone else was kinda.. Dunno. What the hell are they anyways? Enemies and nobodies? Erebus was neutral to about everybody. He usually hated them though. Whatever. Not important. What was important was focusing on getting to Oak. Which was nearby.

Erebus awoke in the morning, carrying out the rest of his venture. It was almost over, he could smell Oak Town from the great forests he rode through to get here. Erebus reached the city at dawn, looking around to find it just the way he had left it months prior. Even though he wasn't born here. Oak really did feel like home. Now then, time to cause some trouble. Get ready Oak Town, the Strategist is back., ready for chaos.


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