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Welcoming Committee [Quest|Eva]

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Eva walked down the busy streets of Orchidia town, a frown marring her perfect features. It had been a couple of days since the strange revelations that had managed to sneak into her head all thanks to a damned spirit that didn’t know how to keep its nosy little powers off of her memories. Heck, Eva had yet to believe it was truly her own memories. It could have been some sort of farce illusion that the spirit had made a mistake in. Well, she did know that Alice could be pregnant but it made very little sense to believe that the baby could be herself. If that were to be true, then there was so much she had to reconsider about herself and the magic that she was trusted with. Sure, heavenly body was a rather difficult magic to describe but surely, not even it could allow time traveling? Eva sighed. She had been going around with the same thought for a couple of days now and she was ready to scrap it to the back of her mind now. She wished to forget it until she would actually need any of this to help her at some point later in life. She didn’t think it was going to do anything for her though. And, if she was their child, was she a neko too? Ugh, she did not want that in her whole life.

Eva was near the town’s entrance as the thoughts drove her automatically forward. With a startled jump, Eva noticed someone extend some sort of pamphlets and fliers to her face. Looking up, Eva’s eyes twitched to find none other than the man whom had gone straight to detective Nilan with the whole riverside incident. Of course, she appreciated the inspectors help but she remembered telling him specifically not to tell anyone about it until she was back. But he had gone straight ahead and ignored her. In the end, he was still right there and she guessed that he may have done it for some good reason.

Once he recognized her, his mouth formed into a large O as he stared at her. “Oh my, Evangeline san!” he seemed half surprised and half scared to find her there. As she pushed her irritation back and smiled before greeting him, he slowly let his guard down, telling her of how he waited a week for her to arrive before taking matters into his own hands. The reason why he decided to take the matters into his own hands was what made her irritated but she didn’t show it, knowing that there was no point in getting angry over something that was already over and done with. So far, after that night, no news of the riverside spirit had reached anyone, not detective Nilan or not herself. All those weird dreams had stopped too and Eva guesed that after getting its friend back, the spirit had finally gone to rest.

As they conversed, Dacol handed over the pamphlets anf fliers over to her, telling her how he was helping in promoting Orchidia to the tourists. Eva nodded, going through them one by one and listening to him as he explained all the great attractions and peculiarities of Orchidia. She was surprised herself. Despite her knowledge over the town, she had actually missed a few things that Dolan now explained to her in detail. Once it was over, he asked her if she could help him with welcoming the new ones to the town and she nodded, not having anything better to do. At least, she would get paid for this, Eva thought as she took the bunch of pamphlets from him and went over to the entrance. As she started distributing them, Eva saw Dacol behind her for a while until the first bit of tourists came at which point, he happily agreed to lead them around the town and suddenly, Eva was left all by herself. She stood there unable to understand what she was supposed to do next but going with her instinct, she started to politely hand out the fliers and explain all that is interesting about the small city.

Some of them seemed happy as they took the fliers from her hands while some of them gave her an angry glance and went away. Eva, on the other hand, just pushed her irritation to the back of her consciousness, telling herself over and over again that if she was to take away the cap she wore and let them see whom she was, these people would be flocking over to her. Only, she didn’t want that kind of attention and sought to complete her job for now. As five tourists passed over the gate, she noticed that Dolan came back but left immediately with other tourists.

Once again, Eva turned back to the scarcity of crowd that lingered around the gates, passing out fliers and directing them over to all those pretty places in Orchidia except for the riverside. Though she had an idea that everything was over, Eva still was half scared to let anyone else go inside there. In case they ever find the spirit and its’ friend, it would mean no good for the town. The last thing it needed was to be known as a haunted town.

Soon, Dacol came back again, taking his place behind her until another set of tourists showed up and he was gone again, leaving Eva to take care of the fliers and polite greetings and welcoming entirely. It was probably a blessing that she decided to take those acting classes as a child when she did, she scoffed at her own joke and turned her attention over to the crowd again. Some completely excited and some far too stuck up for their own good. When Dacol arrived again, Eva was already done passing out fliers to fifteen people. He made the tour two more time before finally coming up to her with the rewards.


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