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Train with me [Quest|Eva]

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Eva brushed her hair carefully, taking off any or all tangles that could have gotten its way into it through the night. She had apparently slept through the entirety of last day thanks to the kind of energy drain she experienced from the riverside spirit and the illusions that it showed her. Honestly, Eva had been trying to forget it ever since, not wanting to accept the fact that two people whom she had came to meet in less than a year were the key to her whole life. However, a lot of things still didn’t make sense and Eva hoped that she was only dreaming or that the spirit may have made a mistake somehow and somewhere. There was no way that she could be their daughter. It was illogical and made no sense to her whom had lived her life in this era. Unless deceiving the flow of time was somehow possible, Eva could never guess how this could possibly happen.

Throwing the brush aside, finally, Eva stood up, putting on her casual blue top and dark, ripped jeans along with her usual converse shoes and a satchel around her neck. She wanted to get out of the hotel and do something other than sit somewhere and think. When she had finally woken up that morning, Hanase san was already worried and then angry for leaving without telling anything about it to him. She apologized, albeit reluctantly, as in Eva’s head, she had done nothing wrong except do her duty as a Rune Knight. She understood the kind of concern that came off of Hanase but despite it all, she sometimes did find it annoying.

So when she told him that morning that she wanted to go out again, he had given her a cold stare which she returned with an unfazed expression. When she told him that she didn’t want to sit still somewhere, he recommended some modelling works which Eva immediately declined. She told him that she will listen to anything he wanted as long as he let her do what she wanted to do and that was the end of the conversation. He had seemed a bit annoyed with her but still let her go.

Thus, she ended up going around the town, quickly getting tired of it, however, thanks to the rather active crowd that annoyed the hell out of her. In the end, she had gone over to the request board, letting her eyes go through each and every one of them, purposely jumping over ones that required her to converse with a lot of people, finally deciding on the perfect request for someont to train with a girl named Seheda. Eva’s eyebrows rose at the unusual request but shrugged, folded it and placed it at the back of her jeans before walking out the direction of the forest covering Orchidia. It was the place she had encountered the anklebiters last time but as long as they won’t go too close, Eva guessed they will be alright. Plus, the last blow Alice and herself have given it would definitely leave a huge dent on their progress rate. Possibly, they are either regrouping or have been completely wiped out by the Orchidia Rune Knights.

“Seheda?” She asked as she approached the silhouette behind a tree. She had been leaning on it with her hands crossed over her chest. When she notived her, she immediately straightened up and grinned. “Finally! I had been waiting for hours,” she told her as Eva politely bowed and introduced herself. For a little, they kept talking about her circumstances and how she wanted to train herself up to the task. Eva believed it was a good thing that she had found the request since her goals weren’t far too different from Seheda’s. She agreed promptly to help her and they started to get ready. Eva placed her satchel under one of the trees and rolled up the sleeves of her shirt. Sweeping her hair back, she made a rather messy ponytail and braided the hair. She did not want twigs and leaves on it once this was done.

Without further deliberations, the both of them zipped through the trees, dodging whatever obstacles that nature had put out for them in the form of rocks, ditches, roots, vines and what nots. Along the way, Eva started to pick up speed and quickly winded herself through the small spaces and jumped over the rocks and deep pits. It was true that Eva was no good physically but her speed was one of the things that she had confidence in. While looking back, though she saw that Seheda was behind her, she was doing very good at dodging and moving up the forest. She seemed to be amazed at the way Eva was going though.

In fact, as Eva started to purposefully slow down a bit, Seheda started talking to her about all the problems she had faced in her life to get this far. Started out as a nobody, she failed the academy several times but refused to give up. As she kept on, Eva felt a smile form on her lips. This was the kind of person one needed to be if they wanted to get somewhere in their life. This is what they thief she had met in the same town all those weeks ago should be seeing. There is success at the end of a road of persistence and determination. The biggest thing was to want something so badly that no matter what kind of problems you face, you may overlook it and keep going. That’s the only way to win over life.

“Gah!” Eva suddenly looked back as she heard a startled cry and then the sound of something falling over. Looking back, she saw Seheda on the ground, rubbing her nose. She had actually ran into a tree and Eva placed the back of her palms over her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Giving her a hand to stand back up, Eva was no surprised at all when Seheda decided to end their training there.


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