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Kenny rubbed his eyes as he walked through the harbour town, aka his home, aka Hargeon. It had been a while since he left this place, he had been living it up with Lyss, Lyssa, and Arcane so much now that he didn’t even realize that he was keeping himself from doing other activities outside of the place. He still recalled his conversation with jeeroy, how the giant felt cooped up in this wonderful town. It was so strange to hear, Hargeon had it all, sun, sand, and plenty of places to make memories, it was Kenny’s ideal place to live to be truthful but he didn’t have a clue as to what he would do first when he woke up every morning. He knew what he would do at night, he’d be enjoying a certain mage’s company and likely eating whatever they had cooked up until he fell asleep in a blissful coma of food and or pleasure, he had the good life, he had it all and nothing could change that as of now. He felt like he was a winner, he finally felt like he was a somebody, though in terms of relevance he was always on the outside now wasn’t he?

Kenny thought a tune to himself as he kept walking, soon stopping rubbing his eyes just to admire the town around him. He had forgotten how beautiful this place could be sometimes. It loomed over him like the sun did in the sky, it welcomed him and warmed him and made him feel like he belonged, if only he could stay here forever, but there was so much to do nowadays he didn’t have too many options in the way of work else he risked being stuck and broke in this lovely city and that was no way to live when in hargeon the jewel of Fiore. He looked around the place, saw a few things out of place here and there, no one seemed to be around today. Strange is as strange does. Maybe he could take his family out to see a movie, he was in the mood for a picture show today and it would be a ton of fun to make out in the back while the movie played… Could maybe even kill someone or do something just as heinous in the seats. He was such a filthy man for wanting to do something like that in such a place, but hey you only live so many times in the big wide world and the maker would surely understand why he was doing what he was doing. To have fun with his hot pair of wives! He rubbed his cheeks as he thought about all of the fun they could have in the theatre, go on a killing spree, or well she could go on a killing spree, he was more in a mood to fight than kill. Though if prompted he had no issue with murder, it wasn’t his brand of fun but it could certainly suffice for fun the way he did it.

The cape of Kenny’s viking armor blew in the wind as he cracked his knuckles, this was going ot be an interesting day. HIs set resembled that of vikings, northern invaders of sorts. It was a little hot to be wearing this sort of thing yet he enjoyed it thoroughly as he continued on. More so because it was so damn warm and comfortable he could see why the raiders choose a set similar to the one he had on to do their pillaging that and he looked darn good in it. His long hair was a bit in the way, but it went well with the cape, almost like he had two capes on really. Hm, did he look good? He’d have to ask his fiance when he got home, then again she would always tell him yes, she was just that kind and wouldn’t make him feel like he was worth anything but the most. Maker, he loved her so much and he didn’t deserve her truthfully, if she ever broke up with him he’d probably… Kill a bunch of people? Create a mountain of corpses in her honor and cry for her for days on top of it. He couldn’t tell what he’d do he knew for sure he wouldn’t hurt her though, even if she shattered his heart like a million tiny insecure pieces. It made him rather sad to think about what would happen, who would she leave him for? Someone stronger? That seemed about right, maybe someone younger? She was pretty young and attractive she could probably get any man she wanted with her ashen hair and alluring ruby eyes… Kenny would want to kill the bastard who took her, kill him and use his face as a foot mat for their new place.

He was nearing B-rank classification of worker, or well… Mage? He didn’t know magic but he was making his way to classification to get there more or less thus he kept his files tighty incase he had to present them to the law. Or he got drunk and needed something to help identify himself. Especially if he died in a freak accident he would especially need his things then, Then again could he really let himself die like that? Die at all really, he had to stay for his waifu, he had to keep himself afloat and look good while doing it. There was no way he could die now! He was about to get married! Him of all people, it took some time and some threats but he was on his way to being her husband… He had to wonder what sort of wedding they’d have. Probably something big and outdoors, all of her friends there all of his there too! He could invite quite a few people… if he could pin down some names and get some invites out. Lyss and Alyssa Omega sounded good to the ear, damn good. He couldn’t wait to slide the ring on her finger and slide another something later that night. He was excited to get married now!

Kenny approached the quest board and looked it over with crimson eyes, didn’t seem like much was there, help a kid here fight someone there… Nope, nothing of anything of interest. There were some D-ranks but he felt like a C-rank today, something to help him focus his mind and get him over. He rubbed his hands together and laughed as he examined the board closer, nothing there of interest… Nothing there of interest… Nothing… Oh a C-rank. He raised his left hand to his chin and rubbed it inquisitively. He could maybe take this one… Or that one! Or this one! Nah, he had to be careful what he took though, he wouldn’t want to end up in a bad situation and need his wife to bail him out. He still couldn’t decide however, he looked at them all again, there were three there, but he needed to just select one. He reached out for the one that stood out the most ‘mapping theft’ it was called. An interesting little quest it would serve him good to do something underhand for once… Yes this mission would do him just well enough to cure his boredom and help him get out of the slump he was in as far as missions.

Kenny read the mission over for what he would be doing exactly, nabbing a piece of paper… Hm, so that was what his was telling him? Take a piece of paper, a piece of paper telling him to steal another piece of paper… What even was this? He shrugged and read it over some more, the client was Reagan and he wanted a map, it was apparently rare and hard to get one’s hands on if they were skilled in things like magic, but Kenny had no magic so how could he possibly help in this oh so daring quest? Simple, he could just waltz in and take what he wanted. Who was gonna stop him? Security? Ha. Nothing could stop the driven Omega, not security nor anything else in this world that had to do with the word “no” mp was a ugly two letter word and Kenny had to smash it down whenever he found the chance. No one told him no! Because they would usually just end up saying yes when he asked nicely anyway. He would have to wait until night came to go after it, though again he could probably just walk right in and take it.

He was feeling bold today and it wouldn’t hurt just to take what he wanted right? He crossed his arms and pondered to steal or not to steal the item. He had already stuffed the request in his pocket and thought it over for a moment while he paced back and forth on the side walk, he had to think this over quickly daylight was waning and he needed a plan if he was going to go in there and take this thing. He placed his hands behind his back and walked to the hall, or well he entered a bar adjacent to the hall, he would have to waste some time if he wanted to get his jewels and the map he would have to strike at night. Night was the best time to strike prey after all and he could be in and be out in a nick of time. He looked down at his watch and waited for the clock to strike midnight. The perfect time to strike if he said so himself. He looked down at the watch once again and began making his way towards the place, he put on a mask, a ski mask he used for uh.. Activities and began making his way for the place. It was going to be a hard job but he kept confident as he walked on. He made sure the close was clear of guards or guard dogs as he walked looking around the place for signs of anything that might give him away, when he determined that it was all clear he rolled across the street and into the Town hall’s well cut lawn, man he almost hated doing this to his new town, but he needed the money and surely the damage he’d do wouldn’t be too bad. He rolled once again, and again as he reached the steps sneaking up them, he looked down at the door knob to the hall and simply… Turned it. It was wide open, seemed like someone had forgot to lock it for the day. He entered the hall and snuck around as if he were a spy, going to the first desk he could and opening it to find his map.

“Nice.” he picked up the map, an alarm went off and he bolted out of there as fast as he could, he would meet the client and trade for his jewels before heading back home.

1851/1800 adv discount.


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